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What you need to know when buying a filter for your shower head

Written by  Wilfred Weihe

Buying a shower head filter may look somewhat daunting, but you would be shocked to find out the difference it will make. If you reside in a big city or town chances are your water quality could be less than pure. Several years ago I made a decision and bought a water filter for my shower after numerous moments of dry skin and colleagues telling me my skin smelled of chlorine.

It may seem like a needless purchase

It may sound like an unnecessary shower room purchase but they are not that pricey, and their functions are worth everything.

I can personally confirm that after the set up my skin felt less dry, my hair softer and making use of one cuts downscale build in the shower.

The best outcome though is not smelling like an ordinary pool, and you take a shower.

Once you started getting the results, you will become captivated by the filter and will be something that you won’t live without.

According to the best shower filter reviews, they last six months before a new one is required and are priced around $10-$50 each.

Their installation is easy, and some come packed with several water pressure configurations.

As you will come to notice having a shower with a filter in place will give you a moment of luxury you never experienced before.

Benefits of shower head filters

Healthier shower

Healthier ShowerLess chlorine and less dangerous disinfection are only one of the benefits.

Research indicates that a human body can soak in harmful by-products in the shower water via the pores and the skin.

Also, you can inhale them through the shower steam.

Eliminating these products will make you experience a healthier shower.

Better looking skin and hair

Chlorine is an alkaline or basic while your hair and skin are by natural means a bit acidic.

The acid and alkaline reaction attempt to dry the hair and skin eliminating natural oils.

For this reason, it’s important to have a filter in place if you want to keep chlorine out of the shower thereby leaving the hair and skin looking perfect.

Smells much better

The days of feeling like you have just taken a shower in a public swimming will be long gone.

You are already accustomed to the present chlorine smell in your shower but trust me you will see an instant difference as soon as you eliminate the chlorine.

Less irritation

High amounts of chlorine in the shower water irritate the skin and eyes and for eczema patients and children, eliminating the chlorine in the shower will be such a welcome relief:
  • Can you buy replacement filters and are they cheap? Because it's advisable to replace a filter every six months make sure the brand you choose is offering replacement cartridges. You don't want to replace or buy a new shower filter every six months.
  • Popular. Be sure to check reviews. If nobody is buying the perticular product, then something stinks. Make sure they are using proper materials.

Tips to help you find the best showerhead filters for your needs

Costs and available of replacement filters

Experts recommend that before you decide to purchase a certain type/brand of shower filter always confirm that replacement cartridges are affordable to change every six months.

Ensure that they are also available since you do not want to be trapped with a unit that you can’t service order completely or want a new filter unit anytime you require replace the cartridges.

Water filter pressure

Top on your list when hunting for a fresh water filter is making sure that the filter you opt for has the kind of pressure you want.

As you have already noted the market is flooded with thousands of shower head filters to choose from most which promise the sun but come short when it to comes to doing the actual job.

For this reason, it is important to know what each model offers before you fall for it.

Likewise, some models are intended to work in a low-flow threshold which means that the shower head pressure will be fluctuating quite significantly.

Ensure that you only go a for a water filter that delivers superior pressure to provide the relaxing and refreshing shower you are looking out for.

Go Vitamin C, or KDF

UBS Vita Fresh Shower FilterThese two kinds work best to eliminate chlorine from the shower water.

Already backed by proven research, it will surely meet your needs by giving chlorine-free water which is ideal for your skin.

Is it sustainable?

Although no single filter will last a lifetime, you do not want to be changing your filter now and then.

Industry experts reckon that the average life of these devices is around six months, but there are some that last longer.

That said the life of your filter would be dependent on how long and how many showers you take.

In case the filter remains unused (maybe when you are a trip) it does not fill up and degrade hence you do not need to factor this time


This is a no brainer since you do not want a filter stuffed with regular marbles or sand.

Before you make the final decision to buy one take your time to check customer reviews on Amazon and find out whether the filter you have settled on does an excellent job or not

Flexibility feature

The finest filtered showerheads available in the market offer lots of flexibility including a shower you want and a conventional showerhead which is fastened to a flexible hose.

This will offer you a chance to relish superb showers with total control, the type of complete control absent in traditional solutions.

Experts recommend that you go for this unique feature when you are ready to buy a new showerhead.

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