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Benefits of handheld showers

Written by  Wilfred Weihe

More and more people prefer to take a shower than taking a long tub swim so it is really important that your shower is practical and stylish too. Handheld showers are getting more and more popular because they are affordable, they come in different styles and colors and they are convenient for the whole family. They are really easy to use, because you can slide up and down to find a perfect height for you so they are actually really handy for families with small children. So you need to read our hand held shower head reviews.

A FlowTM 5 Function Luxury 5 Handheld Shower Head System Best HandheldCLEANING IS EASY
If you are asking yourself how you will clean the handheld shower, the answers is actually easy. Because handheld shower is connected to a flexible hose you will be able to clean even all around enclosure. Because the most families don’t have time to clean the shower every time when they shower, handheld shower serves the perfect tool for rinsing it. You can easily rinse the soap and you are quick done with cleaning. You don’t need any special accessories for cleaning when the shower is almost cleaning itself.

Fixed showers are usually harder to use for small children and probably older people. Older people can easily detach it and their shower experience will become easier and their limited mobility won’t harm them anymore. Because handheld showers provide the moving part, small children can easily lower shower head to their height. And best LED handheld shower heads are great also. A shower like that can also be held in their hands. Because the head can be easily removed from the holder that kind of shower is convenient for showering your pets at home.

If you buy handheld showerhead you might save water and money. Fixed showerheads use huge amount of water and it can really make your bills go high. Buying a handheld shower you conserve a lot of water and you will keep your bills lower. Many high pressure handheld shower heads help to cut your water consumption because many of them come with shut-off switch so you can turn of the water while maybe shaving your legs and then turn it back on.

Because these shower heads come in a lot of different styles and colors you can easily generate a spa-like experience in your own home. It is not actually important if you buy a luxurious or maybe a basic one you will still get a more modern feeling in the bathroom.

Handheld shower panels can improve everyday showering because they provide directing the water exactly where you want it and the struggle of washing your hair is gone.

On the shower head there is a flexible hose which provides the freedom to hold the shower wherever you need it. They come in different lengths so you can choose a perfect one for your needs. It is important the cord is long enough.

When you want to have your hands free you can easily put the shower head into the holder which is usually installed on the wall or maybe at the shower pipe. A lot of handheld showers even include a pivot ball or a similar thing for further customization of shower head position.

If you want to make your hand held shower even better there are a lot of accessories on the market which can make the shower head even better. You can pick maybe an extra-long cord, multiple function setting head like ones with massage spray, stream spray etc, you can choose a special material or low flow water saving head etc.

They come in variety of prices and the most of them depends on the quality. You can find a lot of cheaper versions and they can be also up to $750 or more. You have to choose a budget and you will definitely a perfect fir for yourself.

Installing a hand held shower head is never a bad idea because it can provide a lot of benefits for the whole family. My advice when renovating the bathroom is that a hand held shower head is a must! Because they come in such a high price range there is no doubt you wouldn’t find a perfect fit for you too.

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