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4 things to consider for your outdoor shower

Written by  Wilfred Weihe

Outdoor showers are now all the rage and even those who don't live in tropical climates are starting to see the benefits of these cool investments. We spend a lot of our time outside having fun and enjoying family and friend time so why not take the next step?

Outdoor ShowerOutdoor showers are not only cool but can also help us to have an even better summer than the last one.

Taking a midnight shower under the stars is something that has to be experienced to be believed and taking a vertical dip after a sweaty exercise or gardening session is almost as much fun as it sounds.

So here are 4 awesome tips that will help you to ensure you pick the right outdoor shower for you and your family.

Practical or Impressive?

For some of us, taking a little rinse after a swim is all that we need. If that is the case, a simple outdoor shower will be enough.

These can be had for small change and you can even install them yourself if you have the time and temperament.

However, for others, it simply has to be the best and that's not a problem either. If you have the inclination to make those neighbors turn a nasty shade of green, the sky is pretty much the limit.

Add in some fancy landscaping and architecture and you could soon be adding a real slice of cool culture to your home. Just budget for any eventuality and you should be golden.

Plumbing matters

If you are doing a home renovation and are already looking into Calgary replacement windows, you may as well start thinking about the extra plumbing that could be involved.

You can simply add a few bits to the existing water supply or invest in a new system. Heated options add a lot of functionality and will help you to enjoy this water feature all year round.

Draining issues

Consider Outdoor ShowerWater doesn't simply disappear so the next time you are getting serious about replacement windows pricing, it will pay to get some details about an improved drainage system.

Whether it is a new manhole, better gutter system or even a storm ditch, get a solution before the problem raises its ugly watery head.

Wastewater can be a real issue and remember that your neighbors may not feel that happy when hundreds of gallons of wet stuff start making its way into their home.

Weather conditions

Although you can enjoy your shower in the colder climates, if you live in freezing conditions, it will be advisable to drain the water out of your system before it is too late.

Frozen pipes will cost plenty to fix and this could all be avoided with a little forethought. Try to avoid using any brass components and try to use stainless steel if you have any salt water nearby.

So get that amazing outdoor shower that you always wanted to be installed soon, because we've just shown you the best way to get it done!

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