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How to prevent mold

Written by  Wilfred Weihe

How to Prevent Mold is question most people ask themself when they get mold in their bathroom for example. Molds have the tendency to spread quickly. The worst thing about it is that it cannot be fully eradicated.

How To Prevent MoldWhen we say mold, the first thing that would come to our mind is that it is the one added to penicillin. In most cases, we define mold as a microorganism essential in decomposing the organic matter in nature. However, not all times, mold is always good. It can grow very bad most especially if it grew unnoticeably in your abode.

It grows very fast without notice. Mold can grow anywhere in the house such as in the carpet, paper, food, leaking pipes and in any area of your home. It is a serious problem that you need to deal with because it can cause allergens and irritants that can be bad for your health.

How can you prevent these possibilities? Basically, for mold not to compromise your health and anyone in the house, you need to control mold from developing and growing.

The following are effective ways to curb molds from growing and thriving:

Keep wet areas dry

Panasonic FV 11VQ5 WhisperCeiling 110 CFM Ceiling Mounted Fan WhiteMolds love to grow in moist areas like bathroom, faucets and many more. Moisture serves as the waypoint for mold to grow abundantly.

The moment you leave your bathroom wet from shower, you allow the mold to grow. A leak of water in the faucet can trigger the mold to grow. In this case, you need to maintain wet areas dry all the time.

You can install a bath fan on the bathroom and switch it on after shower. Don't leave mold any space in your home by keeping your attention in drying these wet areas.

Do not allow wet towels lying in the corner and instead, see to it that they are dry and away from any possibility of getting wet.

• FACT: Mold loves to eat in wet areas.
You must know that molds love to eat particularly in wet areas. Showers and bathrooms have several potential sources of food for mold that can intensely grow over time if not given immediate attention and action. You might notice that mildew or mold starts to develop in the grout lines and also in the corners of the bathroom or saunas. This is where moisture mostly builds up.

The molds love to stay in these areas because they eating organic materials that come off from the shower. It can also be the residue of soap or shampoo and anything that you use during your shower. Once you rinse off, these organic materials are splashed into the water at which the grout tends to collect some of the dirt.

With this, you need to maintain your bathroom fresh and clean. Few rooms at your house can see as many mold as possible because of moisture and humidity most especially in the bathroom.

Prevent mold from growing by proper ventilation

Molds grow fast in moisture and the latter is developed if a space is not well ventilated.

You may not notice but your routine might be encouraging the development of mold in the entire house.

Daily activities like cooking, taking a bath or even doing laundry invite mold to grow.

However, with proper ventilation, you can prevent moisture and mold from building up.

Therefore, keep your bathroom, kitchen and your laundry room well ventilated to secure that mold will not have any space to live within your house.

Secure mold resistant products at home

You must equip your house with mold resilient products that will best fight the formation of mold. Whether your house in newly built or freshly renovated, it will help to use mold resistant drywall and other products that do not inhibit the growth of mold.

Modern mold resilient drywall is basically a paperless product that ensures that the surface is highly water resistant preventing moisture from developing. Starve the mold by using products that will hinder it from growing and multiplying.

You can use valuably in areas prone to moisture and wetness. Since mold can be hard to combat, homeowners need to secure essential and effective products that resist the production of mold.

• TAKE NOTE: A typical drywall is commonly made of some sort of paper or light material. Paper is one of the leading source of food for mold. Once the space is introduced to a moist climate, the tendency is that mold can build up. Thus, using a mold-resistant drywall can be effective in securing your home from the attacks of mildew and mold.

Make sure to keep household plants mold off

Plants are good to see while keeping your indoor welcoming clean air through. However, the problem about indoor plants is that the moist soil welcomes the growth of mold quickly. It can be a perfect breeding platform for mold which can spread immediately around the house.

Preventing mold growth doesn't necessarily mean that you need to dispose your plants. Try adding Taheebo tea to a water solution and spray to the plants. Taheebo tree produces oil that withstands even the strongest fungi in the rain forest. With that, it can also hinder mold from developing in the plant soil.

Freshen upholstery and fabrics with the right products

You can prevent molds to develop quickly by sending spores of mold in the air and all over the house. Do this by freshening your fabric and upholstery at its best condition. For cleaning your fabrics, wash it on a solution of hot water and chlorine bleach.

If the latter is not a safe choice for you, then try an oxygen bleach with the same solution of hot water. Then, take it outside to dry. Upholstery must be cleaned properly depending on the material.

Those that cannot be cleaned with a water solution need to be vacuumed. Meanwhile, upholstery made in rubber can be cleaned using a sponge or clean white cloth with the ammonia solution. Then, dry it thoroughly with the use of either a hair dryer or a fan.

Observe humidity indoors

Frigidaire FAD704DWD Energy Star 70 Pint DehumidifierExperts recommend that your indoor humidity must be kept between 30 to 60 percent. You may purchase a moisture meter to measure the humidity all over the house and use best dehumidifiers in humid environments.

Paying attention to some of the evident problems within the house is also an effective way of detecting the level of humidity in the house. According to conventional beliefs, you can determine if your house has excessive humidity if signs of condensation of pipes, windows and walls are evident.

Once you noticed its presence, you must dry the areas immediately to address the problem and prevent moisture to lead to mold growth.

Enhance the air flow at your home

Once the temperature drops, the tendency is for air to hold less moisture. In the absence of good air flow within the house, any excess moisture may be present in the windows, floors and walls.

In order to increase the circulation of the air inside the house, what you need to do is to open the doors between rooms and in closets, remove furniture from the walls and keep the floor clean and dry. Allow fresh air in to lessen moisture while keeping mold away.

Hinder spores from getting a grip

Microscopic Organisms Or FungiAs much as possible, you need to sustain your home free from mildew and mold through observing some of the most effective preventive measures. Homeowners can use humidifiers, open windows and fans in order to lessen the risk of moisture development.

You must be very vigilant during humid months because during these days, your house can be more prone to mold and mildew.

Thus, fortify your house by building a stronghold against these elements. As soon as you see plumbing starts to leak, take quick repairs and fix the problem as soon as possible.

Do all what you can to stop the rainwater to sink in through your house. You need to check any potential problem at all areas of your home regularly.

Repair or clean your roof gutters

Mold can develop even with simple problem such as impaired roof gutters. By maintaining a clean roof gutter, you can prevent mold from getting into your house. Therefore, you have to regularly check on the condition of the gutters if they are in good condition.

As much as needed, you need to immediately repair the problem in the gutters before the water gets in to your house. If there are any signs for repair, then get an expert technician to provide the solution for the problem. As soon as you identified the problem, take an immediate action for it.

It is not too late for you to fight against mold growth at your house. It only takes the right things to do by following these mold combat tips as much as you can. Check here if you're interested in benefits of a dehumidifier.

Molds can have a stronghold at your house, so you need to do be very careful in doing preventive measures to avoid molds from forming.

These tips will do best for your abode, so the only thing left to do is to follow and apply them.

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