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Top Wheelchairs Accessible Showers

Written by  Wilfred Weihe

Convincing yours kids to take a shower once in a while can be tedious work, but you know they have to get cleaned somehow. Now imagine convincing someone on a wheelchair to take a shower – it can be much more difficult. Showering is, of course, necessary for everyone on the wheelchair, but the very experience of showering can be a really burdensome and tough if you are in a wheelchair. To make things simple and to encourage yourself to take showers, despite being on a wheelchair, a new line of Wheelchairs Accessible Showers was created.

Wheelchairs Accessible Showers are not a modern invention like shower panels. The design we see in today's wheelchairs accessible showers have been in use for long time, but it was not until the wheelchair became well known that we saw a true benefit in such a design. In such a way, the problem of showering for disabled people was already solved way before the invention of a wheelchair. What we do now is just reaping the benefits the basic wheelchairs accessible small showers design is giving us.

Wheelchairs accessible showers are as simple as they get. What you need is the absence of a steep when one is entering the shower system. Wheelchairs can even manage to overcome small steeps, but most of wheelchairs accessible showers designs are built with no steep at all to ease the entrance to the shower. On the other hand, wheelchairs can be really wide as well, so wheelchairs accessible showers designers have accounted this in their designs. Today's design is very broad for all kinds of wheel chairs to fit in and it gives certain openness to the shower space. What is also considered are the slippery tiles on the floor of the shower. Usually there are none, because the traction from ordinary ceramic tiles is too small. Instead, in most cases, solid stone construction are in use who in addition to making the floor less slippery provide a much needed hard support. In a wheelchair, whole of the body mass and the mass of the wheelchair is concentrated on the slim tires of the wheelchair, which may be able to break some kind of shower floors. If you have a solid stone construction, however, this scenario is out of the question.

You could try with wheelchair accessible walk in tubs, but they are not a budget buy. On the other hand, wheelchairs accessible roll in showers are a great way to motivate you, if you are in a wheelchair, to take showers more regularly. Admittedly, in such condition most of the things you do are harder than before, most of all showering. If you have to input some extra energy to shower, you will likely not shower as much as you should. Remember that hygiene is very important, not only if you are on the wheelchair, but in general as well. With wheelchairs accessible showers you will be more likely to take a shower every day, which brightens you day and positively influences on your general mood as well as physical and psychological health. Walk in Shower Enclosures for disabled are in such a way not merely a simple and easy was to take showers if disabled, but it is a way to get that positive bust of energy you may be lacking in your everyday life.

The beautiful thing about handicap accessible showers are the costs. There are practically none. What is more, for a regular walk-in shower you are likely to spend more than for wheelchair accessible shower. This is in great measure due to simple design of wheelchairs accessible showers. It is also the reason why such shower designs existed way before we had wheelchairs – it is, again, as simple as it gets. On the other hand, what you have to worry a bit about is the space wheelchairs accessible showers take. For a usually shower you practically need just the space to put your body inside, but with wheelchairs accessible showers the whole wheelchair has to be put somewhere. The increment from regular shower, nonetheless, is not that substantial and is thought about when building or redecorating the bathroom itself. On the costs note, a person in a wheelchair needs the assistance to take a shower. With disabled Walk In Showers less assistance is required and it can relieve a nurse for example of some assistance, thereby you are again cutting some costs.

Wheelchairs accessible showers designs have come a long way in its long history. Today they are not only focus on the functionality and simplicity of use, but also on the décor side – they are becoming more and more elegant and can be a nice addition to any bathroom. If you browse a bit, you can find almost as many designs for wheelchairs accessible showers as for regular walk-in showers. The cutting edge techniques implemented in making bathroom supplies come in especially useful in disabled bathrooms, going as far as making an automatic showering system. In such a way, a person on a wheelchair doesn't even need to make much effort while showering because he or she can use a remote which can automatically start all the regular functionalities connected with showering, and engineers have even added some more, especially having people in wheelchairs and elderly generation in mind. However, this automatized handicap accessible showers will cost considerably more than regular ones, which is only to be expected for such a high end technology.

What I love about wheelchairs accessible showers is that they make the showering experience possible for everyone. Soon you'll find that with wheelchairs accessible showers taking a shower is a joyous experience that will immediately make your day fuller and more positive. It is much more than a shower, it is the break in the monotone day. If you have a normal walk-in shower, don't hesitate with installing a brand new wheelchairs accessible shower if you have a person on a wheelchair at home. It is a small and smart expense on your part, but by letting someone on a wheelchair use a shower with ease, it is a great change for that person. So show a little love and make your life simpler and more joyful for yourself and everybody around you.

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