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Avoid These 8 Silly Mistakes When Installing Shower Heads in Your Home

Written by  Wilfred Weihe

When planning to upgrade a bathroom with fresh shower accessories, a great shower head set up is usually at the top of your checklist. Installing shower head is relatively simple provided you have the time, tools, patience, and DIY experience with domestic maintenance repairs. However, many people don't have these competencies and make these silly mistakes when attempting to mount a shower head, flange, and shower arm by themselves. Disappointed they can't complete with total satisfaction, or concerned their mistakes will trigger future issues, and they end up calling professional plumbers to the rescue.

Below are some of the common mistakes that could cost you thousands of dollars in the future especially if you are planning a high-end remodel.

You are also likely to boost the comfort, efficiency, and style, of the completed project.

Rushing the task

Now that you are devoted to the notion of a new bathroom, you in all probability want it executed tomorrow. However, inadequate planning is the top cause of cost overrun on these tasks.

According to Carol Chambers, an expert plumber, based in New York, "nothing is costlier than having things done twice".

Depending on the scope and size of your bath undertaking, you should take the time to plan properly.

Not using the appropriate materials and tools

If you don't employ the right materials and tools, you'll raise the chances of making a blunder in the course of a shower head assembly.

For that reason, I recommend you've all the following materials and tools to avoid future issues especially if you inadvertently lose or break a crucial shower head part.

Materials: Teflon tape or masking tape, replacement O-rings, masonry anchors, paper clip or thin wire, heat-proof grease, wire or old toothbrush, silicone caulk and Clorox swipes.

Tools: Channel-type pliers, adjustable strap wrench, glass & tile bit, rags or cloths, pipe wrench, drill, utility knife, mallet, screwdriver, and felt-tip pen.

Buying shower head components and accessories which don't fit

One of the most common mistake homeowners make is seeking to match shower head components and accessories which don't fit one another.

For instance, you don't want to purchase a sophisticated shower arm without being sure it will fit your current elbow fixture behind shower wall without custom modifications or additional parts.

This is also true if you purchase a shower arm from one company and a shower head from a different company.

Make it a point to grasp the benefits and drawbacks when selecting shower head styles and types.

There are two standard shower head types; hand held and fixed and each type has numerous features and styles to supply a unique shower experience.

Forgetting to switch off your main water line

Undress Yourself Before Going To ShowerYou may think this is understandable, but many people neglect to switch off water lines before starting a shower head assembly.

Never make this blunder. Always locate and switch off your main water line.

Water pressure adjustment

Assuming your home improvement plans do not entail setting up a fresh water heater or incorporating fresh water lines, there ought to be no need to modify the water pressure service following a shower head assembly.

That said some people assume they need to raise their water pressure level following the installation of a low-flow shower head, but this is not necessary.

You run the danger of harming your shower fixtures and water supply pipes!

Skimping on skilled labor

The DIY approach may be an efficient way to cut on costs, but it's a better idea to concentrate on back and front ends of the task, for example, taking out the outdated tub in the course of demolition.

Leave the more difficult installations to the experts ensuring they are highly qualified. A competent plumber can make an affordable tile appear pricey. That said you can end up paying more if you hire a qualified plumber who can make it appear cheap.

Given how many skills are needed for a normal bathroom remodel—tile setters, plumbers, cabinet installers, electricians, and more—it makes a lot of sense to hire a reputable general contractor to take care of operations.

Have a meeting with three or more contractors, ideally those you come across through recommendations. Ensure that the company you decide on has an up to date license and cover, which includes workers' compensation.

Also, don't fail to inspect the contract; it must list every item down to the finish and model number. Besides never automatically choose the cheapest bid.

Cutting corners on essential materials

Rinsing Your Hair With Hot WaterAnother widespread mistake is going cheap on those products that are frequently used.

Lifetime warranties which protect stains and leaks have become quite common on almost everything except cheapest faucets.

This does not necessary mean going for the most expensive shower heads and accessories but common sense dictates that you should go for those materials and products that are reasonably priced and have warranties.

Replacing the shower heads during freezing temperatures

If there is a possibility of freezing weather happening, you've two risks to take into consideration.

One is that water freezing inside the shower head and the pipes will make it ineffective.

On top of that, when the water expands the pressure in the interior parts of your shower head the resulting wear and tear will cut down the life of your showerhead.

Thinking that the drainage will be the same

Shower Head SplashWhen changing the shower head, it's important to note that the splash unit may be totally different.

Experts advise that you should never change the shower head without first taking into consideration what the fresh drainage system will look like.

While a small thing to think about, it could mean 1000s of dollars of extra work based on the quality of the shower head as well as the space close to it.

This is only a few mistakes you can avoid when installing your new shower head.

Get a contractor if you are not sure what you are doing.

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