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Best Kids Shower Head Reviews in 2022

Written by  Wilfred Weihe

Best kids shower head is all you need when you are introducing showering to your children. It's true that babies and kids have special concerns and needs with regards to bathing and showering. Due to this, picking the kid's shower head with help of this reviews could make all the difference during bath time. Kids' shower heads shouldn't just be practical, but also safe and fun.

If done in the right way, having yours kids started on the right path in relation to showering is usually a fun and soothing exercise. Many of these specially made shower heads have a lower circulation rate to create a comfortable experience, particularly if you're using it to bathe a young kid or baby.

The aim is to teach your kid to use properly a bath tub and shower and at some point become self-sufficient at the job.

Buying One
Finding a best shower head is at times tricky since there are many showerheads out there. With regards to getting the finest shower head for your kids, you've to be in a dilemma as this type of shower head is quite different since it is intended only for kids.

This Best Kids Shower Head Reviews will shed light on what you need to know before investing in a kids shower head.

Best Kids Shower Head Reviews in 2022

Rinse Ace 3901 My Own Shower Childrens Showerhead Dolphin Review

Rinse Ace 3901 My Own Shower Childrens Showerhead DolphinRinse Ace My Own Shower Children's Showerhead makes shower time safe and fun.

The key feature of Rinse Ace My Own Shower Children's Showerhead is its all round child friendly design.

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It sprinkles the water in a milder stream, which makes it feel comfortable against delicate skin.

This adjustable height shower head easily hooks up to your current fixture as well, delivering a more kid friendly height.

Detachable hose feature will make you feel safe that there is no lasting hose hanging inside the shower.

Rinse Ace 3901 Pros

  • Storage is easy due to its detachable hose
  • The friendly and warm detachable shower head dolphin character will help to stimulate your kid's imagination and relieve any remaining phobias of a shower
  • Makes shower time safe and fun
  • Hassle free installation
  • Flexible. This means there is no need to remove the "grown up" showerhead each time-making it handier for you and a better shower for your kid
  • This is affordable compared to other best detachable shower heads in the market
  • It promotes a feeling of self-sufficiency in your kids as it offers them control of their own private showerhead

Rinse Ace 3901 Cons

  • This adjustable shower head is mostly made from plastic. At this price range, it is not shocking that this is so, but it implies that you have got to be extra careful when fixing the lower shower head for the very first time. If you tighten it too tightly into your present accessories, the plastic parts may break and damage both fixtures.

With some many positive reviews from customers who bought this childrens shower head, we are convinced your kids will enjoy having shower and save you money and time in the long run.

Go ahead and get one for your kid today.

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Disclosure: We hope you love the products we recommend! All reviews on this website represent our own opinion. We research and compare only the best products you can find on Amazon.com. And for that, we might get compensation if you click on our outgoing links and then buy something.

Oxygenics 79368 Mickey Mouse Combo Shower Head Review

Oxygenics 79368 Mickey Mouse Combo Shower HeadGet your kids ready to have a showering experience like no other with this highly rated showerhead from Oxygenics.

Packed with awesome features that makes it ideal for your children, Oxygenics 79368 Mickey Mouse Combo Shower Head is a must for any parent who wants to make showering for his/her kids fun and safe for many years to come.

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To start with it features a rubber grip built to minimize slipping, a cozy control lever which regulates water pressure.

Fifteen total spray combo controls along with a 3-way diverter which you can use together or individually on each shower head.

Your child will relish learning how to shower with this shower head molded like their beloved character. Plus they will have plenty of fun when they do.

Oxygenics 79368 Mickey Mouse Pros

  • Different sprays makes showering fun
  • Easy to work with and maintain
  • Affordable compared to other models in the market
  • Has a cozy control lever which regulates water pressure
  • Comes packed Mickey Mouse character-something kids easily identify with

Oxygenics 79368 Mickey Mouse Cons

  • Like many other showering heads for kids it is mostly made from plastic. This can make water to shoot out of your connection point no matter how loose or tight you hook up the hose
  • Some further plumbing tape is needed as it does not come packed with enough for the installation

What the customers say
Looks good, excellent in easing the switching from bath time to shower time.

Oxygenics 79368 Mickey Mouse Combo Shower Head is a wonderful shower.

Adults love it and the kids cherish it too. It is just awesome. Expect so much for your kids when taking a shower.

If you are looking for something to convert showering into a pleasurable experience then you will want to pick it right away.

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ConservCo Fun & Adorable Bath & Shower Wand for Kids - Froggie the Frog Review

ConservCo Fun Adorable Bath Shower Wand For Kids Froggie The Frog"Froggie the Frog" is a hand-held shower head which looks like an adorable rubber frog.

This showerhead is a complete collection to assist you bathes toddlers and infants in your bathtub and for your mature kids to have shower with.

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ConservCo Fun Shower Wands For KidsThe unit includes a mount to carry the wand, a spray wand, 2-way water circulation ABS diverter, plumber's tape and a 6 foot hose.

The extra long hose and the rubber suction cups in the mount make Duckie fully movable anywhere inside the shower or tub.

The diverter permits you turn water from a fastened shower head to the kid's spray wand.

Another nice aspect is the fact this shower kit has a soft 1.5 gpm (it actually low-flow shower head) that saves water, complies with all EPA inspired conservation guidelines, and delivers a relaxing spray that is soothing enough for toddlers and infants.

Froggie the Frog Shower Wand Pros

  • Perfect for washing hair. With this unit you kid won't have issues with a hard spray which shoots water into your kid's nose and eyes
  • Makes showering fun for yours kids
  • Easy to install. Attaches to existing showerheads
  • This best detachable shower heads is available in various animal prints
  • This adjustable shower head is quite affordable compared to its peers in the same category

Froggie the Frog Shower Wand Cons

  • Made mostly from plastic

What the customers say about this child shower head
Most people who purchased this shower head for kids from Amazon had nothing but positive praise due to its usefulness. Highly recommended if you want to make showering for yours kids fun and safe.

This shower collection is an awesome addition to any shower room.

And it's a fantastic way to convert your older kids from having a bath to shower by themselves, or a way to charm your younger kid in the bathtub.

Great rubber shower head at great price. Highly recommend.

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Bath Toy - Submarine Spray Station - Battery Operated Water Pump with Hand Shower and More Review

Bath Toy Submarine Spray Station Battery Operated Water Pump With Hand Shower And MoreThis special battery-operated water activity station and hand shower for kids is an original combo with an easy to manage submarine water flow pumping system, a diver shower head, and an awesome water activity center which has magical water effects.

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This system works by drawing water through the submarine then supplying it to the diver shower head where it's directed to the wall fastened water station triggering a chain reaction of magical effects in the shower.

Bath Toy - Submarine Spray Station Pros

  • Water activity station features rolling eyes, spinning water gauge, spinning propeller, detachable water funnel, and sprinkler effects
  • Recycling action enables safe steady water circulation without abandoning open taps
  • Easy to work with diver shower head which has steady water flow button and a spray trigger
  • Teaches young kids cause and effect processes
  • Encourages independent exploration and play
  • Eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills
  • Spraying action stimulates baby's senses of touch and sight

Bath Toy - Submarine Spray Station Cons

  • Like most other shower heads for kids, this too is mostly made from plastics. So you need to be extra careful when fastening it to other shower fixtures.

What customers say
Awesome child shower head for great showering experience.

This funny-looking Submarine Spray Station is an excellent bath time gift for your kid! Yookidoo's new bath toy motivates independent exploration and play, while training young children intricate forms of effect and cause.

Why not make bath time exciting for your kids with this collection as it simultaneously improves their excellent motor skills, problem-solving skills and hand eye synchronization.

With all the positive reviews from customers who bought this unit, it's not surprising bath time for your kids will be filled with hours and hours of fun and learning!

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What's A Shower Head For Kids?

This is a shower head which is both functional and fun for kids. This type of shower head is designed and modeled in a fun shape cartoon character or an animal.

Other than some supplemental rubber or plastic, the shower head will operate as normal though some have a lower circulation rate and one simple spray pattern, making it more relaxed for children.

You can read ultimate guide to kids shower heads here.

How A Kid's Showerhead Works

A regular shower head for a kid has a very simple operating pattern. It is made to keep the water flow to low levels and the spray styles soft and comfy for a kid's soft skin.

Secondly, the water pressure is intentionally kept low so as to keep your kid comfortable and safe when in the bath.

If you have been avoiding these kinds of showerheads, then you need to know that their installation is not difficult - just a little DIY experience, and you are good to go.

How To Safely Introduce Your Kids To Showering Heads

  • Use a nonslip mat inside the shower room : You don't want any minor accidents with your little ones. For this reason, use nonslip shower mat to reduce the possibility of slipping. Tell your children to have patience and not to rush or run out of or into the shower.
  • Use encouragement : This can work magic if let your little know how proud they are making you anytime they use the "grown ups" shower. Just like you when using shower panel system.
  • Supervise : Your kids are not quite acquainted with shower experience. For this reason, you need to at first supervise them while taking shower. As they got older and used to it, the showering process will become much easier to handle on their own
  • Install a funny looking showerhead : You've to choose an interesting shower head. Kids love funny stuff that makes them feel joyful. So you've to be picky on this one. A Mickey Mouse head, for example, would draw direct interest of a kid and make the process of getting a hesitant child to wash quite easy. A funny looking head eases the change stage of childhood. To take a bath on their own, this is a key stage of growing up. Your kid might at first be fearful over a shower which's too big or high. A shower head unit that you exclusively get for them can enhance their confidence immediately. They'll get enticed to give it a shot.

Advantages Of Having A Showerhead For Kids

  • Lower shower head: This mean less sharp and hard shower rain. Water arriving from high up on the normal shower head could scare or hurt young kids. With a shower head for young kids, it will help lower water height thereby making much softer and gentle for your children.
  • Makes showering fun

How do I find the best kids head for me and my little ones?

A shower head designed for a small child can make your life as a parent much more fun and easy. Here is what you need to know before investing in one.
  1. Colorful: The shower heads should be colorful, interesting and playful
  2. Funny looking: Let your youngster's favorite cartoon or pet is his/her shower head. The more it looks recognizable, the more they'll find it less difficult to get connected to it.
  3. Effortless installation: Select a unit which can be removed and installed removed readily. You do not want to devote all morning striving to do this easy ritual.
  4. Is it making them feel comfortable: You already know tough and stressful it is when washing a kid in the shower particularly if they do not want to and can't wash on their own. So, instead of struggling to roll your kid in the water, he/she can stay still (as he enjoys his fun) while you rinse the soap softly with the shower head. The good thing is that he/she will not even notice it.
  5. Height of the shower head: The other thing you need to consider is height. Before investing in a kid's shower head ensure its height is adjustable. This is crucial since it offers mobility as your child grows and also when you need to teach or train them how to shower correctly.
  6. Child safe parts: As a parent safety should be your number one priority when buying something for your kid. A good shower head should be durable and sturdy to ensure its parts do not drop off easily. Likewise, make sure that the style and design are kid-friendly; be mindful of small buttons or parts that the kid may insert in his mouth by the slip-up.

As a parent who loves her/his children why not make their showering experience fun and joyful by investing in a kids showerhead today.

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