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12 Great Dehumidifier Benefits

Written by  Wilfred Weihe

Excessive humidity in your home can cause some serious problems and health issues that you definitely don't want to face. The extreme humidity in a bathroom not only makes it unbearable but also makes it render it unhealthy.

Moisture Affects ClothesIn fact, several health issues like cracking and drying of skin, itching in eyes and dry nose arise solely due to excessive moisture content.

The presence of mold, mildew, and dust mites are some clear ciphers that your living space has moisture level above the standard requirement.

Even if you are facing seasonal allergies, you should check the moisture level present in your home atmosphere and ask yourself "Do I need a dehumidifier?".

It is necessary to maintain a standard humidity level in your home for creating a healthy environment.

Apart from the health issues brought by the excessive moisture level, it is also responsible for bringing other problems and negative effects.

For instance, an increased moisture level damages the construction of a home along with other belongings kept at home.

To make things worse, increased humidity levels degrade most stuff made from metal and wood.

Cracks in wooden furniture, rusting of tools and metallic furniture, musty odor, etc. becomes common when excessive humidity is present.

What does a dehumidifier do?

Hence, it is important to control the harmful and unhealthy excessive moisture content.

One of the best ways to bring the moisture level back to its normal mark is by making use of a dehumidifier – a household/work devices which are efficient in their working and offer good results are listed in this dehumidifier reviews.

You can make use of these devices to remove the excessive moisture problem from any room/space at your home including basements.

In the upcoming section, we'll be discussing those benefits of humidifiers that makes them the best choice for normalizing the moisture level of your house and helps in avoiding negative effects brought forward by high moisture.

Dehumidifier benefits

  1. Offers clean and fresh air - Increased level of humidity results in stuffy air that makes it uncomfortable to breathe openly in your own home.

    In the worst scenario, a space suffering from excessive moisture problem may also result in suffocation /choking especially with someone having breathing issues.

    To avoid such situations, you need to install a dehumidifier which removes the excessive moisture from your home and additionally, makes the insider air fresher, breathable, and pleasant smelling.

  2. Prevents the growth of mold and mildew - Mold and mildew are two closely related microorganisms that thrive in moist places and are causes for several breathing-related health issues.

    These microorganisms grow in colonies, which can be identified with their unpleasant looks and foul smell.

    What Size Dehumidifier Do I NeedKitchens and bathrooms, thanks to their abundance of moisture, are the most vulnerable places where mold and mildew can span uncontrollably.

    You can also read this article if you want to know how to prevent mold in shower.

    Mold and mildew are responsible for various breathing related issues and other health issues like allergies, cough, throat soreness, and even asthma.

    Apart from imposing some serious health issues, they can also cause damage to the structure and materials present in your home.

    The presence of mold and mildew is integral to places that have excessive moisture levels.

    A dehumidifier helps in preventing the growth of mold and mildew at such sports by reducing the amount of moisture present in space.

  3. Reduces risk of several allergies and dust mites - Humid environment can also be held responsible for various types of allergies that might prove potentially dangerous to your health.

    What Is A DehumidifierExposing a person to excessive moisture who is suffering from an allergy results in worsening the health condition.

    Moreover, moist air causes respiratory problems that are dangerous and may prove fatal for the health.

    Allergies caused by the moisture are due to the house dust mites a.k.a. HDM that grows in humid environments and are identified as microscopic bugs.

    Pillows, mattresses, blankets and curtain are the sweet spots for the growth of HDM. Dust mites are transmitted through the air and thus present in the surrounding air too.

    As such, for preventing dust mites and allergies, it is necessary to reduce the amount of humidity with the use of a dehumidifier.

    A dehumidifier brings the moisture level to normal and thus reduces the risk of allergies and the growth of dust mites.

  4. Safeguards belongings - Dehumidifier helps in protecting your personal belongings such as appliances, metal tools and wooden material from excess moisture.

    Excessive moisture might result in corrosion or rust of metals including metal tools, metal furniture, and other metal stuff.

    In fact, expensive electric appliances are made of metals and a dehumidifier helps in ensuring the safety of these home commodities.

    Apart from metals, moisture also affects wooden furniture, books, closets, shelves, and clothes. Cracks in furniture become a common problem due to moisture.

    A dehumidifier protects all your belongings and possessions from damage dealt by the raised levels of moisture.

  5. Eliminates musty smell - Foul smell prevails in spaces that have excess moisture. The musty smell dispersed is mainly due to the mildew growth.

    The smell is awfully disturbing and using an air freshener proves to be ineffective.

    Dehumidifier eliminates this musty smell and frees your living space or basement by bringing down the level of moisture content in a specific spot.

  6. Limits condensation – Excessive levels of moisture might create an unrequired condition that is the precursor to other health related issues.

    What Does A Dehumidifier DoKnown as the 'condensation problem,' it can cause blistering of paint and has the potential to damage the wallpapers.

    Condensation problem can generally be found on windows and walls with excessive humidity.

    The problem of condensation is imminent to laundry rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms.

    Placing a dehumidifier in such places will limit the condensation.

  7. Increases efficiency of air conditioner - Air conditioners use more energy than normal in moist environments.

    This is because an extra load of work needs to be performed by the same AC, for removing moisture and for cooling the air.

    This increases the amount of electricity required by the air conditioner and consequently raise the electricity bills.

    A dehumidifier has designed for removing the excessive moisture.

    Hence, it helps in reducing the extra load on air conditioner operating in a moist environment.

    In addition to reduced electricity input, the efficiency and lifetime of air conditioner also increase with a reduced moisture level of air.

  8. Realizes dust free environment - Dehumidifier helps in eliminating the dust present at your home and thus, makes you realize an entirely dust-free environment at your home.

    How Do Dehumidifiers WorkThis lessens the requirement of cleaning, and intensive cleaning can also be avoided.

  9. Saves you a few bucks - A good dehumidifier unit not only makes the space free from excess moisture but it also saves you money for doing so.

    By using a dehumidifier, you don't need to invest money in buying commodities that are required for dealing with the excess levels of moisture such as heaters, naphthalene, etc.

  10. Saves energy - Modern dehumidifiers are made from low-input equipment that requires less amount of electricity and thus, allows you to cut down your energy bills.

    As an example, contemporary dehumidifiers provide a digital readout, LED lights, inbuilt sounds, etc. with the same expense of electricity as provided by the older ones.

    With each passing day, new innovations are made to enhance the design and efficiency of dehumidifiers.

  11. Eco-friendly - All dehumidifiers are environment-friendly i.e. they don't produce any kind of pollutants, toxins, harmful byproducts, or other undesired products that might bring about an imbalance in the surrounding environment.

  12. Other benefits - A dehumidifier notably reduces the indoor moisture level. This helps in the faster drying of washed clothes.

    Controlled moisture levels at home also mean that food items cannot stale quickly and hence, you can store eatables for longer periods.

    Dehumidifier BenefitsAs dehumidifiers come in several different builds and color schemes to match all types of color schemes at your homes and hence can be paired up with any type of home décor, may it be contemporary or the classical.

    Moreover, dehumidifiers come in various portable forms and hence allows you to employ a single dehumidifier to dehumidify all spaces and spots suffering from alarming levels of moisture at your home.

A dehumidifier is truly essential for places or homes having alarming moisture levels. The use of a dehumidifier can easily remove the excess amount of moisture from a specific spot or from your entire living space.

On the last note, pay attention while buying a dehumidifier to ensure that you get the perfect excess moisture-ridding device. As there are several dehumidifiers available in the market that vary in sizes and shapes, you need to look out for all the features that you need to sort out your excess moisture problem.

For having an in-depth knowledge about what the features offered by a specific dehumidifier, you might need to cross-check those units over the Internet against the list mentioned earlier in the article. If you're still unsure check how dehumidifiers work here.

You can also go through a basic dehumidifier introduction text to gain the elementary info of the moisture-removing device. These articles can be found in abundance on the Web.

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