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How To Clean A Shower Door?

Written by  Wilfred Weihe

When people take showers, they get cleaned and refreshed, but for their shower doors, not so much. The shower door is mostly left with mineral deposits and hard stains that not only dull the appearance of the surface but can also be an accident hazard to shower users. So How To Clean A Shower Doors?

DreamLine Enigma X Frameless Sliding Shower DoorShower doors are many types, and some conceal dirt while others display it for all to see.

One can use various strategies to have shower doors cleaned; like seeking professional cleaning services that come with extra costs or cleaning the doors regularly after taking showers or fortnightly through general or deep house cleaning.

The main objective of maintaining the shower doors clean is getting rid of stains in the first place.

And the easiest way to do this is by wiping the door every time to avoid costs of professional cleaning or seeking their services through deep washing over the weekends.

Many people find it challenging to clean shower doors, but this does not mean that they use powerful and expensive cleaners that contain bleaching and harsh chemicals.

People should also use easily available and applicable strategies and effectively clean the shower doors without affecting the safety of the family.

Some of the tips to use include the following.

Tips for cleaning shower doors

There are several tips to use to clean shower doors.

They range from home-based tips to professional care mechanisms.

Eco-friendly cleaning

How To Clean A Shower DoorThis tip entails simpler processes that are simple eco-friendly steps that include plugging and draining the walls of shower doors with a paper towel.

When doing the cleaning, on should take care to prevent the buildup of mold and soap scam through the use of squeegee, absorbent towel or sponge on the walls and doors of the shower enclose after every shower.

By doing this, it helps to remove any stains or residue before it hardens.

This tip as well eliminates the moisture that mildew and moisture required to thrive.

Through the use of a sponge, be sure to squeeze it well to make it dry completely after use.

For perfect cleaning, it 's nice to disinfect the towel in the dishwater.

Because all members of the family use the shower, it is good to adopt this culture, and you don't have to clean the shower doors as often apart from occasionally shining and cleaning up things once in a while with a special result solution of water and vinegar.

Microfiber Cloths and Squeegees

How To Clean A Shower Door With VinegarA squeegee entails a windshield-like tool that has a handle that is attached to a long and flat rubber blade that can be used to remove something or clean surfaces.

Some squeegee types have suction cups that are attached to walls to allow easy storage and access while others are made from stainless steel and come in colors that fit the expectations of style conscious people.

However, they are all the same, and they offer excellent cleaning when used on shower doors.

On its part, the microfiber cloths is a tool of choice for shower cleaning when the objective is to prevent buildup and spots of water because it has abilities for getting good results in the hard to reach areas like the tight corners and beneath the handles of the shower doors.

What one needs to do, is to wring the microfiber cloth tightly and get it cleaned at least once in a week.

Daily shower cleaners

This tip is good when one does not have enough time for deep cleaning or money to hire professional services.

While using this type, the shower needs to be wiped daily after use with shower cleaner's tools or through the use of devised concoctions.

The best part of this tip is that one won't have to deep clean as regularly and the shower door will maintain its sparkle.

Deep cleanings

How To Clean A Shower Door Stained With Hard WaterContemporary life is vigorous, and it does not allow daily maintenance.

Therefore, for shower doors, the implication of this means rime, buildup and birth time blues.

This also means that it will require a little bit more than a simple sponge to get back the sparkle.

So how to clean a shower door stained with hard water?

To clean the hard water stains, scrubbing is necessary.

Things to use include magic eraser sponge or dryer sheets by wetting them before scrubbing.

Always remember to wear protective gear.

Make use of natural alternatives

What Will Clean Shower DoorNatural alternatives for cleaning shower doors include easily accessible things like water and baking soda that can be mixed to make a scum-fighting scrub that many experts have approved.

The measurement of such mixtures will depend on how much one needs.

However, to tart off, it is good to try like say half a glass of baking soda added to water to make a thick paste.

Are you wondering how to clean a shower door with vinegar?

Then, using a sponge that is nonabrasive one can scrub the shower door and use vinegar to rinse it for sparkling results.

For long-term solutions, one can use water armors and rain-X to keep off the water by spraying the doors with it once fortnightly.

Use liquid soap

This is the readily available and usable tip to clean shower doors.

All one needs to do is to use liquid soap.

How Clean Shower DoorAll liquid soaps or special bar soaps that do not have talc which prevents buildup are recommended.

However, remember that you cannot escape water sports; hence, this should be done regularly.

Always multitask

This tip is as simple as cleaning the shower door after finishing every shower.

After the warm water has loosened up its grim, one does not need to worry getting wet.

Using a sponge as a cleaning pad or magic eraser, the door can be easily cleaned without having to think about additional chemicals or products.

It is always challenging to clean shower doors.

However, this does not mean that one should leave them to mold with all forms of dirt.

Many tips can be applied that are cost-effective and easy to use.

They include eco-friendly cleaning, making use of microfiber cloths and squeegees, daily shower cleaners, deep cleanings, using natural alternatives, liquid soaps and always multitasking by cleaning not only the door but the whole shower.


# Allen Michael 2018-05-31 03:39
I agree! I think natural cleaners work best for this type of cleaning. I love your ideas! They're very helpful. Thumbs up to this post! :)
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# Wilfred Weihe 2018-07-02 17:02
Quoting Allen Michael:
I agree! I think natural cleaners work best for this type of cleaning. I love your ideas! They're very helpful. Thumbs up to this post! :)

Yeah, we also avoid chemicals at all cost in our household...
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