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Walk In Showers For Elderly People

Written by  Wilfred Weihe

Walk In Showers are again breaking new records. Being thought as a grand luxury fifth years ago, now they are becoming the new standard even for middle class. Due to mass production walk-in showers are becoming less and less expensive, affordable and enjoyed by all generation.

In modern world, everybody is using them. Children love them, teenagers are starting to enjoy them, parents are proud to have bought them and cherish the relaxing shower not only once in a while, but every single day. On the other hand, walk-in showers are most fitting for elderly people (make sure that shower drains are curbless). And if they want to be modern they can use shower panels as well. Some of best can be found in this shower panel reviews. That's right, when you are off age and washing yourself in a bathtub becomes a physical problem, walk-in showers for elderly people offer a solution.

Meet Betty. She's an 86 year old lady, who lives alone in a 12 room apartment house in southern California. She is still able to take care of herself and enjoy spending her day gardening and cooking with the organic herbs and vegetables she grows in her back yard. However, due to her age, she knew she is fit for a retirement home, but hates to be inlisted in one of such of institutions, despite persuasion of her family – she likes her home and would not settle for anything less. The only problem, nonetheless, is that everyday chores have become physically increasingly difficult. And the most difficult part of her day, which would have been with the assistance of a nurse in retirement home, is showering. Here her brand new walkin shower for elderly people comes in very useful and relieves her of struggling encountered with sometimes painful entering and exiting the standard bathtub. She might buy a walk in tub but thats another story.

Walk In Showers For Elderly people are specifically designs to help someone like Betty to help herself. She said that buying a walkin shower system is one of the wisest decisions in her old age. It's not like a bathtub where you have to lay down and go up again, which proves really stressful for her spine and legs. With walk-in shower for elderly people she is always standing straight up as a true lady, and can watch her plants grow through the window. Most of all, she likes the way shower makes her feel. She showers in the morning to get that rejuvenating feeling that relaxes her and makes her ready for the day. In such a way, everything she does is easier for an 86 year old, she says. With the help of walk-in shower she is successfully avoiding the nursing home and living life to her fullest. Even her family, which visits at least once a week now, has noticed the change. Before buying her shower, she looked and seemed so fragile, they were on the brink off sending her away from her house. Now they see her as if she is 10 years younger, happy and waiting them with a smile every time they visit.

Also now she can spend some quality time with them, not only sit in the chair, but she even prepares picnic parties and gives them the tour of her garden with ease. Playing with grandchildren have become a blessing and is not painful any more. She says that her walkin shower for elderly people help her do this, and most of all, showed her that every day is brighter and full of light after a morning shower.
When asked about if she recommended Walk In Showers for seniors to her friends, she responded with: "What friends? They are all in the retirement home." She, on the other hand, takes an immense pride she can, even at her age, take care for herself, the household and her herb and vegetable garden.

Betty is not the only one. Walk in showers for elderly people (opposite of kids shower) are making a revolution in many households. It is not unusual whence you see the benefits. While bathtubs are a thing of the past, walk-in showers offer a simple, yet elegant solution to have to take a shower when old. On the other hand, if elderly people like to take more showers as before, due to the ease with which they can use it, they tend to be more hygienic and clean. This is turn means that they are less likely to be infected by bacteria or viruses, and are as a result more health as a whole. It also, like the case of Betty, gives them an added energy bust and works pretty much like a coffee for the mind, but in this case, a morning shower wakes all the body.
What is great about the walk in showers for seniors are the low maintenance costs. Now don't get me wrong, the initial investment when installing such a shower can be pretty high, especially if you don't install them yourself. This is unfortunately the case with many older generations who are not always capable of lifting and screwing the shower in place. Sometimes helps come from the family, but if you have it installed by the company at which you bought the shower, they are happy to help you, but it will cost you an addition 50-200$, depending on what model of the shower you bought. Sometimes, with more expensive ones, the installation is free of charge, but as said, the initial investment is quite high. You are looking at least 200$ for a low end and around 500$ for a decent middle class walkin shower for elderly people. Where you save in a long run? In using less water, of course!

Betty, coming from California where water is not abundant and the costs per liter are one of the highest in the USA, knows the importance of spending as little water as possible. At the same time, she likes to take a quality shower very frequently. Walk-in showers can reduce prices of water you are using, even though you are showering more. Why? Well, filling the whole bathtub will cost you as much as 100 liters of water, while having a shower in walk-in shower will cost you as low as 5 liters of water. And even though you are only using 5% of the water of whole bathtub while showering, you will have a more quality and rejuvenating shower because water is used much more efficiently. Shower head provide a useful way of spraying the water droplets all over your body at high speed. In bathtubs, you just fill it up with enormous quantities of water, and then, struggling to get it, you simply lay in there. With walkin showers, you can feel the water washing away and cleaning you. It is very easy to scrub or rub a shampoo or lotion standing up on your feet, while in the bathtub you are supported by your spine, which needs to be protected. What is more, in bathtub what are you really cleaning? You are laying in the water full with dirt that came of you. With showers, the water is always circulating and washing the dirt off and not retaining it on or near you as it happens in bathtub.

If you are an elderly, walk-in showers might just happen to change your life. Without help you can take care for your hygiene and in a really economic and efficient way. Don't trouble yourself with the initial investment. Rather ask yourself how much water will I save? How much green and environmentally aware I will be. But most of all, ask yourself how much better will you feel if you are encouraged to take a shower every morning. The day outside may be gloomy or rainy, but inside your walk-in shower the day always starts and becomes brighter.

Ever heard of people complaining how elderly people might smell? Well, they don't make it up – with old age certain smells are stronger. But with walk-in shower you won't have such problems because you will be clean everywhere you go. As a result, you will also tend to be more social, not only with elderly people, but with people in middle age and children as well.

What Betty really loves is growing carrots for her grandchildren. She has a small square in her garden just for this purpose. With water she saves because she's not using a bathtub any more, she can water the carrots and see them grow fat. With her being more hygienic, more self-aware and younger looking in body and of course in spirit, all because of the relaxing effect walk-in showers give to elderly people, her family is much more used of visiting her. As said before, when she grew old, they wanted to have her in retirement home, now they are visiting at least once a week for picnic parties as alike. Therefore she can see her grandchildren more and even play with them while her carrots grow. Being social became easier and sometimes, she says, she can even see she's the life of the party. And most important of all, she can give carrots to her grandchildren, making them healthy and seeing those beautiful and thankful smiles only children can make. And all of this because a result of her using a walk in shower.

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