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6 Effective Ways To Get More Out Of Corner Tubs

Written by  Wilfred Weihe

That bathroom corner has always been an intrigue to intern designers trying desperately to fill it in and in turn optimize the smaller bathroom. On the other hand, a tub has always been thought to be something of simple dimension that doesn't really fit into the whole corner tubs concept. Nevertheless, when corner tubs emerged they were an instant success, both pleasing to the eye and cherished by interior designers, while at the same time enabling a unique bathing experience despite being so unlike what we in former times though about what baths should look like.

    Corner Tub Shower
  1. Corner tubs are essentially the perfect way how to maximize your bathroom enjoyment by using the least amount of space possible and can be used nice with best shower panels. The problem with baths is that they tend to be big and cover a lot of space. In relation walk-in shower are of smaller size and would seem like a wise choice against bathtubs, there is one very important characteristic that separated baths from walk-in in showers – taking a bath is a luxurious and relaxing experience which can last for an hour. It makes you forget all your troubles and worries because when soaking in the tub you can relax all muscles, something it is impossible to do with walkin showers. There you are always standing on your feet and moving, washing this part and that part. In short, tubs, and especially corner tubs, offer comfort and are a ticket to blissfulness.

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  3. For tubs to truly show their mark an invention of corner tubs had to take place. Never before did the shower been so challenged by a middle and lower class citizen switching to corner tubs. Historically, only wealthy people had baths. With the popularization of walk-in showers an average citizen was able to afford first modern form of cleaning. However, in those early times no one thought an average citizen will be able to afford a bath. Corner tubs changed the game because they became economically accessible to ordinary people who even today find them appealing due to the benefits they offer. Here we are not talking about the luxury and relaxing bath. Rather we are focusing on the value corner tubs bring because they need less space than normal baths. Moreover, this corner space is many times empty and refining the space no one needs with something that big as tubs in rather advantageous.

  4. Because of the corner tubs form taking a bath is different than with ordinary long baths. In those, your movement is very limited and restricted by the framework. On the other hand, corner tubs have a shape of a triangle. One usually has a back against the corner and in front of him is large triangular space one can move in seamlessly. As a matter of fact you can also enjoy company in corner tubs because it is as spacious as a jacuzzi.

  5. What it more, corner tubs offer some very unique features that are seldom seem with ordinary bath tubs and never in such extent as with corner tubs. For example what is more relaxing than having a water massage in your corner tub? Modern tubs have many different massage waterholes from which water squirts and enables the massaging effect. There are many times already installed in tubs, and especially corner tubs are known to have more of such holes, which is only natural given the surface of corner tub is greater than the ordinary tub. In addition, you can also change your position while soaking in a corner tub, something that is not possible with ordinary bath tubs.

  6. On the other hand, the problem with corner tubs is how to install them. One pipe and a shower head that goes well together with ordinary walk-in showers and even bathtubs is not enough here. For massaging effect what is needed are many different pipes delivering water to different places in the tub – there are literally pipes everywhere. While enjoyable when properly installed, these pipes are very difficult to set up when you're implementing corner tubs in the bathroom. What is more, you will need enough water output if you want to use more holes, which may affect the pressure of the water. When deciding to implement this extensive massaging shower system we recommend you hire a professional who will give you an option about if the tub is even possible to install. What you don't want is buying the whole package only to realize you cannot use the tub to its full potential. Installing freestanding tub faucets can be challenging too.

  7. Majority of tubs tend to be more expensive as Walk In Showers, and despite corner tubs being on the lower price end for tubs, they are still not an exception. On average such a tub will cost about $500, and of course there is some diversity in price range as well. You can find a bargain price of $200 and on the other hand of the spectra you can also spend more than $10,000 for your perfect corner tub. Nonetheless, despite the price, corner tubs are affordable by most citizens and the royal tubs can be had by average people, something that was once unheard off. Read american standard walk in tub reviews and get the best!

Corner tubs did not so much revolutionize the soaping experience, but it enabled the expansion of already know wealthy man experience to the common people. In turn the designs and the variety of corner tubs that can today be had are ever more innovative and modern.

Not only do common people appreciate the luxury delights of corner tubs, they are actually better off because of them, benefiting from relaxing experience that both relieves stress and makes us more prepared and agile at the work place and in everything we do. It is often that simple innovations change the world most dramatically, and corner tubs are definitely one of such inventions.

If you have a smaller bathroom and there is a corner that you need to fill, maybe just because you don't like to waste space like with free standing tubs or you hate cleaning that corner that serves no purpose, you can opt for corner tub or Ariel walk in tubs and change the way you think about having a tub.

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