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Infrared sauna benefits you need to be aware of

Written by  Wilfred Weihe

You have probably heard about traditional sauna, but in this case, we are going to talk about a different version of the sauna, infrared sauna. It is a little bit different thing because here those infrared light does not first heat up the air around you, but your body absorbs the heat directly, and because of this direct absorption your body experiences a lot of different beneficial things, and this is the topic of this article.

An infrared sauna is getting more and more popular, and it is even more popular than the traditional one because of all the benefits that come with it. You can check the best infrared sauna reviews here.

Another way that traditional sauna and infrared sauna are being a distinction is the heat – with infrared sauna session the temperature is not that high, and many people prefer lower temperatures because they are easier to bear.

If you would like to know which are all the benefits that come with infrared sauna treatment, you are in the right place.


Infrared SaunaThere are few different infrared saunas which are all working the same, but they each have a different heater. Because they use different heaters that mean the benefits are different too, and we distinguish three types: the far infrared sauna, the middle infrared sauna, and the near infrared sauna.
  • THE FAR INFRARED SAUNAS: the heat will reach your body from every angle here with the help of ceramic or metal heaters. They are here for spreading the heat so you can enjoy your treatment in different positions. Heat is being spread to the walls and even to the floor.
  • THE MIDDLE INFRARED SAUNA: it is using the middle infrared light which will also heat up space and has beneficial effects on your health.
  • THE NEAR INFRARED SAUNAS: the last option is the near infrared sauna which is using the incandescent heat lamps, and here the heat is not being spread all over the body but the same. Here the heat will get concentrated on one body part only. Because there is only one piece of the body being treated that means you are going to experience deeper effect because the treatment is more intense.


  • DETOXIFICATION: detoxification is a natural process, and when you are heated up and sweating you are causing this natural reaction, and that means your body will start removing toxins trough the sweat. Going to a far infrared sauna is a great way to get your body clean of all impurities and toxins.
  • LOWERED BLOOD PRESSURE: you know that when you are sweating and feeling hot, your heart starts to race? When your heart is beating faster, the blood circulation gets better too and if you have a good blood flow that means you will have a good blood pressure too. If you maintain your blood pressure in the normal range, you will be able to prevent yourself from having a stroke or something like that.
  • RELAXATION: even though sometimes was difficult to bare the temperature that has a soothing effect on your muscles because they tend to relax while they are hot. If your muscles are relaxed, you will be able to sleep better, work better the next day, you will have more energy and you will overall feel better.


  • IMPROVED CIRCULATION: mid-infrared sauna also helps your blood flow to get better, and the muscles are being heated here just like when you are exercising. However, the main difference between going to a sauna or working out is that when you are working out, you need to strain your body and put it through some stress and when you are going to sauna you just sit there and relax and leave the sauna to do the work.
  • WEIGHT LOSS: did you know that you can even burn calories while sauna treatment? You can burn up to 600kcal by just sitting there and heating the body up. You will boost up your metabolism and get a higher heart rate, and that is the key to successful weight loss.
  • PAIN RELIEF: when you are in the sauna your muscles also relax, and they become much softer and because of the deep penetration of muscles, bones, and tissues this sauna treatment successfully removes minor pains. It is a great option for those who train a lot or for people who have any pain in the body.  


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  • IMPROVED IMMUNITY: this one is pretty similar to other versions of sauna and when you are enjoying your sauna treatment that also has some beneficial effects on your circulatory system. The circulatory system is critical because by it all the important things are being delivered to the cells and if they are healthy enough they can start processes like tissue recovery, and that will make the immune system very efficient.
  • WOUND HEALING: if you have any open wounds you can simply visit sauna sometimes because when your body is heated up in a certain place that will promote the wound healing, and it is much more efficient process than any other types of heating. Wounds will heal because skin cells are going to regenerate themselves faster and heal the wound faster too.  
  • ANTI-AGING: like we have said up there, with the help of heat the skin can heal much faster, and the same thing is with aging. When your skin is exposed to the near-infrared light in the sauna, the heat will heal the layers and reduce the wrinkles and scars… When you apply the heat to your skin, that increases the production of a very important substance called collagen which will make your skin look younger, and it will also have better skin tone.


This above are only one of the most common benefits, but there are also few other things that come with the regular use of the sauna. If you add some oxygen ionizer or chemotherapy lights when you are in the sauna, you will be able to breathe better because when the ionizer releases the oxygen there are negative ions around and that makes your breathing better and will also clean out the bad substances which will make you healthier. If you will add up some lights that will improve the functioning of your inner organs for instance if you add orange, red and yellow you will be able to stimulate kidneys, livers and adrenal glands.

I hope this article was a little bit of help on your sauna journey. Moreover, if you were never there because you always thought you would not make it to the end because of the heat, you now see that you were wrong and if you cannot handle the heat, there are also options for sauna treatment for you too. You now know which are the main options for you, now it is time to pick the one that you need, and in the end, you only need to go there and simply enjoy.


# Myron Dallas 2019-09-04 21:07
Does near-infrared sauna help fight fibromyalgia symptoms?
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# Wilfred 2019-09-08 11:41
Quite a few studies are suggesting this yes... Quoting Myron Dallas:
Does near-infrared sauna help fight fibromyalgia symptoms?
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