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Heated towel rail buying guide

Written by  Wilfred Weihe

Heated towel rails are not as luxurious as they look like. They are really affordable and they can provide heating function in your bathroom. When buying heated towel rail you should pay attention to several things. If you want to make the most of a buying a heated towel rail you should follow this buying guide and you will find the best towel warmer for your bathroom.


There are 2 main systems to be used: central heating or heated element. The difference between these two is that the central heating and the electrically heated is that the central ones can be used only in winter time because in the winter the central heating is on.

You have to decide whether you want towel heating rail only for keeping your towels warm or you are installing it because you want it to heat you bathroom too? The next thing to do is to find out your heat output requirement so you will know how powerful a towel heating rail has to be.


You have to measure what kind of size of tower rail even fits into the space available. Size of a towel rail depends on the size of your bathroom and also of available wall-floor space. You have to consider these factors:
-    Think about where in which area the towel rail will be installed
-    You have to measure precisely the available space.


If you want the heated towel rail to keep your bathroom warm you have to install it on the coldest wall in your bathroom. If you can’t do that you should put it on the external walls and that will ensure a good heat throughout the room.


This one is depending on your personal taste and what do you prefer. If you get painted ones they are slightly more efficient at transferring the heat. You can choose between white ones or a chrome plated finish ones it is all on you.


Amba RWH CP Radiant Hardwired Curved Towel WarmerThis depends on how much space you have available in your bathroom. If you want more space left you should go with floor standing. A wall mounted are perfect for spaces where floor space is at a premium (smaller bathrooms). You have to make sure that your wall can stand the weight before you buy it.


What kind of a towel rail you will choose depends on your personal style and the available space. If you are looking for more modern bathroom look you should pick a contemporary and maybe chrome plated design and if you are looking for a traditional or classic look the traditional style will fit the best. If you have a smaller bathroom you should go for a wall mounted design.


Contemporary towel rail are perfect addition to homes with modern and luxurious bathrooms. They are modern and timeless. But if you are looking for more traditional look, you should go with a traditional style heated towel rail.


You have to adjust the size of the rail to the number of people who use the bathroom and how many towels you will put on the rail. If you have a large family and you use a lots of towels you will definitely need a bigger rail.


If you are on a lower budget you should buy a towel rail that can be used in conjunction with an electric heating element and dual fuel adaptor. They allow you to run your rail independently of your central heating. They help you to reduce the energy consumption and on the long term your bills will be lower.

Before buying a heated towel ray you should consider how much of space you have available, how high your budget is and how strong does the rail have to be. If you are not limited with space of budget there are millions of types and styles to choose between. You need to think about what you like and what you don’t like and the choice is yours! And before buying don't forget to read our towel warmer reviews!


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Thanks for sharing buying guide for towel warmer
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Thanks for sharing buying guide for towel warmer

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