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Why you should update your Shower Doors, Right Now?

Written by  Wilfred Weihe

Bathroom renovation is an elegant and stylish way to increase the house's worth. Old and dreary bathroom spaces spoil the start and end of your day. There are multiple ways to augment the aesthetic appeal of the bathroom and the inclusion of contemporary shower doors surely leads the rest.

Exquisiteness And EleganceBathrooms with chic and trendy shower enclosures and doors capture the attention of design enthusiasts who love sophisticated design.

The minimalistic modern doors easily integrate with the modern-day design themes requiring exquisiteness and elegance.

Why remodel your washroom with a shower door?

There are myriads of reasons why remodeling washroom is the best renovation and home improvement idea.

The aesthetics of the kitchen and bathroom have the most significant impact on the overall beauty of the home.

A stylish contemporary bathroom design benefits the homeowners in multiple unique ways.

From hosting guests to reselling or renting the house, here are a few reasons why remodeling the washroom with a contemporary shower door is the best idea.

  • Hosting Guests
Every homeowner desires to make an excellent impression on the minds of the houseguests.

One of the main reasons for the home renovation is to capture the attention of the guests and make them fall in love with the home décor theme.

At the time of get-togethers, parties, and family dinners, the bathroom is among the most heavily trafficked areas.

No homeowner wants their guests to visit his bathroom space with a bad impression due to dull and dreary bathroom design.

The contemporary shower door signifies elegance and makes houseguest admire the sophistication and beauty of bathroom space.

  • Safety First
Shower Door
Old and outdated shower enclosure and doors get unstable and unsafe with time.

The time surely takes a toll on the functionality and appearance of the door and turns it into a repulsive design element.

There is always a great degree of risk associated with the use of unstable doors in bathroom space, especially for children and seniors.

The outdated doors also lose translucency with time and fail to effectively illuminate the shower enclosure.

All such risks can be easily neutralized with the use of contemporary doors allowing seamless light transmission and unparalleled stability.

The modern door mechanisms are also safer and better than the old outdated ones.

  • Modern Upgrades
Shower Enclosure
Bathroom renovation is the best way for transitioning an old outdated home into a sophisticated design space.

That's the reason why bathroom upgrade is one of the topmost priorities of homeowners looking for cool home improvement ideas.

The inclusion of a contemporary shower door is a simple design idea that can drastically augment the aesthetic appeal and beauty of the bathroom.

The minimalistic design and appearance of new doors allow it to seamlessly integrate with the modernistic design themes.

The cost of full bathroom remodeling is often unaffordable for many homeowners and simple renovation ideas such as shower enclosure upgrade surely do the trick.

  • Small Space
Glass Enclosures
The size of the bathroom in modern homes continues to shrink to accommodate more rooms and facilitate more people.

The minimalistic appearance of contemporary doors makes it ideal for small and confined bathroom spaces.

The use of a glass shower enclosure is best for small bathroom space as glass helps in creating a sense of augmented space.

Glass enclosures also make the bathroom airier and allow light to easily illuminate the dark corners of the bathroom.

Sliding and pivoting contemporary doors are best-suited to the design of small bathroom spaces.

  • Moving Out
The potential homeowners keep a close eye on the bathroom space design at the time of home purchase.

The bathroom and kitchen are two integral design spaces that can make or break a certain home sales deal.

Hence, upgrading and remodeling bathrooms with design elements such as Rolling shower door is a financially beneficial option.

Attractive and stylish contemporary doors make a positive impression on the buyer's mind and augment the overall worth and value of the home.

So, before listing the home for sale or moving out, it is important to consider the aesthetics and long-term financial benefits of remodeling the bathroom space.

How much will it cost?

An average shower glass door costs around $500 - $1500 and is an incredibly economical option as compared to a full bathroom upgrade.

A simple door upgrade can drastically revamp the aesthetics of bathroom space and there's no need for further expensive remodeling options.

In addition to this, the augmentation of house worth and value is an added benefit of such upgrades and helps homeowners secure the best deals.

Such design upgrades not only make the home worth more but also makes it easier to sell.

Will this be worthwhile to replace the elegant traditional washroom?

Elegant Traditional WashroomRemodeling a bathroom with an elegant shower door is surely worthwhile even if you have already an elegant looking traditional washroom.

The aesthetic brilliance of contemporary glass shower enclosures benefits the overall bathroom design in myriads of unique ways.

The minimalistic door not only takes up less space but also make bathroom space airier.

Light can easily pass through the glass enclosure and these eco-friendly design ideas allow homeowners to make the most of natural light.

Relishing the sense of augmented space is another reason to upgrade the shower enclosure of small and confined contemporary bathroom space.

Where shower doors cannot be used?

There are numerous unique types of shower enclosure designs available at the disposal of homeowners and lovers of contemporary design.

Every type has its pros and cons and is made to address the specific design needs of unique contemporary bathroom spaces.

Some doors are more suitable for smaller spaces and some doors are specially designed for larger and open bathroom areas.

For instance, a single-pane frameless shower door is best for small bathroom spaces while the Frameless Shower Enclosure is suitable for larger bathrooms. Similarly, bi-fold doors are made to satisfy the design needs of confined space and conventional swinging doors are best suited to large spaces.

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