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How to shower smarter

Written by  Wilfred Weihe

Showering in the morning can really help you to get a better start of your day. A good shower in the morning can help you to recover from a sleepless night or a heavy work day the day before. Here are some advices how to make the most of the morning showering and how to create a perfect showering experience in your Walk In Shower.


Blue Ocean Stainless Steel SPV878392H Shower Panel With Rainfall Shower HeadIf you had your shower for a long time now, it’s probably time to get a new one. If you are more a bathtub person then a nice freestanding bathtub it is a must have. Or walk in bathtub if you need easier and safer access. But if you are more a shower person you have several luxurious trends to choose from. Like walk in shower panels or one of the best shower systems.

We are not responsible for you showering time if you get one of these great shower panels!
Delta BT14296 OB Windemere Monitor 14 Series Shower Trim BestsellerShowers are typically more used on a daily basis and the bathtubs are more like occasion thing. If you are looking for a more practical renovation you should go with a shower. There are nice shower faucets available. Or even tub, shower and hand shower trims if you shower in a bathtub.

The first thing you can replace is the shower head. If your head is old it can be using a lot more water than a new one. The best choice is the multi-purpose complete head system which can be used as a rain shower or as a hand-held shower etc. Cartoon shower head is great choise for introducing shower to kids.

The next thing are tiles. The best way is to install them from floor to the ceiling to get a luxurious timeless look. It’s a timeless solution especially if you pick a neutral color like white or beige. White is always in style. In the next step we are rearranging the shower floor. You can upgrade it to a beautiful teak floor or just install the tiles in different color then the walls.

Nowadays it’s fashionable to install frameless shower door which give us a luxury image. An upgrade like that will make your bathroom larger and more open.

The next very important update is the lighting. You can install waterproof lighting in you shower alcove or even bathroom fan with light.


Eccotemp FVI 12 NG High Capacity Gas Tankless Water HeaterWhen you are showering, the heat from the shower makes skin’s oils soften and it melts. So it’s important to not shower with too much heated water. Showering with cold water can help you with improving your immune system, improves your blood circulation, helps regulating your body temperature, it benefits your skin and hair etc.

It’s important to not go to cold shower without preparation. A person who is not accustomed to very low temperatures can have fatal consequences entering the cold water because of the cold shock which causes an irregular heartbeat especially if you are older or you have some kind of heart disease. You have to pick a cold shower but you have to adapt the temperature gradually. Start the water usual temperature and then Speakman S 2252 High Pressure Adjustable Shower Headslowly cool it as long as you can stand it. The most effective is to switch to cold water in the second half minute shower.

It’s important for you to not put your face directly under the head shower if your water pressure is high because it can cause skin damage on long term. You have to adjust pressure to a gentler stage. If you want to save water you can use low flow shower head.

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Your morning shower can get even more enjoyable if you are keeping your shower clean. There is nothing more. You have to maintain the cleanness at least once a week. In the cleaning process it’s important to get rid of mildew, you can use a small scrub or a small brush and clean it every week. Wiping your shower weekly it can prevent further development of the mold. And make sure that your shower drains don't clog.

You cannot forget to clean the tiles in the shower and the shower doors. You should take more time to clean the tiles because it is in constant touch with soap and water. When you cleaned the tiles you have to clean shower door especially if they are seek trough (for example glass). It’s really important to wipe all the surface with a dry cloth to remove all the water and cleaners.


Reducing the showering time can be really beneficial to your skin and also to the planet Earth. The recommended time of showering is 10-15 minutes. The most common shower time is five minutes (by the EPA). If you are used to taking long showers, you should buy a shower timer to reduce the amount of time and water by one minute of showering. Every minute an average shower head uses 5 gallons of water per minute.

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In The Shower 1412167A shower which is too long it can break natural skin maintenance cycle and your skin will suffer from dehydration and you will get dry skin which can also get very itchy.


Hot Water Recirculating Pump No More Water Down The DrainWith recirculation pump problem of waiting for hot water is matter of the past.


Massaging shower panels can have a lot of beneficial effects. Massage is known because it relaxes your muscles and it lowers your blood pressure so it can help you to reduce the level of a stressful day. It takes only few minutes for your muscles to release the tension.  

Massage showers are really easy to fit into your existing showering space and it’s not that expensive either. If you are planning a bathroom or shower replacement, you should really consider buying a massage shower sprays or steam shower.


It is very important which soap or shampoo you use. If you are suffering from dry skin you should use soap with oil and ingredients which will protect your skin from dehydration. But it is recommended to use as little shampoo or soap as possible and your skin will appreciate it. The best way to shower is to shower with natural and PH neutral soaps which helps to maintain the skin health.


In the end probably the most important thing for a perfect showering experience is the showering environment. A nicely decorated bathroom and shower can help you to relax more efficiently than showering in old and not so attractive bathroom. But not everyone thinks of negative effects of showering, so we have to ensure that we keep our showering within the healthy zone for our skin, hair and body so we don’t suffer from negative side effect on long term.


# dave 2015-11-21 00:44
having a long shower is jis like going for a swim! you dont jis go swimming for herf hour or less do ya!!??
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# Wilfred Weihe 2015-11-24 18:59
Quoting dave:
having a long shower is jis like going for a swim! you dont jis go swimming for herf hour or less do ya!!??

Well I'm triathlete so ya... I'm used to swim for more than an hour too...
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