Best Hot Water Recirculating Pump Reviews in 2020

Written by  Wilfred Weihe

On an average, it takes around 30-40 seconds for the hot water to reach the faucet or shower from where the water heater is installed. This problem can be easily solved with the help of a hot water recirculating pump.

The delay in the hot water supply can be very frustrating as it not only waste your precious time but also waste valuable water as well as consumes power supply. Like most of the people, you would have faced the problem of delay of hot water from a water heating equipment.

The equipment helps to reduce the delay of getting hot water from the water heater and provide hot water quickly available throughout the plumbing connection of the entire house. Also, a water recirculating pump doesn't let the cold and warm water get waste to drain while waiting for the hot water. Altogether, it provides quick access of hot water and also saves a valuable amount of fresh water and power supply as well.

Best hot water recirculating pump reviews in 2020

PictureReview Conserve waterPrice 
Watts 500800 Hot Water Recirculating System With Built In Timer Watts
Tankless water heater
circulating pump with timer
Up to 15,000 gallons
per year
$$$$ Buy On Amazon
Grundfos 595916 Comfort Series Recirculator Pump Grundfos
Hot water pump
recirculating system with timer
Up to 12,000 gallons
per year
$$$ Buy On Amazon
Laing LHB08100092 AutoCirc Recirculation Pump With Timer Laing
Hot water recirculating
pump with timer
Up to 17,000 gallons
per year
$$ Buy On Amazon

Watts 500800 Hot Water Recirculating System with Built-In Timer

Watts 500800 Hot Water Recirculating System With Built In TimerWatts 5005800 Hot Water Recirculating System with a built-in timer ensures hot water at every faucet and shower whenever demanded, thus eliminates any wastage of water.

This water recirculating pump has a dimensional size of 6.2 x 6 x 5 inches and weighs around 6.8 pounds. This hot water circulating pump installation is very easy, merely an hour work and also there is no need for any additional piping. You don't have to worry about the water plumbing system since it is compatible with all of the water systems. The ASIN number of this water recirculating pump is B000E78XHG. Its part number is 500-800 and item model number is 500800.

It easily works on a power supply of 120 volts. This water recirculating system includes a built-in dual setting programmable timer, which can be easily set to activate the pump whenever the hot water is needed. Along with quick access to hot water, it also helps conserve up to 15000 gallons of water per year. Thus, save money by reducing the cost of water bills up to 10%. The whole product includes a water recirculating pump with a timer, 2 adapters with rubber washers, valve mounting screws, sensor valve and two 12 inch pipe lines.

The company offers a limited 1 year warranty period. Overall the unique design of this pump ensures a quiet, efficient and effective maintenance free operation for a very long time.

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Review – Water saver, energy saver, a dual setting programmable timer to set the activation of the pump on will, easy installation, and maintenance free are some of the significant advantages provided by the Watts 500800 Hot Water Recirculating System.

The water and energy saving really put a tab on your water and energy bill and also help increase the life expectancy of your water heater. The pump's versatility let it install anywhere in accordance to one's need and requirement.

For better understanding of the product all of the advantages and minor issues related to this product are described as follow:

Watts circulation pump Pros

  • Dual setting programmable timer which can be used to set quickly up to activate the pump whenever the hot water is needed.
  • Compatible with all plumbing and water systems.
  • Easy, merely an hour installation process with the proper help from the instruction manual provided by the company.
  • Conserve water and energy supply, thus, save money.
  • Temperature sensors keep a check on the heat in pipes and starts recirculation when it senses that the temperature is falling below a particular limit.
  • Eco friendly, as it conserves the precious supply of water.
  • 1 year limited warranty period.
  • Maintenance free.

Watts circulation pump Cons

  • This pump may not work well with tankless water heater.
  • There is a possibility that remote stop valve may fail.
  • Warranty period is limited.

Watts 500800 Hot Water Recirculating System ensures you a quick supply of hot water at your faucet and shower without any delay.  The recirculating pump is an excellent budget product. And easy to install. Also the easy installation and its compatibility with all water system, cut offs the additional cost of side tasks like the cost of installing new piping system and cost of plumbing services.

It eliminates the wastage of water as provides efficient use of the water supply as well as the energy supply. It reduces the workload of the water heater thus help increases the life expectancy of your water heater. The pump brings accessibility to quick hot water and saves natural resources thus help you go green.

This best tankless water heater recirculation pump is a good bet for the persons who want to get rid of the problems related to hot water delays in faucet and showers.

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Grundfos 595916 1/25 Horsepower Comfort Series Recirculator Pump

Grundfos 595916 Comfort Series Recirculator PumpGrundfos 595916 1/25 Horsepower Comfort Series Recirculator Pump weighs about 4 pounds and has a size of 3.3x4.7x5.2 inches.

ASIN of the product is B000JG81AQ, and its part number is UP1510SU7PTLC. Item model number for the product is 595916. The recirculating pump from Grundfos is a Comfort Series Instant Hot Water System. It includes a Comfort Valve, a timer, and a line cord.

Grundfos recirculating pump is made from stainless steel which gives it protection against rusting as well as provides the necessary strength to withstand wear and tear. The pump has a water temperature sensing feature which saves energy whenever possible. A 10-foot power cord is installed directly to the hot water discharge on the water heater. The heater is capable of providing a wide temperature range of 360°F – 1500°F. It consumes 25 Watts of powers and requires 115 V of voltage.

Flow range provided by the recirculating pump is 0-9 GPM. Motor employed in the pump is single phase. It is quite easy to install and doesn't produce noise during its operation. Practically, low or no maintenance is required by the pump. The recirculating pump is best suited for hot water circulation for domestic purposes and also can be employed for circulating some other liquid in air-conditioning and cooling systems. Grundfos provides a 2-year warranty on the power water pump starting from its installation date.

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Review – Grundfos 595916 1/25 Horsepower is a decent recirculating pump which you can use for circulating hot water in your house. The pump can also be employed for circulating cooling liquids in air-conditioning systems. The recirculating pump is made from stainless steel, brass, bronze and other strong materials for enhancing durability. The more durable built of the unit assures a long time service. It features an enhanced mechanism that helps you save energy.

The pump is easy to install and requires no maintenance at all. No additional wiring is needed to set up the pump. A Comfort Valve is provided with the unit to help in control. Under sink installation is possible with the unit.

All the main advantages and issues offered by the Grundfos circulating pump are assembled in the following list:

Grundfos circulating pump Pros

  • Low energy consumption
  • Specialized for household hot water circulation
  • Prevention of fresh water corrosion
  • Operates quietly
  • Wide temperature range, 360°F – 1500°F
  • Includes timer and line cord
  • Revolutionary Comfort System
  • 25 Watts power consumption
  • Ideal for circulating cooling fluids
  • Water temperature sensing
  • Easy installation
  • PVC cable
  • Stronger built
  • 2-year warranty, applicable from time of installation

Grundfos circulating pump Cons

  • Only single valve
  • No anti-freeze feature

Grundfos 595916 1/25 Horsepower Comfort Series Recirculator Pump by Grundfos is an average budget circulating pump suitable for household hot water circulation and cooling liquid circulation in air-conditioning systems. Low-energy consumption and efficient mechanism offer energy savings. The pump is much easy to install, simply follow the installation instructions mentioned in the user manual to set up the unit quickly. Stronger built of the unit lets you use it for many years with no special attention focussed towards maintenance. Utilizes 25 Watts of energy and relies on an 115 V power supply.

Many accessories like line cord are provided with the unit to make the most out of it. It can be installed under your household sink for easy access. Grundfos 595916 is covered by a 2-year manufacturer warranty from the time of its installation. A built-in timer employed in the recirculating pump lets you easily control its time of operation. An automatic water temperature sensing is also included in the unit. The unit has a good feature-set which makes it an excellent choice for employing it.

Overall, this recirculating pump for a tankless water heater is right for customers looking to expense a decent amount of sum for getting a stronger and efficient recirculating pump with warranty.

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Laing LHB08100092 AutoCirc Recirculation Pump with Timer

Laing LHB08100092 AutoCirc Recirculation Pump With TimerLaing LHB08100092 AutoCirc Recirculation Pump with Timer has a dimensional configuration of 0.1x5x7.5 inches and weighs about 3 pounds.

Its ASIN is B0046MDAK0. Item model number for the Laing recirculating pump is LHB08100092, and its part number is ACT-303-BTW. The recirculating pump can be installed just below a sink or faucet which is farthest from the water heater. It includes an inbuilt temperature sensor which automatically turns on the auto circulating pump as soon as the hot water supply comes.

A built-in thermostat helps to automatically shut down the unit to avoid the mixing of hot and cold water. The manufacturer of the unit assures to save around 17000 gallons of water annually for a typical family including 4 members. Laing pump is resistant to scale build up and avoids any kind of blockage. The maintenance free unit helps you use it continuously for a longer period. Moreover, it doesn't require a return line. A long 6-foot power cord is provided with the product.

The product is advised to be installed by a licensed professional. Stronger stainless steel construction adds additional durability to the product. The product promises a sound-free service. Laing provides a 2-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship, and a 1-year warranty from the date of purchase. Applicable warranty is the one that is sooner.

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Review – Laing LHB08100092 is an auto recirculating pump suitable for using in hot water recirculation. The unit is easy to install, simple to use and maintenance free. A stronger stainless steel construction of the unit helps you have a long time of service. No batteries are required for its operation. The Laing recirculating pump operates quietly and can be easily installed under a faucet or sink. The unit is available in only one variant. Low-energy consumption helps you cut-down you energy bills.

With a weight of only 3 pounds, the pump is a lightweight product. The manufacturer advises professional installation. Requires 115V of power for its operation. The pump is capable of turning automatically on and turns off as per the requirements thanks to its water temperature sensing feature. Warranty options are available by the manufacturer. The product is, undoubtedly, good to make use of. If you've made up your mind for purchasing the product, then it is advisable to understand carefully all the major advantages and disadvantages of using the product.

The following list covers all the major pros and cons offered by the recirculating pump:

Laing circulating pump Pros

  • Specialized for under sink/faucet installation
  • Automatic operation
  • Saves about 17000 gallons of water annually for a 4-member family
  • Prevents mixing of hot and cold day
  • Doesn't require a return line
  • Includes a 6-foot power cord
  • Effortless installation
  • Requires only 14 Watts of power and 115 V connection
  • Built-in thermostat
  • Inbuilt 24-hour timer allows for operating periods to adopt according to usage patterns
  • Lightweight and small in size
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Warranty options are available

Laing circulating pump Cons

  • No anti-freeze feature
  • No covers are included

Laing LHB08100092 AutoCirc Recirculation Pump with Timer by Laing is an efficient water pump. It requires merely 14 Watts of energy and operates quietly. The pump can be installed directly beneath a sink or faucet. Laing LHB08100092 features an inbuilt 24-hour timer which allows it to automatically select operating periods based on the usage patterns. As an estimate, the pump lets you save about 17000 gallons of water annually for a 4-member family. Built from stainless steel and brass construction ensure a long time of service.

A 6 feet power cord is provided with the unit to connect it easily with your household electric supply. No covers are provided with the unit. The small-sized auto recirculating pump weighs only 3 pounds which make it easy to carry around. It automatically senses water temperature and adjusts its operation accordingly. The best feature offered by the pump is that it offers instant hot water at all other faucets in the supply line between the water heater and the faucet where the pump is installed. No return line is required by the unit at all. Practically, no maintenance is required by the pump and only one pump and one installation is required for all fixtures on the hot water plumbing line.

The product features a single bearing design and is resistant to scale build up. No shaft and no seal are made into its design. No anti-freeze option is available which might be a problem in colder climates and the pump is available in a single design and one variant. Laing offers 2 separate warranties on the product, and only one can be availed based on the manufacturing date and purchasing date.

To be concluded, the unit is perfect for consumers looking to buy a simple recirculating pump with low energy consumption and no maintenance requirement.

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Hot water recirculating pump installation

Water recirculating pump installation is not a very exhausting and expensive task. As no particular place is required for the hot water recirculating pump installation, they can be easily installed either at the water heater, a point of use (fixture) in the house or building and also either in Timer/Aquastat Driven Systems or on-demand systems. Water recirculating pump installation is a simple task which an average person can do easily.

If you don't have the appropriate knowledge about plumbing and your piping system, then don't try to install it on your own and go for professional guidance instead. As you know, certain states and cities have their strict rules and regulation as per to the modification of water supply systems which are directly connected to the public water supply systems.

So, it is better to consult a local plumber before you cut down your piping system. Else, you can hire a licensed plumber who will gladly install the water recirculating pump for you. The plumbing work may cost you a few bucks but then you don't have to worry about problems which can arise later as your tedious work will be done by a veteran.

Water recirculating pumps have the biggest advantage of reducing hot water delays, but there are other advantages which can't be overseen. It also saves you a lot of money by saving clean water and power supply. When water is in abundance, everybody tends to waste it. Fresh water is a treasurable resource as well as the electricity; you may have never even noticed the wastage of the fresh water and power supply.

For example, when you are taking a shower, and you have to wait for the hot water you let the cold water flow out, it results in a wastage of valuable water and electricity which is used to heat the water again. A study result has shown that on an average, a person who take a hot water shower wastes around water equivalent to 6-8 showers per year.

A water recirculating pump can save this precious water and electricity used to heat it. Let us check some of the other advantages of hot water recirculating pumps:
  1. Water Saver - It helps in saving fresh water as it doesn't let the cold and warm water get wasted down the drain.
  2. Power Saver - It helps save electricity as less water is needed to be heated for the daily purposes.
  3. Life extender - It helps in extending the lifespan of a water heater as it reduces the workload of the water heater.
  4. Versatility - It is versatile in usage as it can be used anywhere and are compatible with all plumbing systems.

How does a Hot Water Recirculating Pump work?

You must be wondering as to how does a hot water recirculating pump actually works? How it will help you get hot water quickly and how it saves water and electricity. Well, it all depends on the working method of the water recirculating pump.

As for the working of the hot water recirculating pump, it is basic plumbing. The process initiates when you open the faucet of the shower or any other fixture. The hot water present in the water heater has to reach out to a faucet, ahead of hot water is the cold or warm water which has to move out for hot water to reach the faucet. This cold water present in the piping ahead of the hot water is responsible for the delay in the supply of hot water. In most of the cases, this cold water gets wasted by flowing down the drain.

Here comes the hot water recirculating pump, it short circuits the plumbing of your house to connect the cold water supply with the hot water supply. The recirculating pump pushes the cold water from the water heater towards the faucet. There is a bypass valve present which opens when there is cold water in the hot water pipes and provides a path for cold water present in the pipes to return to your water heater instead of letting it flow down the drain. When the hot water reaches the faucet, the valve closes automatically, and the pump halts.

This results in almost an instant supply of hot water whenever you demand it and without any wastage of cold water. As there is no need for a heating extra supply of water, so it also saves electricity. Hot water on demand pump can be activated through a timer, a water flow sensor or a switch.

There is a significant saving of precious fresh water, energy bill and in sewage costs. Also, there is no need for any additional special plumbing. The systems are designed in a way that hot water will never cross to the cold water supply line and vice versa. So there is no need to worry about the mixing of hot water lines with the cold ones. All the cold fixtures will provide the cold water, and all the hot fixture will provide the hot water.

Classification based on usage

Choosing a hot water recirculating pump for your water heater is not a big task provided you know exactly about what you're looking. The first thing is to decide where you are going to install the water recirculating pump inside the building.

From their usage and installation, they are categorized as:

Pump at the water heater
In this hot water recirculating pump is installed in proximity of the water heater. These pumps are appropriate for installation with a pre-installed dedicated hot water line. This system is provided with a return line which let the hot water move in a loop from the water heater through the supply line and back to the water heater through the dedicated return line. The main hot water supply line of the building is kept primed with hot water supply without any pushing of the hot or warm water into the cold water supply. This type of water recirculating pump installation is mostly used in new buildings.

All other hot water supply lines branching from the main hot water supply line running to individual fixtures are not kept hot, which could result in some delay in the hot water supply to reach the faucet after the faucet is turned on.

Pump at a point of use
This system is installed without a dedicated return line. They are used in proximity to the fixture rather the water heater, so there is no need to install a return line. This system uses cold water supply as the return line to the water heater. They return the cold water to water heater until the hot water is sensed inside the fixture. Since the hot water recirculating pump is installed near the fixture, so hot water is instantly provided at the faucet, there is almost no delay in the hot water supply. Other fixtures in the building will need to remove the cold water present between the central hot water supply line and the individual fixture before the hot water is made available to the faucet.

This type of water recirculation pump installation is available for any building, especially in cases where a dedicated return line is not installed. In the above-mentioned plumbing configurations, hot water recirculation pumps use a timer and a thermostat mechanism.

Timer/Aquastat Driven Systems
The Timer and Aquastat(Thermostat) driven systems maintains hot water inside the fixture or building's interior plumbing for a particular period for which the timer present on the device is set to do so. The timer can be easily set by the consumer and is generally set up during the rush hours of the day when the hot water is mostly required. The timer and thermostat are configured to work together with each other for the effective and efficient operation of the recirculation pump and water heater. During the time when it is activated, the pump maintains the availability of the hot water in the pipes, it shuts off and gets on automatically as it seems necessary for the maintenance of the hot water supply at the thermostatic sensor location.

It is wise to understand that the water recirculating pump doesn't run continuously for all day, but only as necessary when the aquastat senses the water temperature is below the threshold temperature of the hot water required, and also runs during the times set on the timer. Thus, it provides hot water quickly at your faucet when you demand it in a very efficient manner.

With the quick access to the hot water supply, it also ensures you more heated water as well. That is because the pipes which carry the hot water to the faucet from the water heater have been already pre-heated by the hot water recirculated through them. Usually, the hot water loses most of its heat during the initial minutes of warming up the water supply lines. Since the hot water supply line is already maintained with the hot water inside, so there will be no loss of heat during its way to your faucet or shower.

On Demand Systems
Hot Water Recirculating Pump No More Water Down The DrainIn a case of On Demand Systems, the user is required to activate the hot water recirculating pump. As soon as the water recirculating pump is activated, it draws hot water present in the water heater and simultaneously sends the cold water which is still trapped in the hot water pipelines to the cold water supply. There is no any particular reason to place the pump activation controls near the pump they can be distributed at multiple locations throughout the whole building. Whenever pump senses the presence of hot water, the circulation process is shut off before the hot water fills the cold water line.

Remote controls can be positioned throughout the building to initiate the water flow. Motion detectors can be used in the form of remote control switches, for example whenever you walk into the bathroom, the motion sensor detects the command and activates the pump which results in the hot water which is make ready for you automatically. In this type of system pump doesn't run until it is needed which makes it very efficient, and also the heat loss through the hot water supply lines is reduced since hot water pipelines are not kept hot during the selected time of the day.

Waiting for hot water means wasting it. Most of the time while waiting for the hot water to arrive at the faucet we let the cold water flow down the drain. Thus, waste gallons of this precious natural resource. Which also result in the waste of energy resources for example in the form of electricity supply or gas supply. Fresh water is one of the most valuable natural resources for us and as per its depleting quantities, the conservation of the clean and fresh water is highly required. Hot water recirculating pumps help save these precious resources along with ensuring quick delivery of hot water at your faucet whenever you demand.

It helps in making the efficient use of water and energy resources. Thus it outcomes in the reduction of energy bills and sewage costs. Hot water recirculating pumps are the best option to get rid of the hot water delay problems. You can choose among a wide range of water recirculating pumps available in the market depending upon your need and requirement.

So "Go green, save green".

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