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16 Showering Mistakes That Ruin Your Hair

Written by  Wilfred Weihe

You could be doing almost everything right from using natural hair care products and oiling your hair on a regular basis to eating hair-friendly foods. However, you still feel that your aspiration of flaunting those alluring locks is not becoming a reality.

Looks familiar? Well, if you've by now done so much, and you're still not obtaining the results you want, then it's time to figure out about things which you could be doing wrong.

With just some knowledge and this listing of mistakes you may be making, you may have amazingly soft and stunning hair, too!

Maintaining the Same Ancient Hair Washing Routine

Maintaining The Same Ancient Hair Washing RoutineSome women seldom wash their hair every day, and others lay claim it's every other day.

However as long as you are tackling your hair's special needs, there is no need to conform to a rigorous schedule.

Not Brushing Ahead of the Shower

Not Brushing Ahead Of The ShowerBefore jumping into the shower room, you should definitely brush your hair.

Not only is tangle free hair much easier to wash but by doing away with the broken strands from the head in advance, you won't be angling them out of a blocked drain afterward.


Treating Your Roots with Needless Chemicals

You should be putting on your conditioner right from the center of your hair than to the tips, while steering away from roots.

Your scalp makes sufficient oil by natural means to keep the roots hydrated, so putting conditioner there over it is overkill.

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Using Sulfates for Deeper Cleansing

Sulfates are added to conditioner and shampoos due to their deep cleansing lathers.

However, these harsh chemicals aren't necessary, as they can strip your hair of natural nutrients and oils (making it over generate oil to compensate).

So skip the sulfates to check if your hair does not get its kick back again.

Rinsing your hair with hot water

Rinsing Your Hair With Hot WaterHave you been cleaning your hair with hot water all this time?

Well listen, ouch and ouch!! Hot water from your rainfall showerhead gets dry your hair and scalp much quicker.

If you wish, use warm water as this will open the hair cuticles, and optimize the impact of your conditioner and shampoo.

Also, toward the end of your hair cleaning routine, rinse the hair with some cold water no less than once.

Cold water will aid to shut the hair cuticles and keep the moisture trapped in.

Keep in mind those with color treated hair should be at all costs steer clear of the hot water as it raises the likelihood of the color fading away faster.

Washing your hair for just 4-5 minutes

If you have the habit of washing your hair for less than five minutes, then you are not doing any justice to your tresses.

There is no need to slap a heap of shampoo on your hair and then rinse it using cold water.

Take a bit of time and rub your scalp with tips of your fingers in circular movements.

Experts advise that you begin doing so straight from the hair line then moves toward your nape.

This not only helps to generate lather and clean your hair follicles but also boosts blood flow.

For best results focus on using your tips of your fingers only to rub your scalp.

Massaging your hair strands in between your hands vigorously while washing can trigger friction resulting to hair damage.

Skipping on water

Many ladies make the blunder of not providing their hair sufficient time to absorb the water before they go toward shampooing them.

If you're pondering about the weather, then enjoy that by all means.

However, it is a critical hair washing mistake which you are committing.

Before you shampoo the hair, clean it under flowing water for a minimum of a minute or two.

This ensures that you get the most from your conditioner and shampoo.

By not rinsing your scalp sufficiently, after utilizing the conditioner and shampoo is serious hair washing mistake you should avoid.

Ensure that before you leave the shower enclosure that you fully rinse out the conditioner and shampoo and that no deposit is left behind, as that can result in flat hair and scalp irritation.

Using too much shampoo to get best results

Many women believe that if a hair shampoo doesn't generate much lather, it is not getting the job done.

However, did you know the lather might not be assisting you to eliminate the grime build up?

Excessive foam can stop the shampoo from operating its strong cleansing magic.

Beauty experts recommend that for your first clean; you should try to press a dollop of shampoo, roughly the size of a two-pound coin.

And, if you require a subsequent wash, try using much less amount of the same.

Always Applying Shampoo to the same area

Most women apply shampoo to the palm of our heads and then work it into a lather from that point, but this can aggravate your scalp and make it turn dry and flaky.

Rather, Oprah.com recommends changing your shampoo application around the nape of the neck, and then working it upwards, to avoid irritation.

Rushing through your hair washing regime

During these hectic times, most people don't have the time especially in the mornings you may not feel like wasting a full three minutes rinsing your hair.

Women have a tendency to excessive use shampoo, so you definitely need to pay plenty of interest to rinsing it out of your scalp.

If you allow the shampoo to hang out till your next wash and pile on hair styling solutions and dry hair shampoo all the while—it will turn into build-up, which can aggravate your scalp and perhaps slow growth by blocking up the hair roots.

Brushing Wet Hair

Don't dare do it! Your post bathing routine is just as essential as what's taking place in your shower.

The truth is water can weaken your hair's bonds; brushing your hair through when it's still wet and helpless will leave you with more damage and breakage than if you waited fifteen minutes for it to dry out.

Preserve your hair strands by brushing your hair before you jump in the shower so they are much less gnarled soon after you shampoo.

Another wise idea is using an ultra absorbent microfiber brush that dries out wet hair when brushing it.

Not using a hair conditioner

Following a head bath, the scalp will restore its oils it's stripped off after a brief period, but hair ends are vulnerable to becoming drier.

This means you need a hair conditioner. Use it first at the base of the hair then move along until the mid-shaft.

Another benefit of conditioning the hair is that it lowers friction and major breakage when brushing your hair.

Applying conditioner to the head scalp is another sheer mistake for your hair.

If you have the habit of putting on your conditioner on the scalp, then quit right now.

Washing Your Hair any time It's Greasy

You've most likely heard these days that washing your hair daily, and even on alternate days, makes it lose its natural oils.

For this reason, consider training your hair to get greasy much less quickly by holding out an additional day between your normal washes, depending on dry shampoo which makes it look clean.

Switching shampoos often

Switching Shampoos OftenWith the market filled with so many hair products, your frustration is understandable.

However, this doesn't imply you should keep experimenting anything you come across.

Yes, a lot of women out there frequently feel that their hair shampoos become less efficient after a few months.

However, this has nothing to with the product. Some hair care solutions work best in a certain season as hair texture experiences some transformation with a change in season.

Hence, take this into account! What you need to do is, making sure you actively check out the behavioral patterns of your hair and make use of the right shampoo.

Consider a light shampoo if you're in the routine of shampooing regularly.

Using Silicone-Based Shampoo

Silicone based shampoos are a fast way to make the hair feel soft and smooth, but they in truth end up drying out hair eventually by blocking moisture from penetrating.

It's okay to use silicone based hair solutions, provided that your shampoo flushes them out, and it cannot do so if it has the ingredient itself.

Be careful with shampoos that have the ingredient dimethicone -another word for silicone.

Towel drying

Woman Wrapped In TowelRubbing the hair by using a towel or hot towel can result in breakage along with frizziness owing to all that friction.

It's much better to utilize an old T-shirt instead of a towel, and to soak your strands rather than rubbing them dry!

If you've been committing these mistakes, then it's time to quit and work your way back.

Accelerate the process of change of dull and broken strands into beautiful Rapunzel-like tresses, by keeping away from these frequent hair washing mistakes.

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