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Benefits of Powerful Non Clogging Toilets

Written by  Wilfred Weihe

Nature is beautiful. We all love going out for a day and hike a mountain or even camp for the night. However, when we're out in the open, we tend to realize how easy our lives are. We always have a phone with us, and we're connected to the rest of the world every second of every day.

Non Clogging ToiletsHowever, people that lived before us didn't have that privilege. Whenever they needed water, they needed to go to a well, take a bucket, fill it, and then return home. It wasn't as simple as turning hot or cold water with the use of a faucet. There was no electricity, and if you wanted to see in the dark, you had to light a candle. Click here to read more.

And, if you wanted to heat up, then you needed to light a fire. However, none of those things can compare themselves with the use of the bathroom. That definitely used to be a dread. Even now, when we're in the woods, going for number two is a bit shameful. And yet, the toilets were invented only a hundred years ago.

Before that, people dug a hole whenever they needed to go. After a while, they realized they could dig a big hole next to their house, and take care of business there. That place usually had walls and a roof, too, to give the user a little bit of privacy. At that time, squatting was replaced by sitting. And now we all have it easy.

Most of us can't imagine our lives without a toilet. It's an essential thing that we grew up with. Nowadays, people don't even know how people used to go to the bathroom outside. However, in many countries around the world, many people struggle daily. It's estimated that more than two and a half billion people don't have access to a regular toilet.

Are all modern toilets the same?

Modern ToiletsIf we judge all bathrooms by their toilets, we would probably think that all of them are the same. They all roughly have the same appearance, and they do the same thing. Water flows down, carries the urine and the feces, and it's a job well done. While that's true, there's a lot of things factor in regarding their price and efficiency.

First of all, when we compare old to new models, there is a substantial difference. Before 1994, the universal norm was three up to five gallons per flush. That's merely wasting water, and we have a limited amount of it that can be used. So, a revolution was introduced, and now every tank has up to 1.6 gallons per each flush.

The parts

A lot of parts cover this simple sanitizing machine. First of all, we have a tank. That's where the water gets filled up. Whenever we press or pull the flush, through simple mechanics, a flapper is raised. This is usually closed, but when it's opened, it allows the water from the tank to move into the bowl. You can read more about the best no clog toilets online as well.

That happens quite fast, and water circulates downward as well as from the sides. At the same time, a siphon jet shoots water into a trapway to start the siphoning action and get all of that liquid down to the sewage system. This is one of the two types of toilets. Siphonic ones often clog up, and they can be a nuisance.

Simple Sanitizing MachineOn the other hand, there are powerful, non-clog ones, which are called washdowns. Their trapways are twice the size of siphonic, and they seldom clog. And, since no one's favorite activity is cleaning the bathroom, it's a better choice when you have the option to pick.

As well as that, there are both one-piece and two-piece versions. If you have a smaller apartment, a better choice would be a two-piece variant. That's much easier to install than the heavier one-piece lower profile one.

Are there any new features that can be added?

As with anything, these must-have appliances have a ton of additions. The latest thing is the dual flush. That allows you to pick how much water is spent with the press of a button. The smaller one is for 0.8 gallons, and the bigger one is for 1.6 gallons. The only thing about this is that most people forget they have it, and they always press on both buttons.

Another thing you can add is a washlet lid. That eliminates the need for toilet paper. The only downside is that they're pretty expensive. That's because the technology behind it is top-notch. As soon as you're done with business, a small nozzle comes out and sprays you clean. Then, a fan blow dries you, and another one sprays deodorant before the lid is completely shut. Now that's the future.

There are some models with no holes in the rim. They're placed on the sides, and they are called rim jets. These versions are much less prone to clogging because the water goes in a circular motion. That's way more effective than the regular top to bottom flush. It's twice as effective as a regular model.

If you set your mind to it, you can put a lot of additions to the seat itself. Adding sensors can make the device flush by itself. No one wants to touch the handles because no one knows what the person before them was doing. As well as that, you can add some LED lights to turn on during the night. That way, you can go back to bed without being utterly awake during the night.

In Japan, there's a new trend with heating up the seat before you go to do business. More and more people are adopting this change, and some manufacturers are putting in the technology into their base models. In the end, this is a time where you are entirely alone, and you can enjoy it as much as you desire.

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