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6 Reasons To Put Infrared Saunas On Your Must-Do List

Written by  Wilfred Weihe

You have probably heard how many benefits come with the regular use of the sauna. But did you know that traditional sauna is not as effective as the infrared sauna is? And why is that? The difference between those two is in the penetration because when you are in the infrared sauna, the heat is not only heating up the air but it is also penetrating your body and does that much deeper. If you decide to visit infrared sauna regularly, you will be able to see a lot of health improvements, and this is the topic of this article where we are going to talk why it is good to put the infrared sauna on your must-do-list.

You Will Flush Out The Toxins

DetoxificationAs you probably know when you are in the sauna you will be definitely sweating a lot! And why is sweating great?

The body is using your sweat as a way out for all the bad substances, impurities, and toxins which are not good for our health. Just think how much salt are you consuming daily?

If you are visiting infrared sauna over the traditional one, you will be able to sweat more efficiently because here the sweating actually goes deeper and your body will be able to remove a larger amount of toxins.

You need to know that the body doesn’t do that because there is a higher temperature in the sauna or anything like that because with infrared saunas you are experiencing actually the opposite thing.

If you don’t prefer high temperature, the infrared sauna is better for you because they are about 20 to 60 degrees colder than traditional saunas.

Before you do any kind of sauna session, you should first talk to the doctor because there are people who have some medical conditions which are not allowed to go to the sauna!

Blood Pressure Will Lower And Muscles Will Unwind, Without Pharmaceutical Assist

A good thing about infrared saunas is that you don’t need to spend their whole hours and afternoons to get a decent effect.

For seeing any results, there is enough 1 time per week for around 15-20 minutes of sauna session, and you will be soon able to see the results.

Like we have said before when you are in the sauna your body starts to sweat because your heart starts to work harder and faster.

And if your heart is pumping faster that means the blood flow will increase and that means a better circulation.

Having a good blood flow and proper circulation is critical because if you can maintain these two things in a healthy range, you will be able to start seeing the results as lower blood pressure, less pain, soft muscles, fewer headaches, etc. and who wouldn’t like that?

There are also a lot of other benefits as you can lower down the pain if you have arthritis, sauna provides drug-free pain relief, reduces inflammation, etc.

Cut A Cold Or Flu Off At The Pass

Another benefit from infrared saunas is that wherever you feel that you will probably get sick and you can afford to be absent in this time, go and visit a sauna!

When you are sitting in the infrared sauna, you will be able to feel heat which will be focusing on promoting your blood circulation, and that will be the trigger for immune system which needs to be turned on immediately and starts fighting with the viruses.

Heat will destroy the great environment for the viruses, and they won’t be able to survive in your body anymore, and you will be able to get rid of the coming flu or illness very fast.

Look Younger, No 'Beauty' Creams Required

Women will love that! If you decide to go to IR sauna regularly, you will do a lot for your whole body and for your skin too!

Sauna helps your skin to look younger, there will be fewer wrinkles, and your skin tone will be much better too.

And why is that? When you are in the sauna, and you are improving your blood circulation, you are also giving the body a sign to make more collagen which is an imperative substance for the skin.

All the things we have said above will help your skin to look better and will be healthier too!

Drop A Little Weight Effortlessly

When you are sweating, you are not only removing the toxins out of the body, but you will also be able to reduce some weight.

This won’t be fat lose weight, but when you are sweating, you are removing the extra water from your body.

One you have lost all the water you will also have to get it back or you will get dehydrated, and you will cause a lot of damage to your body.

Once you re-hydrate your body, your weight will also be back.

It is recommended that before you are going to go to a sauna, you make sure your body is hydrated well and don’t forget to drink plenty of water after the session because you have lost a lot of body water and the body needs water for a living.

When you are in the sauna and doing nothing actually, you can also lose up to 600 calories in just half an hour!

Going to a sauna can be a really good thing for your health because you will boost the metabolism, remove the toxins and loose the extra water in your body.

An Infrared Sauna Is An Investment In Your Health

You are probably thinking how am I going to build a sauna when they are so expensive?

If you want your unit to be top quality the prices start at around $1,800 and that is actually not that much if you remind yourself how much good can you do for your health with just only one session per week.

Infrared saunas are a better option because they don’t require a lot of maintenance because they don’t need water or plumbing and they actually have more benefits to the body than the traditional one.

If you want to do something excellent for your health and you don’t mind investing into a good health useful product, you should seriously think about building an infrared sauna in your home. You won’t have a lot of work with it when it is done, all you have to do is go in there and enjoy your session and later enjoy seeing all the right results on your body.

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