Think You're Cut Out for Buying Luxurious Shower Panel?

Written by  Wilfred Weihe

714HCBGg0uL. SL1500 The first thing to consider when buying shower panel is whether you are a bath or shower person. They come in many different forms, styles and designs and you have a million options to choose from. Shower panels have a lot of different abilities which will make your showering experience even better.


There are many benefits connected to purchasing a shower panel. First one is definitely the variety of options for customization, massage settings, waterfall, rainfall options and much more. Buying a shower panel will help you to get the most of your showering time. If you are looking for a modern look you should definitely invest into a new shower panel.


When you are buying a shower column you should pay attention to the material that is made out. One of the most popular materials are PVC, stainless steel or even aluminum and acrylic.

The best one is probably PVC because these kinds of shower panels are much cheaper than alternatives (like stainless steel). But the bad side of a cheaper version is that PVC shower tower may not be as long lasting as some alternatives.

It is interesting that some stainless steel showers are coming with fingerprint-free finish in order to keep them clean and to remain the beauty.

Acrylic ones are actually a mixture of PVC and metal-based shower and are not so expensive and they are pretty long lasting.


If you are renovating the whole bathroom design of the shower panel is very important because we want the shower column to integrate into the rest of the space. You have to make sure you match your ideas and you have to make sure these ideas do not visually clash. If you pick the right option you can bring a very luxurious and modern feeling into your bathroom.


Money can be a huge factor when it comes to renovating. Most of the home owners are looking for the way that will cost the least. You really need to choose the one which fits your budget and if your budget is not so high you probably won't be able to get all the features you want. As more features you are adding the more the price is growing.


Some shower panels include music features, flow controls, pressure controls etc. If you are looking for a shower tower like this, you will definitely need a higher budged because they are not so affordable as the usual ones.

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There are various settings available with your shower column. You can get a shower tower which allows spray patterns, different water pressure, misting sprays, rainfall showers etc. all available through shower digital temperature control.

Some modern model showers even include LED temperature display, so you can see the colors changing within water temperature change. It can be perfect for smaller children who don't know how to operate with modern shower equipment.

Rainfall showers are a very popular thing lately especially if you are looking for maybe a natural feeling. It gives you an experience of showering in the rain and they have even multiple settings to choose between.


The main benefit of a shower column is that it takes less space than the usual ones so it's a good solution for home owners with a smaller bathroom. They are easy to install into all types of bathrooms.

The second and also very important benefit is that it is really easy to replace. If the shower tower brakes, you can replace it by yourself. Another advantage coming with shower columns is that they come in different styles and colors and is easy to adjust it to the rest of the space.

Shower tower allows you to redo your existing shower into a luxurious and spa looking bathroom and give you the most of experience that a shower can give. It will help you to relax and to enjoy your time showering. It is perfect solution not only for those with higher budget but even with those with lower budget because you can find perfect shower columns in different price ranges. It you have a small bathroom that is not even a problem anymore because they can be easily installed into all kinds of bathrooms of all sizes. For picking the best shower panel you have to think about what you like and what do you have available (space, budget...). Or read about the best ones in our shower panel reviews.

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