Best Walk in Showers With Seats in 2017

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If you start asking people in what position they shower, you will usually get two answers – either they shower standing upright, which is expected, or they'll tell you they prefer taking a bath rather than showering. In this case they were are lying down and soaking in the hot water. Some years ago a new way of showering was devised. It is this kind of showering that gives people a third option, and indeed more and more individuals are deciding they prefer this position as oppose to standing upright or laying down with shower panel reviews. The quite simple inventions are referred to as Walk in Showers With Seats. That's right, you can have a shower while sitting down. That's if you don't like walk in tubs of course.

Walk In Showers with seats saw their early rise in the beginning of 50s in the 20th century, yet were forgotten in the following few decades. Nonetheless, their second rise is up and about, happening right now. Because of the many benefits walk-in shower with seats offer to elderly people, and the trend of increase of human life-span in developed countries, these kind of seats, folding teak shower bench in particular have become very popular in recent years.

Best Folding shower seats reviews in 2017

 Moen DN7110
Home Care Fold
Down Shower Seat
DreamLine SHST-01-TK
Folding Shower Seat,
folding teak shower bench
20" Teak Modern Folding
Shower Seat Bench Finished
Dark Wood Chrome Spa Bath
  Moen DN7110 Home Care Shower DreamLine SHST 01 TK Folding Shower Natural  Modern Folding Shower Finished Chrome 
Free Shiping Yes Yes Yes
Supports Weight Up to 400 pounds Up to 250 pounds Up to 220 pounds
Material Aluminium, teak wood Stainless Steel, teak wood Chromel, teak wood
Dimensions 16.2 x 15.4 x 20.4 inches 12 x 15 inches 21 x 13 x 4 inches
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Moen DN7110 Home Care Fold Down Shower Seat

Moen DN7110 Home Care ShowerDiscover%20the%20benfitsIntroduction and Review – The DN7110 is a foldable shower seat by Moen. It comes in a beautiful wooden finish and also in the same colour adding a great sight soothing pleasure.

The overall weight of the item is around 15 pounds, which is lightweight but can be managed easily. Its complete dimensions are 16.2(B)x15.4(D)x20.4(W). Aluminium and wood are the primary materials employed for crafting this folding teak shower seat.

Coming over to the features part for this wooden finished folding shower seat, it has several of them. Its unique wall-mount design helps you to avoid any kinds of slips and falls by making you stick to the seat securely. The sight pleasing design is constructed from rugged aluminium frame and water-resistant teak wood. This sturdy and strong 20x15 seat is able to hold up to 400 pounds of weight.

Moen provides a limited lifetime warranty on this teak shower bench.

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Summary – This elegant folding teak shower bench has a healthy set of features provided by Moen however, some petty issues are also an inherent part of the DN7110 which are worth noticing if you are making your mind and would like to go for it.

As such, below is a list of features and issues offered by Moen DN7110 Home Care folding shower seat:

Moen Teak Shower Seat Pros

  • Unique wall-mount design.
  • Secure shower seat prevents annoying slips and falls.
  • Rugged aluminium frame and water-resistant teak wood construction gives both beautiful view and a sturdy composure.
  • Wide 20x15 size.
  • Perfect for small showers.
  • Capable of holding up to 400 pounds of weight.
  • ADA compliant shower seat.
  • Limited lifetime warranty by Moen.

Moen Teak Shower Seat Cons

  • Not a budget buy.
  • Not suitable for big showers.
To sum it up, Moen DN7110 is a great elegant folding shower seat best suited for small showers. It is easy to mount and gives a sturdy feel. The strong composure is able to handle weights up to 400 pounds. It fits into a budget of $220 plus however, this is not an issue if you are willing to spend some extra dollars for a great shower seat having water-resistant teak finish.

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We are not responsible if you will sit a lot when you get one of these best shower panels!

DreamLine SHST-01-TK Folding Shower Seat, folding teak shower bench

DreamLine SHST 01 TK Folding Shower NaturalIntroduction and Review – SHST-01-TK is a foldable shower seat brought to you by DreamLine. This is a lightweight folding teak shower bench that weighs only around 4 pounds in all. It covers 12 inches of depth and 15 inches of width as its space requirements.

It has detailed chrome finish that provides elegance to this seat. Natural teak wood is the primary construction material with stainless steel being the other material used for construction. It requires special reinforced mounting and a professional installation that can be a sort of inconvenience.

Weight capacity of this folding shower seat is about 250 pounds, which is good. The hardware employed in this foldable shower seat is made up of stainless steel that adds strength to it. Easily foldable while showering or dressing. It also has a standard protective lacquer applied. DreamLine covers a 1-year warranty on this teak shower bench.

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Summary – DreamLine SHST-01-TK folding shower seat is a small yet good option for adding a foldable shower seat at your shower.

However, along with its assuring quality and features, there are few issues that should also be considered before going for it. Following is a list of features and issues offered by SHST-01-TK:

DreamLine folding teak shower seat Pros

  • Budget buy.
  • Rich colour of the teak wood provides a natural look.
  • Stainless steel construction.
  • Chrome finish.
  • Weighs only 4 pounds.
  • Convenient and safe to sit.
  • Perfect for small showers.
  • It has a standard protective lacquer applied.
  • 1 year warranty.

DreamLine folding teak shower seat Cons

  • Professional installation required.
  • Requires special reinforced mounting.
  • Packaged screws are soft.
In whole, the SHST-01-TK is a lightweight folding shower seat which is able to fit into a budget of a little over $100. It is perfect for small showers and as for its size of 12x15, it is quite strong and is able to hold weights up to 250 pounds.

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20" Teak Modern Folding teak shower bench Finished Dark Wood Chrome Spa Bath

Modern Folding Shower Finished Chrome
Introduction and Review
– The 20" Teak Modern Folding Shower Seat Bench Finished Dark Wood Chrome Spa Bath is a foldable shower seat by Clevr. It weighs around 9 pounds and covers 21(L)x13(W)x4(H) of space.

This 20" Burmese Teak wood finished folding shower bench assures to add both convenience and comfort to your shower and spa experience. It offers a very convenient fold up design that enables it to be folded in a blink and with greater ease.

This 20" teak shower bench is suitable for any kind of home shower or for a spa. The sturdy design gives it the strength to hold weights up to 220 lbs.

Easy to install with the instructions included in the package.

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Summary – 20" Teak Modern Folding Shower Seat Bench Finished Dark Wood Chrome Spa Bath NEW is a great shower bench by Clevr. Like any other teak shower bench, it also has a small set of petty issues that need to be covered before going for it.

Following is a list of the various features and issues offered by this 20" shower bench from Clevr:

Teak Folding teak shower bench Pros

  • Beautiful and stronger Burmese teak wood finish.
  • Convenient fold up design for added ease.
  • Suitable for both, home showers and spa.
  • Easy installation.
  • Strong weight capacity of 220 lbs.
  • Chrome hardware.
  • Wall bracket measures.
  • Sturdy design.
  • Budget buy.

Teak Folding teak shower bench Cons

  • No warranty offered.
Overall, 20" Teak Modern Folding Shower Seat Bench Finished Dark Wood Chrome Spa Bath NEW by Clevr is a sturdy and great looking foldable shower bench with Burmese Teak wood finish. Also, it is a budget buy with a price of a few dollars above $150. Its suitability for both home showers and spa, makes it to stand out from the rest of teak shower benchs in its price range.

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Of the advantages the walk-in showers with seats bring, none is as important as the comfort of using them, in relation to ordinary shower systems. For the human body, standing up is in part connected with numerous muscles that need to be sensitized and called into action. But under the shower, all we want to be is relaxed, washing away the wears and tears of the day. And the best way of doing that is sitting. While you are sitting, your muscles are relaxed because there is no need to stabilize your body or support your upper body with leg muscles. Wall mounted folding chair offer us not only to relax our muscles, but it enables us to connect this rejuvenating experience with showering, thereby getting a double bust of relaxation comfortably. But for complete relaxation you can use freestanding tubs.

Walk-in showers with seats are best fit for elderly generation. With age, standing up sometimes becomes burdensome for the spine, which has to support the upper body mass. Especially when showering, this may become a problem. Wall mounted shower seats are the solution. You just step in the shower (make sure that shower drains are curbless), adjust the water you want and simple sit down all the while water is washing you.

Not only for elderly people, wall mounted shower seat can be used by any generation. This is because there is yet another benefit walk-in showers with seats provide. By letting you sit down, you have more maneuvering space and can reach your legs with ease. While standing up on your feet, it is very difficult to clean them, because you have to reach down with your arms, which takes strain on the spine and demands additional stabilizing skills on your part. With wall mounted shower bench washing your legs and feet is considerably easier.

Walk-in showers with seats are also less dangerous to use than regular stand up showers. A slipping under the shower is very common accident and can have fatal consequence, especially for elderly people with osteoporosis. The accident usually happens while one is standing on one foot. You might ask why a person would do such a thing, but remember how you clean your feet. You are desperately trying to stabilize while scrubbing one of your feet and standing on one leg, balancing only with a single hand, usually leaning against slippery ceramic tiles. With wall mounted folding chair this is never the case and accidents such as these are much less likely to happen.

Of course there are some bad sides to having wall mounted folding chair. The first one is usually the stereotype that if you have a walk-in shower with seats you are most probably old. I'm not here telling you you shouldn't listen to people with prejudice, but this is nevertheless the prime reason why people don't use this kind of showers. On the other hand, however, if people in old age use them, then obviously there must be some kind of benefit from them. The advantages were pointed out in the beginning of these articles, but the fact that more and more people are using walk-in showers with seats tells us that the stereotype is losing its momentum and people are comfortable enough with their age to see through the prejudice and use the benefits wall mounted folding seat provide.

The problem might also be that these kinds of showers take a bit more space than the usual one. With additional tiles and size, they tend to be more expensive. The increment from normal walk-in showers is in itself not that substantial, but where the additional costs come in is the installation, because for the seats to be built, more material is needed. Also it's hard to do you yourself and you'll probably need someone with expertise in this area of work. On the other hand, the water costs connected with such showering tend to be much lower than if you are regularly taking a bath.

On comparison with normal showering, showering in walk-in showers with steps is not connected with an increase in water consumption. So if you use normal showering, there is nothing to be afraid of concerning the costs, and if you are used to taking a bath, you might just save some money by showering in such a way. And you will also notice that seating down can be as relaxing and comfortable as laying down in a bath.

To sum up, Walk In Showers with seats offer numerous advantages. You can have more comfortable experience and wash yourself with ease. There is no danger of slipping and breaking your bones or worse, because you're not even standing. Washing your legs and feet is simpler not only for you, but for your spine as well. On the other hand, there might be some additional costs connected with acquiring walk-in shower with steps, but the water consumption should not increase. All in all, either your are an elderly or just like to shower more comfortably, the new trend of walk-in showers with seats is the one to follow.

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