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How Will Bathroom Trends Be In The Future

Written by  Wilfred Weihe

If you are thinking about renovating your bathroom and you have no idea how to do it, the best thing is to start with checking out the latest trends for some inspiration. Sometimes the best thing to start with is to find out what you don't like and what you actually do like and start from here. In this article I was on a mission to find the best trends that are the best to follow while renovating your bathroom.


The floor is one more place where you can express your imagination. Unique made floors can become the center of attention at you bathroom. You can choose between variety of tiles and maybe even a unique (designer) mosaic. You can choose between different shapes, different materials etc. It's really interesting to see a vibrant color or mix and match finishes.

When buying bathroom floor you should think about its durability, how does it feel on bare foot or maybe is it safe for the children? But the main consideration is moisture.

The best material to be making bathroom floor out of are definitely ceramic tiles. They can achieve very rich, luxurious look and they are really inexpensive. There are so many types of tiles you can get exactly what you want.

Another trend this year are heated bathroom floors which are considered as luxury. More homes today are looking for this option because it can be cheaper and it's a nice comfort item – no more cold tiles.


In 2015 the most popular colors would be earth tones. Neutral and natural colors can help you to achieve a higher level of relaxation. Natural colors are drawing inspiration from nature and they are extremely calming. For example we can mention gray tones with some lighter colors to get a warm feeling. For 2015 natural, rich and earthy tones are trending.

If you are in doubt which color to pick, you should look to the rest of your home. You can pick a accent color in other room and make it a dominant in your bathroom. Rooms will maintain identity, but they will be somehow integrated in a sophisticated way.


If a room is well lit it won't get out of style. You can add up some lights with some color scheme and create a bright or maybe more relaxing spa feeling. You can even try led best shower heads.


Is bigger better? Big Walk In Showers are more and more popular between bathroom designers. Even if you have a small bathroom, you can build a functional and comfortable walk in shower. Large showers are trending with tiles to the ceiling, wall to wall and maybe even waterproof materials. A perfect material for a shower like that is porcelain or ceramic tile.

But if you are more a bathtub person you can think about installing a freestanding bathtub and you will create a luxurious feeling. You get a feeling that the bathroom was built around the tub and it becomes the center of the room. IF you are looking to recreate a feeling of relaxing in a spa, the installment of freestanding bathtub is the best way to do it.


You can use traditional tile of 12 x 12s or 3 x 6s and turn them differently and give them a fresh look. You can cut them into triangular, hexagons or maybe trapezoids to get an interesting design and also a unique look.


You can choose from a lots of materials to get a feeling of nature in your bathroom. You can get wood, natural stone maybe some plants. You can get a granite floor or maybe wood-look tiles to achieve the natural feeling. With the inclusion of these elements you will achieve inner natural harmony of your space.


You said goodbye to those old basic showers and say hi to user friendly ones that give us more and more control over temperature, mix and flow. Check these digital shower control reviews. These modern shower panels with newer low flow shower heads are made to consume less water and are more earth friendly and they are friendly to your wallet. You can also control the time of showering by installing water counter and save even more water and money. Another thing is Low-flow toilet which allows different flushing options.

Keep an eye on trends to get out the most of the renovation. Keep colors in neutral range and keep you bathroom connected with other rooms in your home. At redoing your bathroom try to consider the most earth friendly options and try to save some money by installing gadgets with smart water control and energy saving systems.

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