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Great ideas for your walk-in shower

Written by  Wilfred Weihe

Walk-in showers are now all the rage and if you have decided that you want to upgrade your traditional set up, then this is the article for you! We'll talk about why they are such a good choice and, more importantly, look at the features that will make yours perfect for your family home.

Why choose one?

Drawing Renovation Of A Luxury Walk In ShowerFor starters, walk-in showers are so practical compared to normal ones because they offer so much in the way of flexibility for space, cleaning and design ideas. The are also know for their durability and look fantastic all day long. Forget about those annoying nooks and crannies that present such a headache on cleaning days, they create an open space that is a winner hands down.

The best walls

So you have decided to go for the walk-in shower upgrade, as far as walls are concerned, you have many types to choose from. In order for your walk-in shower to look the part, those walls need to be just right. Choosing a back wall is integral to both practical and style so think hard before making a decision. Tiles are good but they should work with the new or existing colour scheme. If you want them to be part of the main focus point, a contrasting shade is the best choice.

The floors

Amongst the most popular choices here are glass tiles, ceramic or stone options. You will need to consider the practicality of cleaning as well as the overall look of the walk-in shower. Teak slats are a real winner in the style front but how easy are they to keep clean? Also, try and keep any tile choices on 15 x 15 cm for maximum slip resistance. Remember that a stand-out floor will add some serious visual value to your walk in shower set up but do not rush into it as you will repent at your leisure.


If that alarm bell is ringing in your head when thinking about how to accessorise your new walk-in bathroom, here are some cool tips. Showerheads are a good place to start because there are so many options. These offer a myriad of shapes, colours and sizes but also have some cool features that control the flow of water during your shower experience. You may opt for a cool grab bar or maybe a bench for those more spacious shower areas.


If you really want a seamless transition from bathroom to walk-in shower, you can do away with glass altogether. For smaller bathrooms, glass does offer an easier visual contrast and can help with overall practicality issues.


Curbless entry is a fantastic way to keep it both clean and simple and also helps with safety if you are prone to stubbing your toes or slipping when climbing over the barrier.

The point we are trying to make here is that you can design your walk-in shower exactly the way that you want it so just picture the finished article and then work backwards until all of the bases are covered.

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