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Best Frameless Shower Enclosures Tips You Will Read This Year

Written by  Wilfred Weihe

Shower enclosures are an optional, but much recommended and needed piece of walk-in showers and are as such seen in most bathroom designs around the world.

Being such a popular thing, the intern designers have of course put their mark on them as well, fashioning shower enclosures to look both marvelous and shower panel reviews while at the same time have the original functionality of keeping the water in the walk-in shower and away from the bathroom floor. Fortunately it is possible by modern materials to construct a so called Frameless Shower Enclosures. These stand-alone enclosures are almost like a magic trick, standing there even though they are not supported by a frame to keep them standing. However, despite the early doubts about Frameless Shower Enclosures they have been an immediate success because of the beauty of the design and are today found in more and more bathrooms around the globe.

If you remember how Michelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel, you know he needed a framework first. Even as great Master of Arts as he was, he needed to construct a remarkable piece of construction on which he could stand on while he was doing his painting. Sistine Chapel ended up a masterpiece and remained that way for at least 500 years. With frameless shower enclosures, the masterpiece is what we begin with. The Michelangelo's framework served no other purpose but just the one – to give the artist support. And after he was finished the framework was destroyed – it served its purpose. If you could make an art piece without the framework, that would be really something, right? This is the basic idea behind frameless shower enclosures. You do not need something to support them because in essence the glass or plastic they are made of can support itself much like Michelangelo paints didn't just fall of when the framework was pulled asunder.

Frameless shower enclosures are usually made from glass which goes well with any bathroom and gives a sense of luxury to walk-in shower. The glass itself is heavy – try to remember if you had to lift any glass windows – but it is also strong enough to support its own weight, which makes it a perfect material to be used for frameless shower enclosures. It has the looks and the functionality, but if also has some bad features. Namely, break a glass plan is not called break a glass plan for nothing. Glass, of course, tends to break more often than ordinary materials bathrooms are made of, like plastics for example. This makes the showering experience more dangerous. The fact that glass frameless shower enclosures are not framed by any additional supporting shower systems makes them even more dangerous. But not to worry much – do you remember the last time you have broken a frameless shower enclosure? Probably not because frameless shower enclosures don't break that easily and truth be told, there are some more worrisome aspects of Walk In Showers to care about such as slipping under the shower and injuring your head on walk-in showers framework. However, in highly unlikely event that things go wrong and you hit the glass frameless shower enclosures and shatter it, the effects are not so devastating. Modern glass frameless shower enclosures are made out of two pieces of glass and separated by see-though flexible plastic. It is similar design as with front car window. If you have even been in a car accident with damage to front window, you know that pieces of glass don't just go flying in every direction. Instead they are permanently tied together by the plastic between the glasses. If that doesn't right a bell, remember some Bruce Willis movie in which he kicks out the front car window – it goes all off. In frameless shower enclosures this is also the case. Standing under the shower naked and exposed fearing the glass might break in million different pieces is redundant because it will not. When frameless shower enclosures glass breaks, if falls away in a single piece, shattered inside, but doesn't split and in such a way you I'm sure to say you will be safe.

Another good material to made frameless shower enclosures out of is plastic. The simplest to form and cheapest material that most of budget enclosures are made of is actually really tough and from that perspective, speaking about pure functionality, even better than glass frameless shower enclosures. It is easier to breaks glass than plastic. On the other hand, plastic is very light and compared with its strength it has a superior strength-to-weight ratio. This ratio is at the core of the materials that can be used for frameless shower enclosures where the material itself supports itself. What is problematic with plastic frameless shower enclosures, nonetheless, is that they don't look quite as good as the glass ones.

On another note, the esthetic difference between glass and plastic showers also results in price difference. Whereas plastic frameless shower enclosures can be bought on the very cheap, glass frameless shower enclosures are in comparison expensive. It all comes down to the price of the material, namely glass of such quality with an added plastic inside for preventing the glass breaking on million pieces is costly to manufacture and transport. While most of the frameless shower enclosures are today made in China, the transporting costs are an important factor calculated in the price. On the other hand, plastic is very cheap to manufacture and very light thereby easily transported.

Frameless shower enclosures have changed the way we look at walk-in showers. Being a stand-alone piece of showers they are highly valued and in part make you wonder a bit about how they actually stand, making a good first impression. Above all else, they have a clean minimalistic design which is much needed in the bathroom because it is speaking from intern design angle above average in design diversity – everything is everywhere. If you can eliminate something like frames and buy yourself frameless shower enclosures, than that is an added value that will transform the way your bathroom looks.

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