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Best Mobile Home Bathtub Reviews in 2023

Written by  Wilfred Weihe

Mobile Home Bathtubs can save you a lot of trouble. Ever had to play an interior designer and decorate a living room for example? It's not easy work picking all the tables and sofas, couches, the TV and lots of everything else. Putting them together in the right way is tricky business, and your partner having a different opinion is not helping a lot. That could prove stressful, but it usually does not. How come? Well, because even if you don't like the arrangement at first, you can have another go at it.

Now imagine you are designing a bathroom – here the stress might come in. Bathroom is very different than living room, not only because you have different thing in the bathroom as you have in a living room. It is because everything in a living room can be rearranged if you don't make it the first time around. Bathroom is another story. While couches and tables, even TV can be moved around in rearranging the living room, thing you find in bathroom – bathtub, the toilet, shower panel system and such – can't but moved around a lot. Here's where mobile home bathtubs come in to lighten the mode. The word you have to focus on is mobile. When you're designing a bathroom, most of the things are fixed, most of standard bathtubs included. What you want is flexibility, but soon you realize the only movable item in a bathroom is the washing machine. And if you don't have a washing machine in the bathroom, you are destined to have the same interior design of the bathroom for as long as you live there.

Of course, you can smash everything up and make a new design, but that's costly (when installing new shower drains especially). A simple and easy way to move the design around a bit is by buying yourself a walk in bathtub. It will give you enough flexibility in the bathroom to do just about anything.

Mobile home bathtubs revolutionized the way we thing about bathroom designs – they added a much needed flexibility and are absolutely adored by interior designers. Every decent interior designer will recommend a mobile home bathtub because he understands that even though the design might feel comfortable and likable at first, in time in will become bland and unwanted and people will like to change things. On the other hand, he is also aware of the cost of remodeling the bathroom, and will, being decent, try to plan ahead for us not to do that. Moreover, he knows what someone's perception of a bathroom is – we have it in our head that is appropriate to shuffle living room around, but in bathroom little changes are everything it takes for us to be satisfied with the new design.

And mobile home bathtub lets us do just that. They can be moved around with much easy in compare with let's say the toilet and gives us a number of option of how to remodel our bathroom.
Disclosure: We hope you love the products we recommend! All reviews on this website represent our own opinion. We research and compare only the best products you can find on Amazon.com. And for that, we might get compensation if you click on our outgoing links and then buy something.
There are, of course, some limitations. Mobile home bathtubs are quite big, some can be as huge as two times two meters. Generally, if you have a spacious bathroom that is not a problem, but with little one you have to be more adaptable. It is usually thought that a normal sized bathroom can have about three different places where it can be put, so potentially you have three different bathroom designs possible just by using mobile bathtub!

There is a variety of mobile bathtubs available on the market. The most obvious difference between them is the shape – they literally come in thousands different shapes. Generally, the most customary ones are squares, but you can also have a round or oval shape, which tends to be more safe if you have problems with slipping in the bathtub. Some unusual shapes, however, include triangular shaped mobile bathtubs or randomly shaped one. On the point of color, white is the standard, but you can get bathtubs in pretty much any color you wish, ranging from yellow to turquoise. Some dealers will even go that far that they'll repaint the mobile bathtub you are to buy if that is your wish. If you have a certain color in mind for you bathroom, make sure the dealer understands it and try to bargain for paint job. And who knows you might even get it free of charge!

The other important feature of mobile bathtubs is the material they are made of. On the low end is the plastic one, which might sound a little repelling but there are number of good things to be said about the plastic bathtubs are made of. Most of all, it is very strong and not as flexible as you might imagine. The strong point is also that it does not break at all. As we will later discuss, bathtubs made of ceramics can break quite easily – it is not difficult to punch a whole with a pointy object. Plastic, on the other hand, has no such limitation. You can punch it or kick it and it would just wobble a bit and stay intact. On the contrary, ceramic mobile bathtubs are more valued, primarily because of their impeccable look. We usually have ceramic tiles in the bathroom and a ceramic bathtub is a nice and expected fit. However, they are more pricy and are more difficult to move around because of their fragility in comparison with plastic one. Nonetheless, they are usual considered as a best choice for bathtubs. In the past, bathtubs made out of tin were also used but are produced and marketed less and less because of the number of disadvantages the material brings.

A mobile bathtub is not a great expense. Plastic ones will cost you as low as 20$ and are as such considered really cheap. Most of the people go for one made out of ceramics which have a price tag of about 100-300$ and in some cases even more. In comparison with walk-in showers, which can also be priced above 500$, the mobile bathtubs are considered to be a smart buy for the value they bring.
Buying a bathtub also means you have to consider two choices – do you want a shallow one, primarily used for showering, or do you want to buy a deep one in which you can also soak and relax. Of course shallow ones are on the low price end, but deep mobile bathtubs offer some valuable luxuries. What is better than to come from hard day in the office, lay in the deep bathtub and just enjoy the moment. It makes you forget about bad things and relaxes you to think on the more positive side. It can also be used for romantic moments with your partner, possibly with champaign in your hand. Of course, if you are environmentally aware and want to take care for the planet, you should consider showering instead. A bathtub can cost you ten to twenty times as much water as a normal showering does. Having said that, occasional luxury is of course something understandable and you don't have to have any bad feelings if you treat yourself to a tub or two every now and then.

Mobile home bathtubs offer the variety you need in the bathroom. However, the problem with moving bathtub around is always with the waterlines, which tend to be more or less fixed to some places. So when you are moving bathtub around, keep in mind the water has to come from somewhere and orient the tub in such a direction that will enable you to have access to waterlines. On the other hand, you might even think about maneuvering the waterlines around which would probably involve breaking a few tiles but it is still a low price to pay in comparison with breaking down and rearranging bathroom as a whole.

Given that it is not a considerable investment and will offer you some really quality features such ability to partly rearrange the bathroom which is quite easily be done with basic tool kit, a mobile home bathroom is a smart buy for you home. It can be used by children so it is family friendly, as well by elderly people, and all in between. The variety of bathtubs gives you the choice to pick the one you really like, either it is out of plastics or ceramics, shallow or deep, and you can even choose the colors that fit into your bathroom the best. There is little down side buying it, considering that the costs are pretty low.

What is best loved in such kind of mobile home bathtub is the way it brings the family together. Buying it is one thing, but installing it and rearranging the bathroom is an activity for the whole family. You don't have to buy Ikea furniture to get yourself in the creative and technical shoes, you can just buy any mobile bathtub and have an interesting afternoon of planning, screwing and placing the tub where you want it. Having shower system or a soak in it is just a bonus for the days hard work.
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