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How to Detect A Leak In An Inflatable Hot Tub

Written by  Wilfred Weihe

If you are suspecting a leak in your inflatable hot tub, you might have some issues. If you discovered the leak while it was still a small problem it won't cause a lot of challenges but you need to fix the leak as soon as possible. If the leak is not sealed or treated like it should be, there might trouble start. The leak will develop into a bigger hole, and that might be a problem which is usually not possible to repair. It is vital that once you have seen your hot tub leaking that you go hunting for the leak and fix it as soon as possible.

Soft Tub LeakYou are probably ''one in a million'' if your inflatable hot tub starts to leak somewhere because these days the tubs are made from high-quality materials which don't simply rupture or start leaking as you can see in our inflatable hot tub reviews.
Now that you are reading this you are probably thinking that you need a lot of special equipment or maybe a professional to find the leak, but you are wrong. For finding the leak, you need a small dosage of water, liquid soap, and a spray bottle. You have to mix the water with the soap and put everything together in the spray bottle. For this trick to be efficient, you have to be careful, and you have to make sure that the soap is dissolved.

When you have your bottle ready, you need to go around the tub and spray this mixture around the tub. If you are suspicious about some specific areas, you spray them even more. Now you are probably thinking how will this help me to find a leak? If the soap starts to bubble up, you know that there is a leak because the air is being forced to go in.
Another step of finding the leak is to go carefully thought the tub surface and look for any kind of marks which are being suspicious because there might be a leak too but not necessarily.

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And what is the best time to check for leaks? I would recommend you that every time the tub is being filled or maybe getting empty that you check if there are any possible leaks. A good time to check for leaks is also when you are inflating it.
If you find the leak soon, and the hole is still small you can simply fix it, and you won't have any additional problems, but if you are waiting too long to fix the problem, you might destroy the aesthetic of the tub.

How To Determine The Cause Of Leaks In Inflatabe Hot Tubs

There are a few most common triggers for inflatable hot tubs delivering leaks and that are age, frequent use, improper maintaining and management and getting any sharp object of out to the inside of the tub.

The first most commons is age, and that is a pretty logic reason because nothing lasts forever and if the tub is getting older you might expect some leaks over time. If the tub is not new anymore and you are using it a lot that might also be the reason the tub started to leak. And when it comes to hot tubs it is really important that they are maintained as the instructions of the manufacturer say because if you are not treating the tub right, the leaks will soon appear. You need to be careful when you are entering the tub because even the smallest rock might cause a rupture, and your tub will be destroyed so that is why you should pay attention to any kind of an object which is a shaper and you should be careful that you don't bring them inside the tub.

Common Hot Tub Parts Where Leaks Occur

There are some specific areas at the tub where troubles are most likely to occur, and we are talking about pump sealing and heating assembly.
If your tub is pretty old now, there might be a problem with the pump because they can be damaged with long time using. You will have to purchase a new pump sealing or repair the existing if that is possible.

If the problems are starting with heating assembly, usually the reason is also the age. There are two main problems with heating assembly – with valves and union fittings. If this is the problem you will probably need to hire a professional to tell you if the valves need to be replaced or you can simply fix the problem. If the problem is the fitting, usually they are not tight enough, and that is why we have a leak there. To tighten it back as it should be you can simply use your hands and tighten it. If you are not strong enough, simply use a wrench, but you have to be careful because you might damage the heater.

How To Be Sure That There Is A Leak

We have two methods of inflatable hot tub leak repair, and you don't need to hire a professional to do this.

For the first method, you will need water, vinyl pool patch, spray bottles, soap, and paper towel. When you have all these things somewhere near you can start the process:
  1. Use the water and soap – mix it and then fill the spray bottle with this mixture. You have to shake really hard
  2. Find the area you think that might be leaking and spray it with this mixture in spray bottle. If you see bubbles, you found the leak.
  3. Somehow mark the area
  4. Let the air go out from the leak
  5. Apply a patch
  6. You have to dry the are out so the patch will be able to fix

For the second method there are only four steps:
  1. You need to fill the tub to the certain level, and you should mark the level of water
  2. Don't use the tub at least for an hour
  3. Check if there is a smaller amount of the water – check the mark from before
  4. If you see that level dropped, you have a leak, and you will need a help of method one

How To Use The Patch

Inflatable Hot Tub LeakThere are four different ways of using the patch, but you need to be careful because sometimes different manufacturers have different instructions for using the patch.
  • When you found the affected area you have to add adhesive to the back and at front, you stick the patch
  • The patch needs to be left there for 2 to 3 hours – don't add any water!
  • When it is dry, it is time to add water
  • Spray the affected area and you should monitor if there are any bubbles. If you did a god job fixing the problem, you would see no bubbles but if there are any bubbles, you will have to do it all again, or you can simply call a professional to do it instead of you which might cause you some additional costs
That's all you need to know, and I hope you don't get many leaks :)

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