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Best Shower Niches in 2023

Written by  Wilfred Weihe

Bathrooms truly aren't complete without a shower niche to make a creative storage area for conditioners, shampoo, body wash, and shaving products. At its very least, you have the liberty to make the shower niche as large as you want, add color to its tiles, connect nearby wall, or have it enclose around the room. You also get aesthetic advantages as well because you may use pretty tiles and match them with unique details in the bathroom. You may also mix and match textures and finishes or even try bold color combos in any way you feel like.

What is more, niches are so adaptable, and simple which gives them a natural appeal in almost any type of shower. So, it does not matter whether you have a Roman shower tall, Walk In Shower, or any other kind. There is no reason not to try this convenient feature in the design because niches adapt to all sizes of the shower space. The niche can also be very practical to even those who have a shower and tub combo. In fact, shower niches are more useful than conventional ones which mean you can decide to include niches anywhere else in the bathroom; be it in front of the sink or above the tub.

Best shower niche reviews in 2023

16" W x 20" H x 4" D Tile Redi Standard Double Niche - RN1620D-BI

Tile Redi Standard Double NicheThe Tile Redi standard double niche stands out from other products that you will find on the market.

Besides having a highly functional design, the double niche has a beautiful design that will spruce up the looks of any bathroom.

Additionally, this tile niche is designed to comply with local building and plumbing codes, so you don't have to worry about getting on the wrong side of the authorities with this niche.

This niche in shower wall also comes with some great features that offer convenience in different ways.

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One of the major advantages you get to enjoy with the Tile Redi standard double niche is that it is easy to install.

This is not like some of the complicated niches you'll find on the market which requires sophisticated technical know-how and a lot of time to install.

It is also ready for tile and can be set directly on the niche surface.

Tile Redi Pros

  • A mold-free and leak proof shower pan
  • No need for seams and liners
  • No need for additional waterproofing
  • It saves time and money when it comes to installation
  • It is entirely ready to tile

Tile Redi Cons

  • Compared to other similar models on the market this product is quite expensive

This shampoo shower niche also features one of the best water intrusion solutions in the market.

It is leak proof, mold free, and the upscale design will definitely add an aesthetic touch to any bathroom.

The design also means that you don't need a manually constructed niche anymore.

Since it is leak proof, you also don't need vinyl liners anymore.

The top compartment is big enough for tall shower products, while the lower compartment is ideal for things like the soap dish and razors.

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Disclosure: We hope you love the products we recommend! All reviews on this website represent our own opinion. We research and compare only the best products you can find on Amazon.com. And for that, we might get compensation if you click on our outgoing links and then buy something.

Swanstone RS-2215-010 Recessed Shampoo Shelf, White Finish

Swanstone RS 2215 010 Recessed Shampoo ShelfThe Swanstone RS-2215-010 Recessed shampoo shelf is a wall-mounted solid surface soap dish and accessory shelf that easily accommodates large shampoo bottles.

It comes with several features that offer convenience, as well as a multitude of benefits.

Besides the functionality aspects, the product has a modern design that will surely improve the aesthetic feel of your bathroom.

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According to the product's dimensions, this shampoo shelf is deep enough and can fit into a 4 inch depth space, which is a great thing if your bathroom is not very spacious.

It is also very sturdy and comes with a non-slick surface, making it easy to clean because you don't need any abrasive cleanser to clean it.

You don't need to scrub it at all, and if you have a tub cleaner, you can easily get rid of the soap scum.

Swanstone RS-2215-010 Pros

  • It is large enough to accommodate large bottles of shower products
  • It is easy and fast to install
  • It is made of highly sturdy and durable material that is also easy to clean
  • It is easy to maintain
  • It is a wonderful addition to the bathroom
  • The design of this shower shampoo niche and the color is modern and suits most tiled bathrooms

Swanstone RS-2215-010 Cons

  • Although this product has many positive reviews from customers who bought, you might challenges installing it on your own. Consider hiring a plumber to the job for you.

This product is a great way to accessorize your shower or tub. It is extra large and can accommodate all your bathing accessories. The good thing about it is that it comes with everything that is required for installation, which of course makes installation of the unit a simple task that will not take up much of your time.

You don't need to be a qualified technician to install the thing in your bathroom, and if you have the time and will, you can easily do it by yourself.

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Tile Redi USA RN1614S-BI Redi Niche Single Shelf, 16" W x 14" H

Tile Redi USA RN1614S BI Redi Niche Single ShelfThe Tile Redi USA RN1614S-BI Single Niche is a functional and beautiful addition to any bathroom.

It has several useful features that offer a lot of conveniences when it comes to storing items in the shower or bathroom.

This product can help you to create additional space in the bathroom for soap and shampoo bottles with its simple but highly functional modern design.

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This shower niche is made using premium-quality materials, and it has an attractive black finish that will look great in many bathroom decors.

It also offers very easy installation and there is no need for hot mopping or mud setting.

This niche can be installed on any flat wall in a bathroom, and it is fully waterproof so you won't need any form of additional waterproofing.

Besides using this prefab shower niche to keep bathing supplies, it can also be used for displaying bathroom décor items or pieces, short flower vases, and bowls of potpourri.

Tile Redi USA RN1614S-BI Pros

  • It is a standard single niche
  • It can be tile set directly on the niche surface
  • It is very easy to install
  • With the niche, you don't need to have one that is manually constructed ones
  • It eliminates the need for vinyl liners
  • It's a one-piece niche
  • It is lightweight
  • It is also leak proof and doesn't need any additional waterproofing
  • It features an upscale design
  • It is very affordable

Tile Redi USA RN1614S-BI Cons

  • Many customers who bought this prefab shower niche found it to be too small
  • Installing it could be a challenge for first-time buyers

Apart from being installed in a shower, this niche can be installed in other places, and it will still be great. Some of the other places it can be installed include a spa, steam room, by the bath tub, on a bathroom wall, or any other place where you need a waterproof shelf space that can be tiled.

Experts give a lot of insight into how to tile, install, clean, and tile every niche in your house so your guests don't have to squint at unchanging mistakes, trying to figure out what doesn't look quite right concerning your niche installation.

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Shower Niche Height

Ceramic Shower Niche IdeasA shower and bathtub niche gives a practical way to have more in an already squeezed space and reduce the need for soap dishes, shower crappies, and racks. An integral wall niche gives a designated space to keep body wash, razors, shampoo, and any other relevant item within reach. However, it is critical to consider the height of people using the shower and the items that have to be stored when deciding the position to install the niche.

The preferable shower height for bathtub shower niches is about 48 to 60 inches - at the chest to eye level when standing- because most adults prefer this height. A 12-by-24 inch allowance between studs presents a convenient and organized way to keep rinses, shampoos, razors, showerheads and shower mirrors. It is advisable to install a niche on an adjacent or opposite wall to the shower so that you can reach these items without having to reach for the shower spray. It is also possible to access the niche while in the bathtub if you decide to install another niche lower down or if you want to add height to the shelves.

Picking a Location

A recess or a terrific niche begins long before you start toweling thin set on your wall. Consider carefully where to locate the niche. Position it far from the water splashing strongly off your shoulders and head and hit the wall near the front of the shower. Remember to keep away from positioning a cubbyhole in the outer wall, where the lack of insulation right after you cut through the studs can make your bath products freezing cold—an impractical way to begging a shower. Mark your bare studs or green board the rough height you want your niches or niche, but wait a while before setting the precise ultimate position for the top and bottom shelves.

No matter the size of your preferred tiles, you need them to line up, at the very least, with the bottom of the niche for a professional outlook. The most convenient way to accomplish this is to make a 1-by-2 jury stick or an equivalent sized piece of wood, calibrated in increments to indicate the size of each tile and factoring in an allowance for grout. Position the jury stick or the piece of wood against the studs or green board in a way that allows you to mark the fairly accurate top and bottom of the niche. You can begin the real process now, a row at a go until you reach the bottom of the fist niche.

You may also need the edge of your niche to be alighted with the grout line, even though it's perfectly okay to seek other layout alternatives. If you need to align the edges, one way is to apply 13-by-13 inch tiles. If you're interested in this alternative, all you need is to screw in framing parts alongside the niche's current studs to bring them closer from the 14.5-inch distance separating studs. You may also combine regular 8-inch and 6-inch tiles to develop a pattern that comes close to 14 inches. You may also decide to ignore both the top and side alignment and utilize super-sized tiles, but remember to notch each of them around the top and side of the niche in a regular pattern.

Tips of the Trade

Even the pros consider other few tips and details worth revealing. When you position in the bottom crosspiece or the niche, tip it slightly forward so that it sheds water into the shower when it's tiled. A grade of approximately 1 /16 of an inch made with a cardboard shim will sufficiently do. If you're interested in using listello tiles, align them with the top of the niche, slightly higher.

Moisture Damage

A clove or shower niche presents an exclusive alternative to ledges and wire racks of conditioner, shampoo, body wash, and other washing products. To be considered, however, is that niches' design and shape can present cleaning and maintenance challenges. Meanwhile, the outline of shower niche can encourage standing water. Niche surfaces created using porous materials can absorb water or leak, causing structure damage. To avoid this problem, install a niche far from the direct spray of your shower and with bottom and shelves that slightly slope forward. Besides, re-seal the surface of the niche at least on an annual basis unless otherwise advised by the specialist for the sealing product utilized during installation.

Microorganism Growth

Worth noting also is that heat and moisture in an enclosed clove make it an ideal breeding environment for microorganisms such as molds. You can, however, wipe dry the niche after every shower with an absorbent or a squeegee towel and spray the surface at least once in every five-day with a cleaner to kill microorganisms.

Cleaning Difficulties

Shower Niche IdeasDark and deep surface clove can make it challenging to see while cleaning. A rectangular or niche design has crevices and corners that make it hard to remove grime. Using harsh chemicals or overzealous cleaning can also support damage grout and waterproofing. To clean these parts, use surface-appropriate, spray-and –rinse products that can reach each cranny.

Definitely, the practicality and advantages of shower niches cannot be put to the question, and the most apparent one is that it gives you storage in a much more reliable and stable form than other contexts. There is no more unconventional usage of floors to store soap, shampoo bottles otherwise you will find yourself trying to fix items at the edge if the tub once you install a niche. Shower niches present a convenient way to keep your spot neat and tidy, and they're also quite adaptable and versatile.

Experts and pros in niche installation, tiling, and maintenance provide important guidelines regarding the positioning, height, and cleaning of niches, lest they become permanent mistakes to be stared upon whenever you, your family, or guests go to the bathroom. It has been already mentioned, for instance, that height of a shower niche ought to range from 48 to 60 inches up with a 12-by-24 inch allowance between studs to hold scrubbers, razors, shampoos, rinses, and suchlike products. It's a pro tip that if you want to install a niche, you'll need to position it on the adjacent or opposite to the shower and consider extra shelves or one niche lower down for easy access when in a bathtub. Nonetheless, you'll want to use a 1 –by-2 jury sticks to lineup tiles with the bottom of the niche for a great appearance. An easy way for those who want to align the edge the niche with grout lines is by using 13-by-13 tiles and screwing in framing parts alongside existing studs to reduce the 14-inch space lying between them.

The location of a niche or niches should be carefully selected to ensure that water that splashes heavily from your body does not support stand water (you won't have to worry about that if you position it over your pedestal sink). You should note that moisture is truly problematic in niches that have grout or those made of porous materials such as stone, as they can leak or absorb water. While these can evidently cause structural damage, heat and water can also develop an ample environment for microorganisms to grow, which can harm the appearance of your bathroom. However, all these issues can be solved by applying efficient and regular cleaning procedures such as wiping down the surface of the niche and spraying it with cleaners to kill microorganisms; cleaning niche surfaces with appropriate cleaners; and using spray and rinse cleaners for areas that are heard to reach.

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