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Best Walk In Shower Enclosure Reviews in 2024

Written by  Wilfred Weihe

Modern day walk-in showers are fascinating pieces of intern bathroom design. Despite all the sophistication put into the creation process of this pricey new way of showering, the essential elements of which walk-in showers consist of are still two – shower head or heads and shower enclosures. A purpose of the shower head is evident – it is a source of water to shower with. On the other hand, use of walk-in shower enclosures is to prevent water coming from shower head spraying all over the bathroom. Enclosures are not there only to contain water, but also in some degree to efficiently channel it to the drain.

There are many Walk in Shower Enclosures in use. They vary in materials they consist of and in the shape of enclosures themselves. Below different models of these enclosures are presented and described. What we want to know of different models is primarily how they look and also what is the price range increase we can expect when we are buying a Walk In Showers containing certain enclosures.

Best Walk In Shower enclosure reviews in 2024

PictureOur ReviewTypeFinishPrice 
DreamLine Elegance Frameless Pivot Shower Enclosure DreamLine Elegance
Frameless Pivot Shower
Enclosure Review
Frameless glass enclosure Chrome
Brushed Nickel
Oil rubbed bronze
$$$$ Buy On Amazon
DreamLine Prism Frameless Pivot Shower Enclosure DreamLine Prism
Frameless Glass Shower
Enclosure Review
Frameless neo angle enclosure Chrome
Brushed Nickel
$$$ Buy On Amazon
DreamLine Solo Frameless Sliding Shower Enclosure DreamLine Solo
Frameless Shower
Enclosure Review
Frameless glass enclosure Chrome $$$ Buy On Amazon
OVE Breeze Shower Kit With Acrylic Base And Walls And Clear Glass Sliding Door OVE Breeze Shower Kit
with Clear Glass
Sliding Door Review
Acrylic base,
clear glass sliding door
and acrylic walls
Chrome $$$$$ Buy On Amazon
VIGO Piedmont Frameless Neo Angle Shower Enclosure With Clear Glass And Chrome Hardware VIGO Frameless
Neo-Angle Shower
Enclosure Review
Frameless Neo-Angle
Shower Enclosure
Brushed Nickel 
$$$$ Buy On Amazon

DreamLine Elegance Frameless Pivot Shower Enclosure Review

DreamLine Elegance Frameless Pivot Shower EnclosureThe Elegance shower enclosure fuses exceptional quality with clean, minimal styling.

Its fluid frameless design and opulent 3/8 inches thick tempered glass create an excellent mix of beauty and strength.

The corner installation optimizes space and becomes the soul of your bathroom design while nominal hardware produces an airy and open appeal.

Read more about this glass shower enclosure on Amazon

The DreamLine Elegance 34" by 34" Frameless Pivot Shower Enclosure, SHEN-4134340-01 Shower enclosure collection has an enclosure having a frameless look and a gorgeous pivot shower door.

The metallic chrome design features and plain 3/8 inch glass make this shower product a minimalist add-on to any existing or new bathroom design.

The set features a plain side panel and tempered glass door with pieces which have an excellent chrome finish.

The pivoting mechanism is made of anodized aluminum wall profiles, solid brass, and mounting components also come standard.

The overall dimensions of this product are 34" D x 34" W x 72" H once completed.

DreamLine Elegance Pros

  • Great shower product, great price, and installation experience necessary. This enclosure will fit beautifully.
  • Clean, modern lines make any bathroom look amazing.
  • To reduce leakage, mount the shower head on the opposite side of your door opening overlooking fixed shower floor or panel or tiled walls.

DreamLine Elegance Cons

  • Finished walls needed for installation and measurement.

What the customers think about this shower glass enclosure
The DreamLine Elegance 34" by 34" Frameless Pivot Shower Enclosure is highly rated and recommended by Amazon customers who purchased it. All customers agree that this product is an excellent addition to any bathroom or shower room.

Our verdict
You can’t go wrong with The DreamLine Elegance Frameless Pivot Shower Enclosure.

Great value, great prices, and one shower product you will want to have in your home.

Check price of this glass shower enclosure at Amazon now

Disclosure: We hope you love the products we recommend! All reviews on this website represent our own opinion. We research and compare only the best products you can find on Amazon.com. And for that, we might get compensation if you click on our outgoing links and then buy something.

The DreamLine Prism Frameless Pivot Shower Enclosure Review

DreamLine Prism Frameless Pivot Shower EnclosureThe DreamLine Prism 34 1/8" by 34 1/8" Frameless Pivot Shower Enclosure is an excellent space saver with a distinctive corner set up that creates an amazing centerpiece.

This contemporary shower enclosure uses a top quality 3/8 inches thick tempered glass, a fresh frameless design, and a stylish pivot operation.

This is a must have if you want to make it the focal point of your shower room design.

With its intelligent anodized aluminum guide rails and header/footer design that enable for up to 3/8 inches out of plumb adjustments on any side, this shower enclosure stands out in any shower room.

Why not add some style and class to you shower room by selecting the Prism 34 1/8" by 34 1/8" Frameless Pivot Shower Enclosure by DreamLine.

Read more about glass shower enclosures on Amazon

DreamLine Prism Frameless Glass Shower Enclosure Pros

  • Frameless glass design.
  • Self-closing hinge allows simple shutting of the door.
  • Brushed Nickel surface finish.
  • Complete length magnetic door locks for water-tight closure.
  • Enclosed hinges provide leak-proof protection and functionality. Fixed arm support guarantees wall anchoring and supports wall stability.
  • Reversible for left or right door opening set up.
  • Positive reviews from the many customers who have bought this product.

DreamLine Prism Frameless Glass Shower Enclosure Cons

  • Although it is easy to install professional help is highly recommended.

What the customers say about this product
Customers praise this awesome product. Installation is easy but expert assistance is recommended.

Our verdict
DreamLine’s exquisite taste and top quality are mirrored in this completely Frameless Pivot Shower Enclosure.

Shower enclosure set up makes a gorgeous home improvement undertaking. Single water deflector blows water towards the interior of the shower. The clear side seals hold the door watertight.

Great product at a great price. Highly recommended.

Check price of this glass shower enclosure at Amazon now

DreamLine Solo Frameless Sliding Shower Enclosure Review

DreamLine Solo Frameless Sliding Shower EnclosureThe Dreamline Solo Frameless Sliding shower enclosure opens up the appearance of a smaller shower room with a refreshing modern style.

Elegant lines highlight the quarter-round enclosure with gorgeously bent tempered glass.

The impressive design is a sensible answer where space is confined.

The sliding door produces a relaxed opening without taking the space needed for a swing door.

You can combine this product with a DreamLine; back walls system and acrylic shower base for an efficient installation.

The set features a sliding enclosure which is built from a sturdy glass with a frosted surface finish, wall panels, and an acrylic base along with chrome finished hardware.

Read more about this Frameless Shower Enclosure kit on Amazon

DreamLine Solo Frameless Shower Enclosure Pros

  • Reversible for left/right door opening.
  • Looks awesome and opens without hitches.
  • Small size ideal for smaller shower rooms.
  • Frameless glass design.
  • Last for many years.
  • Reversible for " left or right" opening installation.
  • High-quality stain and scratch resistant acrylic.
  • Slip resistant uneven floor for secure showering.
  • Built-in tile flanges for effortless waterproofing and installation.
  • Fiberglass strengthening for durability.
  • Attractive tile pattern.

DreamLine Solo Frameless Shower Enclosure Cons

  • Optional shower back walls/SlimLine shower base sold separately.
  • Installation may be hard if you aren't experienced. An experienced professional is advised for the installation( assembly required).
  • Designed to be fitted over pre-existing finished surfaces.
  • Designed to be mounted on finished walls.

What the customers say about this product
  • Terrific buy
  • Easy to install
  • Easy purchase
Our verdict
DreamLine Solo 31 3/8" by 31 3/8" Frameless Sliding Shower Enclosure is an excellent choice for any modern bathroom.

You can’t go wrong with it particularly if you are short of space and are looking for something that is of high quality.

Check price of this shower glass enclosure at Amazon now

OVE Breeze Shower Kit with Acrylic Base and Walls and Clear Glass Sliding Door Review

OVE Breeze Shower Kit With Acrylic Base And Walls And Clear Glass Sliding DoorOVE Breeze 36 with walls Premium 36 Inch Shower Kit is an excellent shower kit for smaller shower rooms.

With this unit, you can benefit from a premium sliding door and round acrylic base.

With no pre-drilled slots for tapware, this cubicle enables you to utilize the space any way you want in your wet room.

With choosing a rounded front and a sliding door, you can much simpler setup this unit in compact spaces while not compromising the space in the wet room area or making you feeling claustrophobic while in the showerstall.

Read more about this corner shower glass enclosure on Amazon

OVE walk in shower enclosure with seat Pros

  • Easy to clean. Since there is no tile grout and few seals.
  • Easy to install. Much quicker, cheaper and easier to install than constructing a tiled shower.
  • Good for compact bathrooms. This shower set offers a compact design which works great in compact bathroom nooks and corners. This kit can make the most effective use of space in your bathing room.
  • This premium shower collection includes an acrylic base, acrylic walls and clear glass sliding door.
  • Reversible shower door- can be fitted right or left handed.
  • Cost effective. Since it’s easy to set up, paying a specialized installer to fix a shower unit will be less expensive than hiring a specialized tiler.

OVE walk in shower enclosure with seat Cons

  • Be aware that installation guidelines are quite vague and poorly written.
  • No spare screws.

What the customers say about this unit.
This unit is nothing short of amazing for the price.

According to the many buyers who have purchased this product, it’s much easier to install than many other similar products offered in the market.

Our verdict
This is an amazing shower product. It is well designed, and the base is incredibly sturdy.

This is a must have item especially if you have limited space in your home.

Check price of this walk in shower enclosures with seat at Amazon now

VIGO Piedmont Frameless Neo-Angle Shower Enclosure with Clear Glass and Chrome Hardware Review

VIGO Piedmont Frameless Neo Angle Shower Enclosure With Clear Glass And Chrome HardwareThe stylish and innovative neo-angle shower unit is an excellent space saver that creates a stunning and dramatic point of interest to any shower room.

This modern shower enclosure mixes a luxurious frameless design and style, with an outstanding distinct tempered glass.

The glass supports can be adjusted to support out-of-plumb walls so that it is feasible to have a seamless setup.

The glass is trimmed to size, and all the sides are refined to a clean high polish look.

This shower unit is one of the simplest and popular corner glass bath door options available out there.

Read more about this neo angle shower enclosure on Amazon

VIGO neo angle shower enclosure Pros

  • Fixed arm support reinforces wall stability and guarantees wall anchoring.
  • Well-designed towel bar for a completely different look.
  • Solid brass structure hardware, with all stainless-steel moving parts, does not rust, scratch or chip off, guaranteed forever.
  • Reversible right or left-sided installation.
  • Middle opening for effortless entry to the shower.
  • Delivers one of the finest and most luxurious showering experience.
  • Self-closing hinges enable smooth door closure.

VIGO neo angle shower enclosure Cons

  • More expensive than similar products in the market.
  • A plumbing expert is needed for hitches-free installation.

What the customers say about this neo shower enclosure
Customers who reviewed this product confessed it transformed their bath area into something more luxurious and modern. A plumbing technician is needed for easy installation.

Our verdict
This shower product from ViGO marries a perfect stylish shower solution with structural reliability in a unique and refined aesthetic. Expect it to transform your showering experience to a personal haven.

When you select to bring Piedmont 36 x 36-in. Frameless Neo-Angle Shower Enclosure into your house, you are immediately generating a level of elegance, strength, and confidence that only VIGO brand can deliver.

Check price of this neo shower enclosure at Amazon now

Shower enclosure materials

Concerning the material, let us start with the most basic material.

Glass shower enclosures

At first sight similar to plastic ones, but when you look at it more closely and touch it, you get a feeling of luxury on the tips of your fingers. As you see in the photo below, glass makes your bathroom more elegant and unique. An excellent quality of such self-contained shower unit is that glass is sufficiently solid to hold even heavier items. Here we see that shower head and all the other equipment is inside the glass, which is more than capable of supporting all of it. Nonetheless, safety measures should be taken. Beautiful to look upon, but dangerous when broken, glass can quickly turn against you. Always be careful of the fragility of it, especially when expressing some passion towards your partner under the shower.

In other regard, glass enclosures are a very see through and leave little to the imagination to an outside viewer, so that the best shower panel you install will be there to see for everyone. Concerning the house chores, glass enclosures are very easily cleaned and will also tend to shake off the algae or other nasty things that might start to grow on plastic enclosures, if left messy for extended periods of time.

A price tag for walk-in shower glass enclosures is very middle class and still affordable. Prices range from as low as 200$ for a small, very simple design, to as much as 10.000$ for luxurious for a magnificent custom made design.
If you have a deeper pocket and would like something extra from time to time, a glass enclosure is a perfect treat to have. However, I would highly advise against buying such an enclosure if the walk in shower is going to be used by children. What is also critical is that the enclosures fit with the design of your bathroom. Glass enclosures can, together with glass window and mirrors, form a silver lining of the bathroom.

So a word of advice – always make plans before doing any shopping for intern design. If it all fits on paper, chances are all will fit in reality. If you don't feel confident enough to decorate the bathroom yourself, there are many intern designers that will be glad to help you. And guess what is their most common suggestion regarding the enclosure? You guessed it – glass enclosures.

SOLID shower enclosures

Ever wanted to take a shower like a Roman or a Greek in antiquity? Their enclosures were not glass and certainly not plastic – they were out of hard stone decorated with hundreds and thousands of ceramic pieces, forming mosaics. Solid enclosures take the first place in both luxury look and beauty. Here nothing is moving, there are no doors as with glass or plastic enclosures – you can feel like Caesar himself. Needless to say, dangers of hard stone are still there. You won't break it like you would break the glass enclosure, rather it will break you if you fall on a solid enclosure. In this regard, it is imperative to choose a walk-in shower with a very robust surface, which will make accidents such a slipping on the floor less likely. The view from outside is a steamy shower system. Whereas water droplets could condense on plastic or glass surface and everything in the shower became blurred, solid hard rock enclosures are always transparent because they are not located all around you as other enclosures are.

Added value of solid enclosures is that you can use them as kind of stands. You can sit on them, put your wine glass on them or even wait till your Champagne chills on them. They are considerably more useful and less dangerous when having passionate moments with your partner.
Another advantage is that there are so many different kinds of solid walk-in shower enclosures designs out there. You have various types of stones and ceramics. You can have your enclosures in different colors which are almost impossible with glass or plastic enclosures.

What is vital, however, even more than with glass enclosures, is that you design the bathroom with solid enclosures in mind. They are part of the main structure, the framework of the bathroom, and once installed cannot be simply moved, reshaped or thrown away as quickly as other materials. In such a way, they are a fundamental building block and one of the major factors of how your bathroom as a whole will look and feel like.

Considering you have to take into an account that solid enclosures are permanent, with little need of replacing it, they justify a bigger one-time expenditure. This is of course also known to walk-in shower providers, so the prices are in the very high range. On the other hand, solid enclosures often demand a big space in your bathroom, which may be seen as a disadvantage. If you want to make your bathroom unique, and you have no problems spending a bit of money for that, then a solid rock enclosures are definitely the way to go.

There is, however, another material an enclosure could be made of and it cost nothing. If you really like to feel and be open under your shower, then an ALL OPEN shower can be your choice.

Plastic shower enclosures

As you see from the photo above, plastic enclosure if done in a right way can give a feeling of certain elegance. It is also very safe – unlike glass enclosures, which can be broken into sharp pieces, plastic one provides a shower safe environment. You don't need to worry about slipping in the shower when surrounded by this material. It can, however, be very strong and will not give way quickly, even though a substantial pressure is put upon it, making it another plus for plastic enclosure. Of course, not every plastic enclosure looks like this one – they come in many different shapes and sizes. While this one is see through and offers little intimacy, other plastic designs can be less transparent, revealing little or no insight of what is happening inside. An important difference between plastic is glass walk-in shower enclosures is that glass ones repel water with more ease and are as such more capable of keeping transparency. On the other hand, water holds to plastic better and in time, you might find your shower enclosure completely non-transparent because of all water droplets that are holding on to your enclosures.

What everybody loves about plastic enclosures is that they are cheap concerning other alternatives, such as glass or solid enclosures. Prices start from as low as 50$ on eBay or Alibaba, and you can even get better deals. Not only as a single item, but complete walk-in showers which have plastic enclosing are in a very low price range.
If you are looking for affordable yet still stylish enclosing, this is the one you should choose. Because of their safety, there are also recommended for families with small children. However, if you have an eye for luxuries in your bathroom, this is definitely material for enclosures to avoid.

This approach has its drawback. Namely, the enclosures are there for a reason. Without them as in all open design in the photo about, water is free to go almost anywhere, and you must be very careful when taken a shower. If not, your couch and rug could also be enjoying a part the shower, but I don't think you would be pleased by this.

Walk-in shower enclosures are definitely something to consider when designing the bathroom. There are many aspects to consider, including safety, the look and feel, and the price of an enclosure. But no matter what model of the enclosure you might choose for your bathroom, always keep in mind that the best bathroom is the one you feel more comfortable in. But if you wish to impress someone with the enclosure, do try to come up with a solid design that can be best fitted for your needs and taste.

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