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How to Actually Shower Like a Pro

Written by  Wilfred Weihe

Millions of people relishes a nice and hot shower to get over with their daily routine as well as to start a fresh day. Whether you want to take get yourself warmed on a freezing winter day or want to lose some summer hit, nothing can outlast a nice shower.

Taking shower is a very effective way for staying neat and clean. Also, it makes one feel refreshing as well as relaxed. Taking regular showers is also a must for maintaining proper hygiene and to be healthy. But don't be making these mistakes.

Remember, prevention is better than cure. As most of the diseases are caused by uncleanliness, you can avoid them by taking regular showers.

Taking shower is like an exercise and therefore like with every type of physical exercise, the benefits that one can get by taking a shower can be maximized by doing it in the most appropriate way possible. There are certain steps which you can follow in order to enhance your much relaxing shower experience.

The following steps will take your shower experience to a next level or will at least help you to do the body-cleaning process in a proper way. Escalate down the following steps to know how:

1.    Setup

A.    Undressing carefree but carefully

Undress Yourself Before Going To ShowerUndress yourself before going to shower. You have to put your clean clothes or pyjamas at a place where they won't get wet from the shower water while you take a shower.

If the clothes you are undressing have gone dirty then place them in a laundry basket.

If you are wearing glasses then remove them before going to shower. If you are using contact lenses then you can wear them during shower as long as you don't get too much water in your eyes.

Be sure that your eyes don't get too much water. If you are not so sure about the water then you can remove the contact lenses before starting to take a shower.

B.    Adjusting the water temperature as per your comfort and requirement

Before starting your shower, you ought to turn on the water and let it run until warm water starts to come out from the shower. But be carefull: if you have one of the best tankless water heater or recirculation pump installed, hot water will start running immeditly.

Now, adjust the water temperature according to your requirement. To check for the water temperature whether it is comfortable for you to take shower or not, use your wrist.

Wrist is much better to check for the water temperature than fingers because wrist is a more accurate gauge of temperature than fingers. You should be sure that water is not too much hot neither too cold.

Always remember to check the temperature of the shower water before starting a shower. Also, adjust the position of the shower head so that the direction of water spray is down rather than out of the shower.

•    You can occasionally take cold or cool shower which is especially good in hot and humid weather and after a wearing workout.

C. Start your showering music

There are a lot shower songs which can make you showering experience more enjoyable.

So don't forget to connet your iPhone to your Bluetooth shower speaker and enjoy music you like.

D.    Entering the shower

Once you have checked that the temperature of the water is comfortable, you can enter the shower and proceed further.

When you are entering the shower, be careful with your steps. Avoid slipping in the shower as it can hurt you.

2.    Clean

A.    Soaking your body

Turn on the shower head and get under the shower spray until your entire body gets soaked with the warm shower water. If you wish to wash your hair then be sure that your head is completely wet before shampooing or conditioning. This pre-rinsing of your hair and body helps in the loosening of dirt and dust before you actually take a shower. Pre-rinsing is the first step in getting yourself clean. Also, getting soaked with warm water helps your muscles relax and thus makes you feel good. All tip in this chapter can be applied when using shower heads for kids too.

B.    Lathering up your hair

Take a small amount of shampoo on your hand and spread it all over your hair. Lather shampoo into your hair. Gently massage your hair with your hand in a back and forth motion. This will work the lather down to your scalp. You have to make sure that the strands of your hair are sudsy to the ends. Do not use too much shampoo as it will strip your hair of healthy levels of natural oil. Use only a quarter sized puddle of shampoo, this amount of shampoo is enough for your hair, you can use a half-sized puddle if you've neck-long or longer hair. Massage your hair gently and avoid any rapid motion, as rapid massage can damage your hair and lead ultimately to hair fall.

Do not wash your hair every day, instead wash it every other day. If you wash your hair too much then it can damage your hair by stripping it from natural oils.

C.    Rinsing your hair

After applying shampoo and massaging your hair for a few seconds, you have to rinse all the shampoo out of your hair. Be sure that there is no residue of shampoo left in your hair as it can also damage your hair.

To ensure that there is no shampoo left in your hair, you have to wet your hair and then squeeze it. If the colour of the water that comes out of your hair is still like the colour of the shampoo then it means that shampoo is still present in your hair. If so, rinse your hair again and repeat the process until the shampoo is completely removed from your hair.

D.    Conditioning your hair

After shampooing your hair, it's time for conditioning your hair. Conditioning is preferred because it makes your hair healthy and improves the look of your hair. To start conditioning, take a small amount of conditioner in your hand and apply it thoroughly to your hair. Work your conditioner from scalp to ends of your hair. Continue doing so, until you feel a layer of slickness all over your hair. It is not necessary to apply the conditioner in the roots of your hair, applying it to the half end of your hair will do the trick. Conditioner helps your hair in looking shiny and makes you feel good. You can check the instructions of your conditioner before using it. Typically, most of the conditioners recommend to leave the conditioner on your hair for several minutes before rinsing it out. Whereas there are other conditioners which are meant to be applied after getting out of the shower. You can choose either of them as per your choice but make sure that they are healthy and appropriate for your hair.

A combination of shampoo and conditioner is preferred by some people which do not require a separate step.

E.    Washing your face

After washing your hair, it is time to clean your face. The first step is to wet your face. Then after, you have to apply a small amount of facial cleanser, face wash or exfoliating scrub onto your face. Use a washcloth or your fingers to spread the cleanser on your face. Rub the cleanser gently around your face which should cover your nose, chin, forehead, cheeks and a small portion of your neck – both front and back. Rubbing the cleanser around your face should be done for at least 30 seconds. While rubbing, make sure that the cleanser should not go into your eyes as it can be harmful for your eyes and can cause instant pain and water in eyes. If cleanser get into your eyes, then rinse your eyes with water as soon as possible. If you are using an anti-acne wash then be sure to leave it on face for at least 30 seconds so that it can seep into the pores of your skin. After this you have to rinse your face and washcloth thoroughly.

You can also use a normal soap for cleaning your face instead of a face cleanser. Be sure to avoid usage of wrong kind of soaps and overuse of soap on your face because this can cause your face to dry out and can irritate your skin.

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F.    Washing your body

Apply your bar soap or body wash to your body using your hands, washcloth, body sponge or loofah. Rub soap or body wash around your complete body, which helps in cleaning your body. You should start from your neck and shoulders and then work your way down to your feet. Wash you're under arms and back carefully. In the end, wash your private parts and bottom. Be sure to wash, back of the neck, in between each toe and behind the ears.

G.    Rinsing off your soap

After applying soap or body wash completely on your body, you have to get under the water and start rubbing your body with your hands. Rubbing your body will remove the soap and body wash along with the grime from your body. Also, run your hands on your hair to ensure that there is no residue of soap, shampoo or conditioner left. Make sure all the soap is removed completely from your body. Do not miss any areas of your body from rinsing and cleaning.

3.    Brushing and shaving

A.    Brush your teeth

You can brush your teeth in the shower. Brush your teeth gently and be sure that all the areas around your teeth gets cleaned thoroughly. There is an advantage of brushing your teeth in the shower that you can freely brush your teeth and tongue without worrying for toothpaste to get on your hair and clothes. So take advantage and brush your teeth in the shower.

B.    Shaving your legs and underarms

You, if you like, can shave your legs and your underarms before taking a shower. Showering is the ideal time to accomplish this occasional task. You can shave your hair that grows on your legs and in the armpits.

It is very common among females in many countries to shave their legs and armpits. But you can maintain your cleanliness without doing so. It is really a personal decision to make. You can also take advice from your friend if you think so. Also consider the customs of your cultures. For better and cleaner shave you can exfoliate your legs using a body scrub which will remove the dead skin.
Wet your legs first and then apply the shaving cream and lather upon it. You can also apply conditioner on your legs.
If you are using a razor then shave in upward direction against the grain of your hair. Start from the ankles and work your way up.
While shaving avoid cutting yourself. Shave slowly and be careful with your knees and back of your legs because you can get a cut if you hit a bump.
For shaving your underarms, you have to wet the area and then apply shaving cream or conditioner. Shave slowly and carefully in both upward and downward directions – underarm hair grows in both upward and downward directions.

C.    Shaving your face

Some men usually prefers to shave their face in the shower as well. For accomplishing the task, you should have a shower mirror. The best shower mirror should be installed in such a way so that it does not fog up in the water and steam. Having a shower mirror can be convenient for doing shave and also it is a nice excuse to stay under the hot water for a little longer.

D.    Shave your private parts and bikini area if you wish

Some men and women prefer to shave unwanted hair from their private parts removed during shower time. Also, you can shave your bikini area during shower. Make sure that your shower offers enough lighting and a good place to accomplish the task.

4.    Finishing up

A.    Final rinse

A final rinse is important as it ensures that there is no soap left on your body. Also, make sure that there is no residual of conditioner left in your hair.
You should turn the cold water on and rinse your face for at least 3 seconds to ensure that the pores of your skin is closed and also it will give your hair a shiny look. Be brave to rinse with cold water.

B.    Turn water off

Before leaving shower, you must ensure that the shower water supply is completely off. As water is one of the most valuable resources, this will ensure that no water is wasted in your showering process. Also, gather your belongings which you used during shower and prepare yourself to leave the shower.

C.    Exiting shower

Rug To Dry The Sole Of Your FeetExit your shower carefully. Avoid slipping on the floor and watch your steps.

Slipping inside the bathroom can be fatal, so please proceed with caution while exiting the shower.

You can use a mat or rug to dry the sole of your feet.

Gently, rub your sole on the rug or mat to make them dry.

Once they're dried completely, you can walk out of the shower with ease and minimized slipping risk.

D.    Dry yourself

Amba RWH CP Radiant Hardwired Curved Towel WarmerStand on a mat or rug and then grab your towel from the hot towel warmer, towel stand or rack, you earlier placed the towel on. Now using towel dry your head, face, abdominal area, torso, private parts, legs, and your feet gently.

If you have infrared sauna you can dry yourself up in there too.

Do not rub too hard, just go easy. Do it carefully so that water should not get splashed on the floor. Moreover, while drying your face with the towel or rug; pat it only and do not rub it as rubbing can cause irritation.

E.    Applying hygienic products

Now, it's time to apply some hygienic and pleasant smelling products such as, deodorant, lotion, moisturizer, after shave lotion, hair styling gel, etc. Most of these products need to be applied when you haven't completely dried up which means that there is still some wetness on your body part on which either of the products is to be applied. Once you're done with applying such products, get ready to turn on the heat by putting on some clothes.

F.    Put on your clean clothes

The last step which completes the showering process is to put on some clean clothes. Start with your undergarments and then put on the rest of your clothes one by one. Once you're finished with putting on the clothes, you will be ready to start a fresh day or go calmly to your bed.


  • A "Wet Brush" can be used after conditioning your hair in the shower, this will help you to avoid any unnecessary hair fall
  • The skin on the sole of your feet becomes soft during warm showers and thus, dead skin can be easily removed. The accumulation of the dead skin can cause an uneasy feeling in your feet, so it's advisable to remove it after you take a nice warm shower
  • To make the shower much enjoyable, be sure to check everything that you need during shower. Put each of these things at their appropriate place so that you don't have to search any of these after completing your shower
  • You should keep your body gel and shampoo on for a few seconds before finally rinsing them off. This is so because this helps them to get the required time that these products require to show their effects
  • Save your eyes from shampoo. In case some shampoo accidentally enter your eyes, you can use a wash cloth to clean your eyes. Also, you should ensure that your head is tilted upwards i.e. towards the ceiling during shampooing your hair. This is so because this will reduce the chances for the shampoo to get into your eyes
  • You should place a mat nearby the shower. Placing a mat or at least a towel on the floor will ensure that you don't get slipped on the floor
  • For smooth and silky hair, let your applied conditioner remain on the hair for 2-5 minutes. During this time, you can shave or apply body wash
  • Do not rub your hair with towel while drying yourself instead, pat your hair. Rubbing your hair can damage your hair and can cause unnatural hair fall, therefore it's wise not to rub it
  • Do not rub hard while drying yourself with the towel as this can cause irritation of the skin


  • Always remember to lock the door of your bathroom to ensure maximum privacy
  • Do not use any electrical appliances in the shower. As the shower setting is full of water and humidity, there is a chance heightened risk of shock that one can receive while using any electrical appliance in the shower.
  • Protect your eyes from shampoo and conditioner. These beauty products are designed to benefit your hair and as such, are made from chemicals that are not suitable for eyes. These chemicals, while being beneficial for the hair, can cause irritation and reddening of the eyes. Therefore, make sure that they don't get into your eyes.
  • Get a rubber or some heavy-duty plastic shower mat which ensures that you do not slip while in the shower. Suction cups are also available in some of the mats to increase the grip of the mat and prevent you from injury-causing falls.
  • If you are a female, then be careful while washing your private parts. It's completely okay if a small amount of soap enters your body but a large amount can cause problems like damaging tissues. So, be extra cautious while cleaning your private parts.

This completes the take a shower guide. Hopefully, you've now learned how you can make your regular shower experience more fruitful and enjoyable as well.

Always keep this in your consciousness that cleanliness is very necessary both for your physical as well as mental fitness. There is an old Asian saying that "A pure soul resides in a hygienic body".

Therefore, make sure to get regular showers as this will not only relax you physically but will also let you to achieve mental peace.

Happy shower time!

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