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How to pick the best shower head?

Written by  Wilfred Weihe

If you are looking for a best shower head to fit your bathroom you have a huge selection of different styles. What you will chose depends on your budget, your taste and the most important the space you have available. The first step when you are selecting the perfect fit for your needs is that you find out what you actually have available on the market and this following article will help you on your way to find the perfect shower head for your bathroom.


On the market you can find basic shower heads and some additional types which are not so basic anymore. At the basic shower head types, we count:


The Best Shower HeadIf you are looking for a simple addition to your existing shower panel you should buy a wall mounted shower.

They are perfect if you just want to replace the old shower head because these kind of shower heads work with the existing plumbing installation and they are in lower price range (you can buy them starting from $2).

This is best shower head type and can come in very basic shapes to very luxurious and spa looking types.

They can also include technological improvements like contracting the hard water accumulation, mist and some other shower effect.

Because the price is in low budget this kind of shower head is perfect if you are looking for a best high pressure shower head.


Best Handheld Shower HeadBest handheld shower head comes with movable hose which lets you to get more moving space around the shower and help you perform multiple tasks.

This cool shower heads are perfect for family bathrooms because it is handier for smaller children, cleaning pets and older people.

Hand held shower heads are just like wall mounted ones perfect for people who are looking for replacing the existing shower head with newer one because it works with existing plumbing installation.

Some hand showers can come with sliding bars so you can adjust it to different heights. Prices are starting around $37 and they also come with different showering effects.

And then there are some shower heads with some additional effects like:


They are made to recreate a massage experience with using different jets of water. They are perfect for washing away sore feeling in muscles.

Rainfall Shower Head

You can bring your own raincloud to your bathroom with installing the best rain shower head into your bathroom.

Best Rain Shower HeadThis kind of shower head will make your showering experience even better. They are designed for reliving rain experience. They also come with different effect to make showering even better.


They are designed to spray water into micro drops and create the mist feeling. It is perfect for relaxing showers and they are also money saving because smaller amount of water is being used.


Before you are even looking for the options you should think about the amount the money you have available for the purchase. The prices are in range of $20 to $5.000 so the range is huge. Especially if you look at the brands like Moen, Grohe, Kohler, etc.

You should really think twice how much money you want to spend on the shower head. If you think that the shower head with higher price is better, you should think again because the top rated shower heads usually cost less than some item which is rated with lower score.


Very important thing when buying an item like that is also water consumption. Most of the people nowadays are looking for more Earth friendly solutions when redoing their homes and you should too. If you think you are using too much water, you should think about buying the best low flow shower head to reduce the water consumption.

The second thing which will help you to reduce the amount of water spent is that you turn of the water flow every time you do not need it (shaving legs, washing hair, hand washing etc.).

These things will help you to keep the Earth cleaner and green and will also keep your bills in a lower range and you will be able to save some money.


When you are buying shower heads you should think about how hard it will be to get this thing installed. For some people it is really important that they can do it by themselves and if you are a person like that you should buy a simpler, basic type.

But if you want more modern and luxurious look you will definitely need a plumber to get it installed and that will mean additional costs.

Even if you read the article above and you followed the advices you should make decisions carefully and wisely. You should pick the style you like but you also have to stay around the budget. It doesn’t matter what kind of bathroom style you like, there is something for people who want basic designs and for people who want to have more luxurious and spa looking bathroom to create the best showering experience possible.

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