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Bathroom Accessories Buyer Guide

Written by  Wilfred Weihe

When it comes to buying bathroom accessories you definitely know that you need to buy the sink, toilet and other products that make your bathroom functional but it might get a little bit tricky when it comes to buying things that will give your space a touch of you, and this is why this guide is here. This article is designed to help you with getting everything for your bathroom and will help you to find the right accessories to make your bathroom look perfect.

Robe Hooks

Robe HooksYou are probably more familiar with towel bars than robe hooks, and that is OK.

Robe hooks are made for hanging bathrobes and even towels, so they don't touch the ground of your bathroom.

They are great if you have smaller children because they are usually simpler to use.

If you prefer robe hooks over towel bars, you should pay attention to few things.

The first one is that you need to check the size of your towels because you have to install it in height that towels don't touch the ground.

But here is a catch because you need to be careful if children will be using it because you need to install it low enough so they can simply reach it.

You really need to check our towel warmer reviews if you want to upgrade your basic towel bar to something fantastic!

Towel Bars

Towel BarsLike we have said before, there are also towel bars which are great for hanging towels.

They are also made for keeping your towels up and not touching the ground.

They are made for hanging towels, but they are great when you want to dry them too.

If you want your towel bar to be functional and usable, I recommend that you put it somewhere near the shower so you can easily access it.

But towel bars are not made for towels only!

If you check online, you will find towel bars which are strong enough to help older people or people with disabilities.

They can be useful if a person wants some extra stability or they need to pull themselves up.

Towel bars are also available in different materials, colors, finishes and you won't have problems with finding the right fit for your space.

Towel Rings

Towel RingsHere is another great way to hang your towels and let them dry.

I am talking about towel rings which are getting more and more popular within the customers.

They are very simple to use because you only slip the towel trough the ring and you simply let it dry there.

They are great if you have a towel which is there for drying your hands after washing them because they are usually near the sink, and with towel rings, they are easy accessible.

There are different styles, colors, and finishes available and if your bathroom is already done and you are purchasing just little accessories, don't be afraid because the choice is huge and there is something for your bathroom décor too!

Toilet Paper Holders

Toilet Paper HoldersIf you could remember one thing that you will be using for the rest of your life and every day what would it be?

I would probably say toilet paper holder, and that is why it is important that you don't forget to purchase it!

If your bathroom is looking stylish, you should pay some attention to the toilet paper too because it needs to be in style too.

It is important how it is placed because you want your toilet paper to be at arms and be reachable for anyone.

You probably don't know much about them, and that is why I will tell you that there are two different options to choose from.

The first one is more popular, and it is the wall mounted one.

They are being installed into the wall, and they need to be at the right height to keep your toilet paper off the ground.

And there are also freestanding ones which are great because they can be moved around.

Free standing ones can be convenient because they can also save a little bit of storage space in your best bathroom vanity with space for additional rolls and they can simply be hidden there, but at the same time they are reachable.

Knobs And Pulls

Knobs And PullsIf we move one, we arrive at picking out knobs and pulls.

Those simple and small improvements usually give your space that special spirit.

If you want that your bathroom shines at its best, you can simply replace knobs and drawer pulls with maybe crystal or stainless steel ones.

They will certainly look good!

And you don't need to be afraid not to find the right one because there are many different looks to choose from and you will find the right one for your taste and your bathroom design.

Don't be afraid to give your storage space a little bit of sparkle!

You have no idea how different can a space look when you change just the tiniest thing and that is why changing knobs and pulls can be a really small improvement, but the change is really big.

Mix And Match

Great Looking BathroomBecause there are so many different designs, colors finish you don't need to worry if something doesn't fit your taste, you should just look forward, and something will pop your eye!

If you want your bathroom to look great and sophisticated, you should not mix many different styles, colors, and finishes.

If you are not much of an interior designer and you like things getting done simple and classy.

The best way to mix the styles is that you first choose a finish you would like to have, and then you combine colors and styles to that finish.

If you stick to that rule, there are no worries that your bathroom will look gorgeous at the end.

But if you are more of a modern person and you like to mix and match different styles, colors, and finishes, don't you hesitate and make that bathroom look the best as it can.

In this article, we have introduced you to a lot of different options when it comes to accessorizing your bathroom, and these little accessories are one of those things you should never leave your bathroom without. If you add some of this things in the article, you will be able to see that your bathroom is no longer basic but they will bring the life up and space will look completely different.

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