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How to increase water pressure in shower head?

Written by  Wilfred Weihe

For most homeowners, a strong shower represents a more enjoyable and soothing shower. So question is "How to increase water pressure in shower head"? This is made with a high pressure showerhead which can give you a revitalizing shower experience. Anytime a shower head`s water circulation is inadequate, an ineffective shower head or lower water pressure may be the cause.

So how to increase water pressure in shower head? Below are a few ways to cope with these concerns and boost your shower`s overall performance.

Addressing Low water pressure concerns

If most of your fittings and other accessories endure from effects of low pressure, there is a big chance you have a severe water pressure issue in your home.

Key areas that you need pay particular attention to include:
Shower Pipe Leak

Leaky pipes

Leakages are a common trigger of low pressure. Perform a quick check out for damp spots below the pipes, particularly at the principal supply line.

Repair any leaking pipes you find. The supply line generally enters the home from the sideways in moderate climates, or in the basement floor during cold climates.

Condensation may trigger small damp areas. Drop some paper towel and then return later to check if there is dampness

Examine your lavatory for leakages

Leaking ToiletA leaking toilet system is not able to prevent the circulation from the septic tank towards the bowl.

Place some food coloring droppings in the septic tank, and return after1-2 hours (don’t flush the toilet).

If you observe that the food coloring has streamed into the bowl, then your toilet needs quick repairs.

In case you can hear the toilet running continuously, that's a strain on your pressure.

Assess your water meter to eliminate any chance of leakages 

If you still have not located any leaks, it’s now time to examine the water meter to deny or confirm their existence.

Switch off all water inside your house, then immediately read the meter. If the compact disk-shaped or triangular dial in the meter is rotating, it means water is still moving.

Water MeterSupposing everything is switched off effectively you have got a leak. Record the reading, then wait several hours without no one using the water, then examine again.

If you achieve a different meter reading, you have got a leak.

Is the shut-off valve fully open?

Investigate the master shut-off valve close to the water meter. In case it's been bumped to a partly closed posture; switch it back to open completely.

This is hardly ever the issue, but it only requires a couple of minutes to check.

What if you can’t identify the cause behind the low water pressure?

It’s important that you get in touch with a licensed technician for assistance in figuring out the issue and determining the best remedy.

If the neighborhood experiences low water pressure regularly, the professional may recommend a water pressure enhancer.

This is a kind of pumping unit that hooks up to the water supply and boosts the low water pressure in an ineffective showerhead.

Ideally, the showerhead should be the first place to start when your other accessories are working fine
  1. Give the shower head a thorough clean: Mineral build-ups and other deposits can quickly lower your shower`s performance and for this reason, seek to clean the shower head filter and the nozzle
  2. Consider replacing the shower head: If the issue is, the head itself consider replacing it with one which delivers powerful performance

Remove the shower head`s screen and cleans it

How To Increase Water Pressure In Shower HeadThis is achieved by removing the showerhead from the hand-held showerhead or the shower limb supply pipe.

If you are not able to take out the shower head by bare hands, employ a rag and wrench.

The rag here is to help you safeguard the showerhead`s finish. Keep in mind that not all handheld showerheads and fixed showerheads have a screen.

Take out the screen and wash it under running water to ensure there isn’t any sediment

Depending on the type of showerhead, you might have to take out the gasket – a compact, donut shaped rubber piece inside the showerhead inlet.

Apply a long skinny tool such as a screwdriver to remove the gasket showerhead inlet meticulously.

Pull the gasket very carefully so as not to damage the showerhead threading. Besides, be cautious not to rip the gasket and in case it gets torn do not reuse it.

When reinstalling the showerhead utilize Teflon tape.

Take out the flow restrictor

The majority of the shower heads sold in America come packed with a flow restrictor also called a flow controller as demanded by NEA(National Energy Act) which restricts water circulation to 2.5gpm(gallons per minute).

This is critical in saving water and energy and could also help you in saving some money on your monthly bill.

Taking the shower head`s restrictor will also boost your energy and water consumption.

Besides, it will enhance the amounts of water moving inside the showerhead for raised water pressure in the showerhead.

If you stay in a region with low water pressure frequency, taking out the flow controller will not alter the pressure delivered via the showerhead.

Keep in mind taking out this small device may increase your monthly utility bills.

Consider amplifying shower heads

Residences which have low water pressure may need to think about other alternatives.

Water pressure is generally established at the water treatment plant all through the water submission system unless you have a modification where it comes down into your home.

High Sierra High Efficiency Low Flow Shower HeadIf you can't adjust the water pressure, think about going for a shower heads to increase water pressure.

Weak shower head efficiency is in most cases a design problem

With a powerfully designed shower head the issue of low water pressure should not arise as the head always attempts to maximize the circulation of water via the shower thereby delivering a powerful spray.

If the remedies addressed above do not take care of the low pressure, you should seriously consider replacing your shower head


Even when you`ve excellent water pressure in the faucets in your shower room, this doesn't often turn into good circulation at the shower head.

This is because the water has to go up to get into the shower where its potency and strength can vanish.

To enhance the shower circulation in your house, check critical components and remove or replace what is not working.

You can also get the best shower head to improve the shower flow in your home.

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