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Most common causes of a poor shower experience

Written by  Wilfred Weihe

Have you ever thought about why are you having a bad showering experience or why can’t you enjoy your shower like you should? Showers can give disappointing showering experience because of a lot of reasons. If you want to get to know more about some common cause of a bad shower experience you should read the article below.


You bought the whole new bathtub or maybe a luxurious and modern shower panel and you can’t enjoy the effects it is offering you because you have leaking pipes? A leaking shower can result in that all sthe advantages disappear.

There can be different reasons behind leaking in your shower. It could be problem in the piping or maybe you have too much pressure at your shower head or enclosure is not sealed enough and it started to leak while you shower.

Leaking can cause a lot of damage especially to subfloor and wall frames. It can also happen that it can damage the existing tiles to loose adhesion. It is important that you choose the right service (a plumber) for your problem.

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Showering experience can’t be even close to good if you are still showering with some old and leaking shower head which is clogged or corroded.

If you want to make your showering experience better you should invest into a better shower head probably with some additional effects like rainfall, mist etc. I can guarantee you that your showering will get better when you start to take a shower with a stylish and purchased to fir your taste shower head. And if you are introducing showering to your children, kid shower head can help you a lot. Even best led shower heads are great.

Waiting for hot water

On avarage we wait more then 30 seconds for hot water to start showering. This problem can be easily fixed with the use of water heater circulation pump. With this great product you have hot water always available.


If the water pressure is too low even the most modern and the best equipment loses their charm because it is not completely exploited. In case you have low water pressure you should invest into buying new water (shower) pump in order to make the pressure go higher and it will improve the flow and your showering experience will also get much better.

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Panasonic FV 11VQ5 WhisperCeiling 110 CFM Ceiling Mounted Fan WhiteVENTILATION

If your bathroom doesn’t have installed the proper ventilation it can cause appearance of the mold. The mold can disfigure the appearance of your bathroom so your showering experience won’t be as good as it could if you didn’t had problems with mold. If you don’t have ventilation system installed into your bathroom you should at least buy the extractor fans which are recommended to be turned on when you are showering or when they are needed. So read our bathroom exhaust fan reviews!


If your draining system is not working as it should it can cause problems like water not draining properly and you will find yourself in a pool of water very soon. If you have problems like that even the slightest distraction can lead to an injury because this water which is not draining properly and it is restraining on the surface, can be really slippery because it is usually very soapy and mucilaginous.

If this water does not drain for a longer perod of time even the mould can develop and it can promote growth of some bacteria species.

If you want to get rid of problems like this or even prevent the emergence of bad draining you should clean the drainage and always make sure the drain system is clean.
The easiest solution is de-clogging the slow draining shower and if that does not work the next step is buying a drainage replacement and the bad draining problems will disappear.

Now that you know which are the most common causes of a poor shower experience you should think if you are suffering from any from above. If you are, you should follow the advices in the article and fix the problems. When the problems are gone, you will be able to create yourself a perfect showering experience and you will be able to enjoy your time while showering.

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