Best Electric Radiant Floor Heating Reviews in 2020

Written by  Wilfred Weihe

Radiant floor heaters are gaining traction, partly due to their space saving design and partly because of their efficient heating. If you urge to keep your living spaces nicely warm and cozy, then warm flooring is your best bet. A radiant floor heating system is one such way to have cozy interiors. Unlike other indoor heating equipment, a radiant floor heater doesn't necessitate for a dedicated area. This is achieved with the ability to be simply installed under the floor tiling or within the walls. Radiant floor heaters emit heat in the form of invisible, and clean, radiation that warms up the air inside space; hence transforming your room into a cozy chamber.

Moreover, the temperature is same in every location of the room as the radiation emitted by a radiant floor heating system is uniform in all directions. Hence, it's a better and comfortable indoor heating appliance. Also, a radiant floor heater does not blow dust and allergens that come in the way of its heating radiations. There are so many make and models of radiant floor heaters that makes the chore of choosing an ideal model somewhat an ordeal.

However, in this article, we will discuss all the important things related to radiant floor heaters that will help you buy a perfect radiant floor heater whether you're a pro or a greenhorn.

Best Radiant Floor Heater Reviews in 2020

HeatTech Electric 40 sqft Mat Kit Radiant Floor Heat Heating System

HeatTech Electric 40 Sqft Mat Kit Radiant Floor Heat Heating SystemHeatTech brings 120 Volts electric radiant floor heating system with the capability to deliver high performance.

An electric system is a perfect option for almost any type of buildings, rooms and even for most types of floorings.

Heating cable employed in this electric heating system is just 1/8'' thick and will not lead to any significant increase in the height of the floor.

The wire of the electric radiant heating system comes with adhesive backing, which eliminates the need of stapling the wire and ensure that wire stays flat without the need of any external support.

A Honeywell/Aube TH115-AF-120S digital programmable thermostat and sensor comes with the system to ensure accurate control of temperature and provides complete safety.

The current rating of the heating system is 4 Amperes with a wattage rating of 480 Watts.

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HeatTech Electric Mat Kit Radiant Floor Heat Heating System Review – HeatTech electric radiant heating system is highly efficient and ensures complete safety and precise control with its thermostat.

HeatTech Electric 40 sqft Pros

  • Easy installation with adhesive backing.
  • Produces zero Electromagnetic fields (EMF).
  • Complied with electric safety standards of USA and Canada.
  • Digital programmable thermostat.
  • A single armored cold lead wire with length 10 feet is provided to connect thermostat.
  • Energy-efficient.
  • Comes with a detailed instruction manual.
  • Backed up by a 25-year warranty.

HeatTech Electric 40 sqft Cons

  • Available in a single variant.

Verdict – HeatTech electric radiant heating system offers many features that are handy and makes it a worth trying the product.

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Warming Systems 20 Sqft Mat Electric Radiant Floor Heat Heating System

Warming Systems 20 Sqft Mat Electric Radiant Floor Heat Heating SystemWarming Systems Inc. is a renowned manufacturer of high-quality heating appliances and bringing its 20 square foot electric radiant floor heating system.

The floor heating mat is 20" wide and 12' long and is suitable to be used with most flooring types including, tile, wood, and ceramic flooring.

The heating cable used is of the highest quality and delivers efficient results.

Moreover, the heating element is only 1/8" thick and adds negligible height to the flooring after installation.

To eliminate the EMF (electromagnetic field), twisted pair cables are being used in the radiant floor heating system.

The electric heating system allows the mesh to be cut so that it can heat spaces of other shapes.

A Honeywell/Aube digital thermostat comes within the heating system for precise control of temperature.

The single cold lead wire is used to connect the thermostat with the heating system.

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Warming Systems Mat Electric Radiant Floor Heat Heating System Review – Warming Systems Inc. electric radiant floor heating system is capable of delivering efficient results and is easy to install.

Warming Systems 20 Sqft Pros

  • Top-grade heating cable.
  • Twisted pair cable produces zero EMF.
  • Comes with a digital programmable floor sensing thermostat.
  • Very thin heating wire with a thickness of 1/8".
  • Used with almost any type of flooring.
  • Easy installation.
  • Complies with electrical standards of USA and Canada.

Warming Systems 20 Sqft Cons

  • Detailed instructions are not available.

Verdict – Warming Systems Inc. electric radiant floor heating system is a cost-effective solution, and people looking for budget systems should definitely go for this product.

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Warming Systems 50 Sqft Cable Set Electric Radiant Floor Heat Heating System

Warming Systems 50 Sqft Cable Set Electric Radiant Floor Heat Heating SystemWarming Systems presents the electric radiant floor heating system with 50 square foot cable set.

The voltage rating of the electric radiant floor heating system is 240 volts and complies with the electric standards of Canada and USA.

The heating wire used is high-quality and has a thickness of only 1/8" to impose a minimum change in the height of flooring.

Moreover, the twisted pair cables ensure that zero EMF is produced during the working of the heating system.

The wire is laid out 3 inches apart across the floor area for heating.

The electric radiant floor heating system features a Honeywell/Aube Digital Floor sensing thermostat, which is programmable.

Users can easily adjust temperature value using the thermostat.

For easy installation, an aluminum tape is offered with the system to secure the wire to the floor.

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Warming Systems Cable Set Electric Radiant Floor Heat Heating System Review – Warming Systems' 50 square foot electric radiant floor heating system is highly efficient and offers precise temperature control with its digital programmable thermostat.

Warming Systems 50 Sqft Pros

  • Thin heating element adds negligible height to the flooring.
  • Digital programmable thermostat with floor sensor wire.
  • Single cold lead wire provides a safe and secure connection between heating wires and thermostat.
  • Comes with aluminum tape for securing the wire during installation.

Warming Systems 50 Sqft Cons

  • Not suitable for all types of flooring.

Verdict – The 50 square foot radiant floor heating system offered by Warming systems is the best choice for people who are looking for a moderate heating system with efficient results.

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SunTouch 70 sq ft cable WarmWire Floor Heat Kit

SunTouch 70 Sq Ft Cable WarmWire Floor Heat KitSunTouch WarmWire floor heating kit is an efficient floor heating system with a 70 square foot cable and is suitable for any layouts.

The heating cable of this heating system is energy efficient, thin and is made using high-quality materials for enhanced durability.

The input of the heating system is 240 Volts and produces an output of 12 Watts per square foot.

It is easy to install the SunTouch WarmWire floor heating system and gives freedom for going around turns and obstructions.

A touchscreen programmable thermostat is also available with the heating system for easy adjustment and monitoring of the temperature.

The thermostat offers 7-day programming schedule, which allows the user to use different settings for a complete week.

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SunTouch floor warming review – SunTouch WarmWire floor heating kit is easy to install in different layouts, and its touchscreen thermostat makes controlling the system in an easy way.

SunTouch 70 sq ft Pros

  • Durable heating wire.
  • Fits in most layouts.
  • Touchscreen thermostat with user-friendly interface and 5 color schemes.
  • Timer function ensures that the temperature comes to the desired value at the scheduled time.
  • The thermostat is backed by a 3-year manufacturer warranty.

SunTouch 70 sq ft Cons

  • Very expensive.
  • Available in only one wire length option.

Verdict – SunTouch WarmWire floor heating kit is a luxurious floor heating system with easy to control touchscreen thermostat, but you need to pay a huge amount for buying it.

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SunTouch 35 sq ft Floor Heat Mat

SunTouch 35 Sq Ft Floor Heat MatSunTouch radiant floor heat mat is a perfect heating system for adding luxury and comfort to a house.

The heating system is perfect whether it is a new construction or a remodeling project.

The mesh can be cut so that it can fit any layout of the space and follows easy installation.

Double sided tape is edged with the wire so that it can attach directly with the subfloor for faster installation.

SunTouch radiant floor heat mat adds only 1/8 inches to the floor, which is almost negligible.

The radiant floor heat mat is available in two different roll sizes viz. 2' and 3'.

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SunTouch Floor Heat Mat Review – SunTouch radiant floor heat mat is a perfect radiant heating system for keeping a space warm and cozy.

SunTouch 35 sq ft Pros

  • Efficient heating of space.
  • Capable of fitting in various layouts.
  • The double sided adhesive tape is present with wire for better support with the subfloor.
  • Suitable for almost any type of flooring.
  • The thickness of the wire is only 1/8 inches.

SunTouch 35 sq ft Cons

Verdict – SunTouch radiant floor heat mat offers easy installation in any layout, but the unavailability of thermostat requires you to buy one separately.

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Nuheat Floor Heat Mat

Nuheat Floor Heat MatNuheat brings Nuheat floor heat mat, which is capable of heating space in an efficient way and brings luxurious feel.

The heat mat utilizes AC power source for its working and has a voltage rating of 120 Volts.

The consumption of power is 180 Watts with a current rating of 1.6 Amperes.

The weight of the heat mat is only 2.1 pounds, and its size is 60 X 36 inches.

Nuheat floor map is easy to install, and no complexity is involved in the process.

It is possible to trim the edges of the mat so that it can fit in spaces with different sizes.

Additionally, the heating mat is suitable and works fine with most flooring types including ceramic tile and wood flooring.

The width of the mat is very small, which means that there is a negligible increase in the height of the floor.

Nuheat floor heat mat is certified frustration free and ensure the best performance.

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Nuheat Floor Heat Mat Review – Nuheat Floor Heat Mat offers high performance along with features such as easy installation and frustration-free certification.

Nuheat Floor Heat Mat Pros

  • Highly efficient.
  • Lightweight.
  • Easy to install and edges can be trimmed to fit the required size.
  • Works with most floorings.

Nuheat Floor Heat Mat Cons

Verdict – Nuheat Floor Heat Mat is one of the best heat mats available, and you need to buy a thermostat and temperature sensor because it is not available with the heat mat.

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Heatwave 15 Sqft Electric Floor Heating System

Heatwave 15 Sqft Electric Floor Heating SystemHeatizon Systems is a renowned USA manufacturer of various appliances and this time comes up with its radiant floor heating system.

The heating mat included in the heating system have a size of 15 square feet and is available in many other different sizes including, 10, 20, 25,30,50, 60,80, 90 and 100 square feet.

Heating cable available with the heating system is of the highest quality and ensures durable performance.

It is possible to fit the heating system in different layouts as the mesh can be cut according to the required shapes.

A GFCI thermostat comes within the heating system and assures accurate temperature control.

The radiant floor heating system is listed as safe to use in wet locations.

Moreover, the heating system complies with the electrical standards of both USA and Canada.

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Heatwave Electric Floor Heating System Review – Radiant floor heating system by Heatizon Systems is a remarkable product as it can work properly in wet locations and offer features such as GFCI thermostat and capability to fit in different layouts.

Heatwave 15 Sqft Pros

  • Listed to UL and CSA standards.
  • Works with floorings such as tile, stone and wood laminate.
  • The thickness of heating wire is just 1/8 inches.
  • 7-day programmable GFCI floor sensing thermostat.
  • Limited lifetime warranty.

Heatwave 15 Sqft Cons

  • Difficult installation.

Verdict – Radiant floor heating system by Heatizon Systems is well-priced and comes in different size options. So, it is a radiant heating system that is worth buying for sure.

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ThermoSoft 15 sq ft Electric Radiant In-Floor Heating System

ThermoSoft 15 Sq Ft Electric Radiant In Floor Heating SystemThermoSoft Electric Radiant In-Floor Heating System-TT10-120 is a highly efficient heating system that comes at an affordable price.

The coverage area of this radiant heating system is 15 square foot that may be of any layout.

The heating wire used in the system is of high quality and do not produces any EMF that may cause interference with electronic devices present in the house.

Four insulation layers are present on the wire, and the layers include outer alkaline, acid, and mechanical resistant Nylon layer.

ThermoSoft Electric Radiant In-Floor Heating System works with most floorings including tiles, Pergo and engineering wood.

The radiant heating system is UL listed and complies with standards of USA and Canada.

The manufacturer also offers a limited lifetime warranty on this product to make sure that users can completely rely on it.

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ThermoSoft Electric Radiant In-Floor Heating System Review – ThermoSoft Electric Radiant In-Floor Heating System is a highly functional heating system and warms the desired space in an efficient way.

ThermoSoft 15 sq ft Pros

  • Well-priced.
  • Detailed instruction manual allows fast installation.
  • Heating wire is insulated using four different layers.
  • Compatible with most flooring types.
  • Backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

ThermoSoft 15 sq ft Cons

Verdict – ThermoSoft Electric Radiant In-Floor Heating System comes at a very good price and offers high efficiency, which makes it worth trying.

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Radiant Floor Heater Buying Guide

Electric Radiant Floor Heating ReviewsAs discussed in the previous section, the process of selecting a radiant floor heater that best meets your needs can be a challenging one.

The radiant floor buying guide will help you to make it easier for choosing and purchasing the right radiant floor heating unit as per your requirements and needs.

Understanding important factors of a radiant floor heater will help you to identify your exact heating, and other, requirements.

At the end of this guide, you will be able to learn how to buy the right radiant floor heater within a well-planned budget.

What Type of Radiant Floor Heating is Right for Me?

For starters, radiant floor heating is of three types – electric, hydronic and air-heated.

Each of them has their own distinct set of advantages and issues over one another.

Requirements qualifying for the best use of each one of the three is summed up as follow:

Electric Floor Heating

Low installation cost and easier to be built into the floor are requirements that are best met by electric floor heating.

Some electric floor heating units also come with mats that are meant to be installed on the subfloor level.

Electric floor heaters can be costlier at locations with cold weather conditions.

In such cases, thermal mass is required to retain the heat produced by these systems.

Hydronic Floor Heating

Provides highly balanced heat distribution.

A cost-effective method of heating but has high installation cost.

The floor heating isn't possible with no boiler system.

Installing a new boiler system, if there already isn't one, adds to the overall installation cost of hydronic floor heating.

Air-heated Floor Heating

Using an air-heated heating unit in conjunction with a solar energy source is an all-clean-and-green option.

The system requires constant heating.

Typically used where heating is required only during the day.

Air-heated floor heating isn't the common floor heating option.

Popular Types of Radiant Floor Heating Systems

Electric and Hydronic – are the two most popular and widely used radiant floor heating systems.

Both of these radiant floor systems have some things in common but are mostly dissimilar.

They are elaborated as follows:
  1. Hydronic Radiant Floor Heating System – A Hydronic radiant floor heater relies on a Hydronic heating mechanism.

    It simply means that for installing a Hydronic radiant floor, either you have to connect it with the existing Hydronic heating system of your house or need to install a separate Hydronic heating system.

    This type of heating system is cost-effective both regarding installation and working, but it requires the additional installation of a boiler unit for heating water used by the system.

    It is far easy to control the temperature of the Hydronic radiant floor heater with the help of a thermostatic valve.
  2. Electric Radiant Floor Heating System – Electric radiant floor heating system consists of electric radiant heaters or mats.

    There are wires in an electric radiant system that are placed beneath a mat made into a serpentine form.

    To cover the entire floor of the space requiring heating, multiple heating mats are required.

    Electric radiant heaters draw their power from electricity, which means that it can be plugged into a socket or can be connected directly to the main power supply of the house to use.

    An electric radiant heating system is very costly over and beyond requiring a high level of upkeep.

    If any kind of problem arises in an electric radiant heating system, then you will be required to rake up the entire floor for fixing the issue.

Electric vs. Hydronic

When we compare both popular types of radiant heating systems, it can be concluded that the electric heating system is expensive and requires high maintenance as compared to a hydronic heating system.

However, the installation of an electric radiant system is relatively easy and unproblematic as compared to the installation procedure of a hydronic radiant heating system.


Best Radiant Floor HeatingWhile buying a radiant floor heater, it is very necessary to consider the area where you are planning to install the radiant heating system.

The size of the space requiring heating is also important.

It is possible to install a radiant heating system in a single room or use it for heating the complete house.

The size of radiant floor heater required by you would be equal to the total size of the flooring.

The increase in the size of flooring will increase expenses, especially if you opt for an electric radiant heating system.

If your room or floor is irregular shaped, then an electric radiant heater will be a great option.

You can choose a layout that is best according to the shape of you the heating space floor.

Moreover, if you are willing to install the electric heating system by yourself, then you have to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

A user manual accompanying the radiant heater will guide you to set the wires of the electric radiant heater safe and sound.

You can also employ zone heating in your house, which allows you to split the radiant floor heating system into various sections.

By using different thermostats and timers, it is possible to maintain different temperatures in different rooms.

This technique, in addition to providing the ease of control, makes the whole heating system more energy efficient.

Heat Controllers

WiFi Enabled Touchscreen Programmable ThermostatHeat controllers are very useful while employing floor heating systems.

They also add to the overall user safety against the heating equipment.

Before choosing a radiant floor heater, check that whether it comes with a heat controller or not.

Some electric radiant heaters offer a thermostat with them, which triggers the automatic turn off the function of the radiant heater when the temperature of the floor or the area surrounding the heater becomes greater than the set level.

Thermostats with touch screen are also available with some radiant floor heating models, all to allow for a precise control and measure of the temperature.

A timer feature is also offered by some of the heat controllers that allow users to set the automatic on/off time for the radiant heater.

This feature is especially useful if you want your floor to be cozy when you wake up in the morning.

As with other radiant floor heaters without a timer feature, you have to wait for the floor to get warm enough.

A programmable thermostat is a good alternative to a mechanical timer.

With a programmable thermostat, you can set different temperatures for different times of the day for a radiant floor heater.

Flooring Type

Best Flooring For Radiant HeatThe flooring type used along with the radiant floor heating system is a major factor that you should consider carefully.

In most of the cases, ceramic tile flooring is used with floor heating systems.

Ceramic tiles stay at a cold temperature for heating.

With a heating system, the ceramic tiles become warm.

This type of flooring retains heat for a fairly long time as ceramic is a good thermal conductor.

There are other types of flooring that utilize wood, vinyl or carpets over the radiant heating system.

If you are willing to use a wooden flooring above any heating system, then use solid wood to prevent the expansion and to shrink of the floor with a change in temperature.

Using soft wood flooring in conjunction with the radiant heating unit is not a sensible idea.

This is because doing so increases the chances of the floor splitting due to varying temperatures.

Carpets are a good option as well, but it is advised that a carpet with extra padding at the bottom should be used.

This allows the heat to pass through the floor easily.

Remember that the thickness of the flooring determines the efficiency of heating.

The thicker the floor, the lesser the efficiency of the heating system; and vice-versa.

For instance, adding a wood laminate over the flooring will decrease the warmth of the flooring.

Be sure to minimize the thickness of the flooring you are using the radiant floor heating system to get better heating results.


It is important to consider the obstacles that are present inside the space requiring heating.

Sofa, bookcases; and in the case of kitchen, cupboard, and appliances are obstacles that you should consider before installing a radiant floor heater.

Any object that is present on the flooring might trap heat emitted by the heating system and thus, waste it.

So, you should skip installation of the radiant floor heater below such obstacles.

This will result in saving both energy and on installation money.

However, if you move your sofa and other furniture pieces frequently then do the installation of radiant heater below them but skip areas having permanent fixtures such as kitchen units and bathroom furniture.

How Does Radiant Floor Heating Work

Floor Heating Systems ReviewsIt's an interesting thing to know how a radiant floor heating system works.

Though it's a simple heating process, you should better know it to decide the quality of a radiant floor heater.

In a radiant floor heating system, a floor heater is placed beneath the flooring, which is then covered by a regular floor finishing such as tiles, vinyl, carpet or laminate.

When the radiant system is turned on, heat is generated through hydronic tubes or electric wires that are present under the flooring.

This heat is then passed through the flooring, and it finally reaches into the heating space.

The main advantage of a radiant floor heating system is that it delivers uniform heat throughout the room, which is really nice and relaxing.

The radiant floor heating system is a cost-effective method of heating a space.

The cost-effectiveness is even more if you are planning to install it in a new house where the flooring is not done yet.

It is possible to install the radiant heating system over a hollow floor, but it requires insulation from the bottom of the floor and is thus a difficult task.

What Makes Radiant Floor Heating So Cozy

Most Conventional Heating SystemsRadiant floor heating is more comfortable than most conventional heating systems in many ways.

First, it provides uniform heating, and the floor can be warmed enough for you to walk over it bare-footed.

In fact, in winters when the floor is very cold, a radiant heating system allows you to walk across your rooms and even into the bathroom with a warm and pleasant temperature under your feet.

Additionally, with a radiant floor heating system, you will be able to enjoy the more comfortable air.

With most of the conventional heating systems, you will find that they make air dry and stuffy, which is really uncomfortable.

A radiant heating system does not make air dry and offers fresher air.

Hence, with a radiant floor heating unit by your side, you can easily enjoy a nice and cozy temperature within your living space.

Does Radiant Floor Heating System Creates Any Noise

Radiant floor heating systems either employ hydronic pipes or electric radiant floor mats and both of them are silent in their operation.

The electric radiant heating system is just like any other electric appliance, which requires plugging into the socket or connecting with the floor's electric supply.

Just like other modern equipment, the unit provides a peaceful operation.

The operation is completely noiseless as there is no moving parts or mechanism employed in the heating system.

The Hydronic system produces a very little hissing sound due to the presence of air in the system, or there may be a little noise of boiler heating up the water.

However, the noise is so negligible that it isn't able to cause any disturbance.

How Much do Heated Floors Cost Per Square Foot

If you are opting for a radiant floor heating system, then you should know the estimated cost per square foot of the system.

On an average, the radiant floor heating system may cost anything from $6 to $16 per square foot.

The price is dependent on several factors, including the type of floor heating.

Difference between Electric Heating System and Radiant Heating System

Electric systems costs

Electric heating systems are expensive and are incapable of producing heat that is sufficient to heat an entire room, at a uniform temperature.

These systems are best to be used as a supplemental heating system along with a primary heating system.

Radiant systems costs

Radiant systems are much more efficient than electric heating systems when it comes to the amount of generated heat.

Moreover, there is no need to use any other heating system along with them to keep an entire room warm.

Lower energy costs

Electric radiant floor heaters use electricity for their operation that may result in higher energy bills.

It is advised to install the floor heaters right in areas where the heating is required.

To save energy, use of programmable thermostats for controlling temperature of both air and floor is also recommended.

Can I Install Radiant Floor Heating In My Home?

It is possible to install the radiant floor heating system by yourself, but you need to go through the local permitting requirements and building codes before initializing the process.

Proof of insurance for installation process may be required with some of the jurisdictions.

You may need the policy proof during the permitting process.

It's better to hire a professional to get all the good advice your need for perfectly setting up the heating equipment.


Radiant floor heaters are great for keeping a particular space warm and cozy. These systems are cost-effective and offer efficient heating results.

While buying a radiant floor heater, it is necessary for the buyers to know all the factors related to them. This will help them to identify their needs and requirements, and thus they will be able to buy a perfect radiant floor heater as per their requirements and needs with ease.

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