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What you need to know about shower panels

Written by  Wilfred Weihe

What You Need To Know About Shower PanelsWhat exactly is a shower panel? Shower panel is a unit which combines functions which can be normally found in the shower head, hand held sprayer, rainfall showers etc. It is all in one unit which can be installed in every bathroom.

Shower panel systems or shower boards come in different styles and designs so it is really important you take time to discover which style and design you like the most. Shower panels became really popular because they are able to reach a luxurious feeling in the bathroom.

In the following article I will explain the main things you should have in mind when you are buying a shower panel.


It is important that you buy a panel which is compatible with the bathroom design. You will have to go through different style so you will figure out which one fits your needs best. So the main thing is that the panel will look good in your bathroom and that it will fit with the design.

A good thing is that they can be fit into different shower enclosure shapes because they take up more space to the height than in width so they will be a perfect fit for every bathroom.

You can choose between different colors and materials too. Materials that are the most popular are the waterproof plastic and different sorts of metals. You can choose any color you want so it will fit into your bathroom perfectly.


Probably the most important thing when buying anything is the price. If you are on low budget you don’t have to worry because shower panels are much cheaper than some other styles of showers which can be really expensive.

It is good to red some reviews to find the perfect fit within your budged. It doesn’t always mean that the more expensive panel will last longer, sometimes the cheaper ones can be rated higher than some panel from higher price range. Read this shower panels review carefully!


If you are looking for a shower tower system which will allow you to choose from different sprays, jets etc, you will have to focus on the settings the shower panels has available. When you are buying a shower tower you have to buy the one which will satisfy all your needs. And when your needs are satisfied you can have the perfect showering experience that you always wanted.

Shower panels can sometimes come with more than one handle installed. They can have installed controls for the flow (make sure that shower drains can handle it), hot and cold water which can be controlled separately, different jets etc.


You have to make sure that the shower panel system you are buying will fit into the space you have available for installing it. The good thing at shower panels is that they can actually fit into almost every bathroom (there is no problem with the installment if you have smaller bathrooms).

Moen S6320 Velocity Two Function Rainshower Showerhead With Immersion Technology 2


Shower towers come with different benefits:
  • The first one is definitely the fact they come in variety of different styles and designs so they offer you different options for customization.
  • The second thing is that they occupy a lot less space than the average shower and it is a good thing if you don’t have a lot of space available for installing the shower system.
  • Shower towers are also the least expensive option and they can provide luxurious look despite being in lower price class.
  • They can be really handy because if it breaks they are actually easy to replace and you don’t have to be afraid you won’t be able to afford the replacement.


A shower panel usually come with shower head which can’t be detached and the more popular version is shower panel with hand held shower head which can be removed from the unit so you can reach specific areas easier. It is usually attached to the metallic hose (the length can be customized).


Among the basic equipment there are some shower panels which come with some additional features like built in shelves or maybe LED lighting, soaps storage area etc. so your showering experience is even better. Some features can be sometimes more of aesthetic thing rather than being a functional thing.

If you have already decided that you will buy the shower tower system I recommend to you that you follow the tips above so you won’t have any problems later. Shower panels are a really good solution for every sort of bathroom and any wallet because they are cheap to buy, easy to install and they can be installed in every shower enclosure. It is a perfect solution for every home.

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