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Teak Shower Seat, Pros and Cons

Written by  Wilfred Weihe

DreamLine SHST 01 TK Folding Shower NaturalDo you have elder people or small children at home? Or you are ill and can't stand for too long? And is this disrupting your shower experience? Don't worry, there is a solution; a shower bench. A shower bench is a bathroom accessary that will help you to enjoy shower while comfortably sitting inside your bathroom. Older people and children can enjoy the shower using shower benches.

These walk in showers with seat will set your shower on fire!
Also, ill persons who can't stand for long can also take a shower thanks to these shower benches. There is a huge variety among these shower benches in the market. Most of these shower seats come with a plastic or wooden built. Every type has their own advantages and disadvantages. Among the various wooden built seats is Teak. There are several options available for a teak built shower bench such as folding shower seats, teak corner shower seats, simple teak shower seats, and many others.

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Teak is both elegant and durable type of wood. Teak is rich in natural oils that provides a high level of resistance to bugs. Also, it is an ideal solution for humid bathroom conditions. Naturally beautiful, the Patina present on the surface of the Teak develops an attractive silver-gray color over time that looks elegant and attractive. Also, teak is super easy to clean and can be simply cleaned using a soap. However, it needs to be kept cleaned and dried on a regular basis because constant moisture can result into water spots and stains onto the surface of the wood.

This guide covers the basic introduction of Teak shower seats (including folding shower seats and teak corner shower seats), advantages and disadvantages of using them and some regular tips for maintaining their durability for a longer period of use.

Teak Shower Seat Pros

  • Resistant To Moisture – Teak is extremely resistant to moisture. Teak has a special tendency to develop a protective glaze on the outer surface after some frequent exposure to moisture. This protective glaze adds more durability to the teak corner shower seats. Naturally, Teak is considered to be the best contender for both boat building and bathroom usage.
  • Stronger and Resistant To Deformities – Teak is one of the hardest and strongest furniture woods. It isn't easily chipped, cracked, or splintered. Due to its strong nature, shower seats built from Teak are very much durable and with proper care and maintenance can last for a very long period.
  • Durable – Teak based furniture can last longer thanks to its moisture resistant and stronger built tendencies. Also, Teak is rich in natural oils that provides it with a higher degree of resistance to bugs and therefore resistance to rot.
  • Attractive and Elegant Natural Design – Stated simply, beautiful. It's the first word that comes to mind when sight is laid on this attractive material. A teak shower bench adds both elegance and style to your bathroom. Its natural appeal helps in enhancing the ambience inside your bathroom. Over time, the patina present on the wood develops into an attractive silver-grey coloration that looks exceptionally beautiful just like wooden saunas.
  • Ease Of Cleaning – Cleaning teak made furniture is easy. It can be easily and thoroughly cleaned with a simple soap. You can use a soft brush to wipe out the dirt and other stains of your shower seat. After applying soap to the shower head rinse it with clean water. It is preferable to let the shower seat dry completely in the open.

Teak Shower Seat Cons

  • Likely To Develop Stains and Marks – Teak requires a little bit of care for maintaining its coloration and appearance. Teak folding shower seats are likely to develop stains and marks over time of use. This happens because of prolonged exposure to moisture and water. Additionally, these marks provide an uneven color to the shower bench and hence spoils its appearance.
  • Requires Regular Cleaning – Teakwood changes its natural honey colour to silver-gray color due to continuous exposure to moisture. If left untreated, this coloration further transforms into a greenish look. This greenish coloration isn't adorable as much as the silver-grey color and hence is undesirable. To prevent this change the surface needs to be regularly treated with sand and oils. Before applying the oils the wood needs to be completely dried. This can disable the use of the shower bench for a long time and hence isn't convenient.
  • Little Costlier – Teak is a little costlier when compared to other wood options. This is due to its lesser availability and costly manufacturing process.

Tips For Longer Use

Teak is indeed the best option for enhancing the décor of your bathroom as well as adding comfort to your daily shower experience. To maintain its original elegance and good looks, it need to be regularly cleaned and brushed. Following are some of the tips that can help you to increase the service time of your Teak shower bench:

  1. To prevent the transformation of silver-gray coloration of the patina into greenish color, it needs to be regularly rinsed, brushed and dried.
  2. Regularly clean your Teak shower bench as using it for longer time periods without cleaning and drying can result into the weakening of the wood.
  3. Use only mild soap for cleaning the Teak surface. Don't use any chemicals for cleaning it as it can get damaged from the use of such chemicals. Use of such chemicals can reduce some parts of the wooden seat and hence result into an uneven surface.
  4. After cleaning and rinsing the shower bench, let it out in the air to get it completely dried. Start using the shower bench only after it is completely dried.
  5. Apply only essential oils onto the surface on the Teak folding shower seat. Teakwood itself contains natural oils that helps it to develop silver-grey coloration over time as a result of constant exposure to moisture and water. Oils other than essential oils may result into undesirable effects like neutralizing its natural oils or damaging the surface of the shower seat.

Enhance your shower experience by adding Teak to your bathroom comfort. Available options are Teak folding shower seats, Teak corner shower seats, Teak shower seats, and many more.
Teak time. Enjoy!

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