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Futuristic Bathroom Ideas Available Today

Written by  Wilfred Weihe

At first glance, it might seem as if the bathroom is one of the least fashionable spaces of a home, attributed to its straightforward means and functionality. However, if you consider it as an essential room where you spend a significant amount of time, it is easy to see why people are converting their bathrooms into a creation of elegance and style. Nowadays, innovative bathroom technologies have transformed these small rooms into luxurious spaces furnished with many modern amenities, including an increasingly large selection of automation technologies.

The essential bathroom fixtures have been continually evolving over the last few years, with high tech shower, basin and toilet designs with both improved appearance and performance.

Manufacturers in this niche are continually looking for ways to improve the modern bathroom accesories for users, and that is why the latest bathroom trends feature a mixture of ensuring the user's needs are met with enhanced relaxation and enjoyment.

Most importantly, these innovations are geared towards making the bathroom more efficient, especially regarding water and energy usage, which is great for the ecosystem.

Futuristic Bathroom Ideas

Read on below and discover the modern bathroom accessories that are helping to create the high-tech, smart bathrooms.

Touch-Less Faucet

Best Bathroom Faucets ReviewsCommonly found in most commercial restrooms, the touch-less bathroom faucet is now available for homeowners, whether for a complete bathroom remodeling job or merely updating your sink vanity.

Also called a sensor or automatic faucet, this touch-less tap is an advanced tool designed to open up the valve and let water through if it senses hand motion below it.

The proximity sensor is supported by the latest infra-red technologies, which enables the tap to detect any hand motions.

Sensor faucets are a beneficial addition to any home since they are regarded as convenient and luxurious.

Key Benefits
  • Touch-less faucets reduce water wastage that results from leaving the bathroom faucet open, mainly amongst kids
  • It is more hygienic and minimizes spreading of bacteria and germs since the faucet does not need to be touched to open or close the tap
  • User-friendly and can be used by anyone, even the elderly will find it most convenient due to the minimal effort required

Radiant Floor Heating

Best Flooring For Radiant HeatThe use of radiant heating to efficiently heat floors with minimal loss of energy can be traced to as far back as ancient Rome.

However, this technology has certainly improved over the past few years to enhance your comfort at home.

For instance, your bathroom floors can be automatically warmed so that when you step out of the shower, you don't feel cold.

With the latest smart radiant floor heating products, you can control various settings like temperature levers and also keep track of your overall energy usage right from an app.

Key benefits

  • Radiant floor heating uses several wires or hot water tubes places strategically under the floor, and it, therefore, delivers smooth and even heat across the room
  • It works great in the bathroom since it integrates will with tile, laminate or linoleum flooring
  • Besides comfortable, consistent heat and significant cost savings, RFH bathroom installations also reduce the noise that would have been caused rattling ducts or vents
  • Radiant floor heating is also out of sight and does not compromise the aesthetics of your room since the floor's surface is responsible for heat generation

Digital Showers

Shower Temperature ControlUnlike traditional showers, digital showers come with a smart digital thermostat installed on board each unit.

As a result, you can set precise water temperatures and achieve your ideal shower.

Cold and hot water flows into the digital shower's central processing unit and then it is mixed to the preferred temperature.

The presence of the onboard digital thermostat means that you will not get any nasty spikes in water temperatures even if the cold faucet is turned on in the kitchen.

Most digital shower models available today offer you the option or pre-programming your ideal temperature so that you get the perfect shower with a single touch of the button, rather than having to adjust the dial every time.

Other models come with touchscreen displays and color-coded light systems that inform you when your water has finally reached the preferred temperature.

Some of the showers have Bluetooth or wireless connectivity that allows you to switch on the bath and get your water hot even before you step inside.

Key Benefits
  • Digital showers offer the ability to achieve accurate water temperatures thanks to more flexible control options
  • Some models feature remote control and allow you to preheat the water before you reach the bathroom
  • The digital thermostat and processor work quietly to provide a relaxing and serene bathing experience
  • Easy to use as you will not need to spend too much time to find your perfect shower temperature

Thermostatic Shower Systems

Thermostatic Shower ValvesAs part of ensuring a perfect shower with safe and constant bath outlet temperature, thermostatic shower systems are the ideal solution.

The thermostatic mixer delivers reliable and accurate heat during your shower.

Installing this kind of system also provides safety from scalding as it will shut the shower supply should either the cold or hot water fail during the wash.

Key Benefits
  • No surprising temperature shocks as the thermostatic system keeps the water temperature constant throughout the shower
  • Thermostatic systems can also help you save energy and water
  • Convenient to use since the preferred water temperature will be selected every time you start the shower

Automatic Bathroom Lighting

Automatic Bathroom LightingThe first project that most people think about when it comes to home automation is automatic lights.

We use switches many times in a day, and sometimes we usually forget to switch off the lights, thus consuming energy and wearing down the light bulbs.

Thanks to automatic lighting, either through magnetic contacts on the door or infrared beams, your bathroom will only be lit when there is a person inside.

These lights can also be dimmed to create a softer, relaxing light source when you want to take those long baths at night.

Key benefits
  • Having motion sensing light technology provides electrical efficiency and reduces the chances of leaving the lights on at night
  • Once you install the automatic lights, you don't need to have a switch in your bathroom, thus increasing the room's overall appeal
  • Most of the automated lights will come with plenty of features like different colored lights, app dimming control, and many others.

Smart Toilets

Smart ToiletThey may not be the most affordable smart bathroom equipment, but investing in intelligent toilets is quite beneficial.

Besides looking great, they also make your time in the bathroom a lot easier, especially for those with health problems.

It is projected that the prices of smart toilets will drop in the next few years as more homeowners realize the benefits of these critical appliances.

Key benefits
  • Less plumbing issues since smart toilets can not only help in preventing clogs but also sense any problems to avoid overflow problems
  • Intelligent toilets can automatically clean their bowls to keep your bathroom clean and fresh.
  • Some models can even analyze your urine contents and inform people with diabetes when their levels of blood sugar are too high
  • Other notable features include heated seating, nightlight and massaging bidet among others.

Speaker Showerhead

Bidet4me Msh 10 Musical Showerhead Waterproof Speaker Bluetooth Shower ArmIf you are like most people, then you enjoy exercising your vocal chords in the bathroom. 

Lucky for you, it is now possible to install wireless speaker showerheads in the bathroom.

You can enjoy not only your cold or hot bath but also delight in some music.

The waterproof speaker unit is embedded into the hi tech shower head and offers decent sound quality even when the shower is running at full speed.

So, just connect your shower speaker to a Bluetooth enabled device from up to 30 feet away and enjoy your favorite tunes while you bathe.

Key Benefits
  • The showerhead speaker allows you to take your music into the shower
  • The speaker is usually rechargeable and portable, which means you can use it elsewhere other than when taking a bath
  • It is a pretty impressive and cool bathroom innovation, and your guests will surely love it

Smart Bathtub

Best Freestanding Tub FaucetsThe heart of your futuristic bathroom should be a well equipped smart bathtub.

These innovative tubs are made of exquisite materials like crystal and acrylics and also add a lavish feel to your bathroom.

You also get a range of different air pool jet sprays and complete thermal control to obtain the perfect temperature.

Additionally, smart bathtubs also include slots for connecting your phone and streaming music during your bath.

Key Benefits

Smart Bathroom Scale

Most Accurate Home ScaleA smart bathroom scale does the critical work of tracking your weight to help you attain your optimal weight.

A top-notch body scale will keep not only track of your weight but also your heart rate and body fat percentage.

It should be able to sync up to other wearables like your fitness armband to track your overall progress and give you a comprehensive catalog of data of your overall performance.

Key Benefits
  • Pairs easily with fitness trackers and even provides specific suggestions every day based on achieving your goals
  • Each user in a home can create a profile and monitor their weights privately and separately
  • Wireless or Bluetooth syncing helps get your daily weight results onto the app on your phone
  • Some bathroom scales support pregnancy-tracking modes that remove impedance measurements since they use a mild electrical impulse through your feet to determine body composition

Towel Warmers

Towel WarmerThe best way to end your warm bath or shower is to step out into a fresh and equally warm towel.

You can purchase towel warmers today in various kinds of designs, types, and prices to match your unique personal preferences.

Wall mounted models are great when placed right next to your shower for better convenience, while floor models are portable and can be used next to your hot tub or pool.

If you would like warm towels on demand, then a towel warming drawer is the ideal option.

Key Benefits
  • Get fresh towels every time with towel warmers and never have to deal with damp towels again
  • It prevents your towels from getting that odd, unpleasant smell when towels take too long to completely dry
  • Using warm towels right from the towel warmer can give you therapeutic effects, just like what you would typically experience in a spa
  • Towel warmers can also be used to dry out your bathing suits quickly

Waterproof TV

A waterproof TV is a television that is rated safe to be installed and used in a humid environment.

These TVs are normally sealed to enable them to withstand everything from water splashes to full submerging in water and still work correctly.

If you don't want to miss your favorite show just to take a bath or you just like the convenience of watching TV in the bathtub, then installing a waterproof TV is highly recommended.

Key Benefits
  • Straightforward to use and is very convenient in the bathroom
  • Most waterproof televisions also work as mirrors when turned off
  • IP66 waterproof rated, which makes such TVs suitable for all wet environments from the bathroom and kitchen to external advertising displays

In Closing

It is clear that the innovation bathrooms has now transformed into something like a spa-like retreat or a luxurious space station filled with high-tech gadgets and automation.

That is primarily driven by the millennial consumers who have placed technology as one of their top criteria when buying homes.

As home automation continues to gain traction, expect even more inventions around the bathroom.

By investing in just a couple of modern bathroom hardware, you can add some elegance and appeal to this essential space.

Make sure consider which bathroom technologies are the most functional to add in the current space that you have.

Nevertheless, by upgrading your bathroom equipment to the newest technology, you will get to enjoy all the benefits mentioned above and the overall convenience that these innovations offer.

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