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Good Reasons Why Showering Is Better Than Taking a Bath

Written by  Wilfred Weihe

The debate over why people should shower instead of bathing has been there for ages since the very first shower was recorded. But during those times it was about lagoon vs. waterfall.

Best Rain Shower HeadDespite the fact that there are many valid reasons for having an indulgent bath, majority of the people choose a shower simply because they think that it conserves resources and time and makes a more hygienic sense as opposed to a bath.

It’s correct that having a shower is convenient and fast, especially when you've minimal time to get prepared for daily hassles in the morning hours or when you need to speedily freshen up following a workout.

On the contrary, bathing will require some planning and set aside time for the procedure — but the high-class experience is actually worth that minimal investment. In this article let’s look at some of the reasons why you should shower instead of bathing.

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Showering is cleaner than bathing

One of the most controversial issues is whether showering delivers a cleaner and fresher experience than bathing. While there are those who can’t reach out some body parts in a bath, those taking a shower as opposed to a bath admit that showering will certainly marinate all your body areas without a hassle.

I think this is one point that should be left to microbiologists and doctors to navigate through. That said, the idea of rinsing the dirt of yourself and then sending it to the drain the minute it leaves you looks like a fine hygienic sense as opposed to rubbing it off and allowing it swim around for a moment prior it disappears into oblivion.

Showering saves water

High Sierra 1.5 GPM High Efficiency Low Flow Shower HeadFor most folks, showering does utilize less energy and water than soaking in a bath tub filled with water. Hence showers are normally a sound investment in time saving and resource management.

Studies estimate that most people consume around thirty gallons of water in a bath. When filled to the brim, a normal bathtub holds around forty gallons; however, some of this water is displaced when one steps into the bath tub.

Hence the tub is seldom full to the brim before having a bath. The best low flow shower head utilizes around 2 gallons per minute or around 25 gallons for a ten-minute shower. A normal shower head utilizes two and a half gallons a minute.

As you can see the shower conserves water as long as the shower does not take over ten minutes. The brief the shower is the better the savings.

Nevertheless, there are instances when a leisurely soak in the bath tub is a healthier, pleasurable and efficient alternative than anxiously jumping into the shower.

Showering takes much less time than bathing

This is a no brainer. Compared to baths showers takes much less time.

According to industry estimates an average shower only takes 8 minutes while you will need close to 7 minutes to just fill up 42-gallon bathtub with a normal bat faucet running six gpm (gallons per minute).

Showering delivers more therapeutic benefits

Although showers and baths have numerous health benefits, choosing the best showerhead, you will recognize that you receive a health massage anytime you are in the shower.

There are magnificent showerheads with configurable settings. If you adore massaging sensation, ensure to purchase showerheads that are reputed for their massage settings.

Maintaining The Same Ancient Hair Washing RoutineIn case you want a gentle experience, you will find that many showerheads come packed with a rainfall setting which offers a gentle shower.

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Showers take less space

In regards to home designs, washrooms that feature showers without bathtubs tend to have more floor area. Also, you will find space saving shower stalls that enable homeowners to optimize washroom space area on the shower exterior.

For instance, people with 3 quarter-sized washrooms might realize that mounting up a shower stall is a fine way to boost home value and to give your family members an area to shower in in case the main shower room is in use.

Easier to wash your hair in a shower than in a bath tub

It’s not just in the morning that you will have a dilemma on how to wash your hair but every time you have a bath, you will need to think twice about how to go about it.

Fortunately, with a shower, washing and shampooing your hair is more efficient and much faster.

Showering costs way so less in the long run

According to the plumbing magazine showering typically consumes much less power compared to a bath where you have to heat the water.

If your objective is to lower your monthly energy costs, you will be happy to know that a shower gives you the better option. I guess you will start taking a bath as an occasional treat while a shower as the finest and most efficient place to have a shower.

Also, you should also be aware that showers tend to heat and reach the desired temperatures very fast, so there is no need of fretting about filling and draining the water like in the bathtub.

Showering is more dramatic and romantic

According to industrial estimates, American citizens take an average of 5 showers in any given week, meaning showering is quite popular.

Besides, there are those people who enjoy taking showers with their companions.

Likewise, single individuals may utilize their shower time so as to groom, shave or perform other tasks which may be harder to carry out in bathtubs.

As I have said previously, shower heads are in huge demand these days. Just go to Amazon and check out the many positive reviews left by happy customers.

According to the Home Improvement Magazine, many people are nowadays leaning towards showers than baths - a solid proof that showering is the most efficient and convenient way to shower.

Maybe that’s the reason why this sector is stocked with so many shower particular accessories for women and men alike.

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